If you can exercise while keeping your energy in the present and successfully access your INNER-NET, you can also quickly heal any disease you have with this energy.

What Is the New Era?

The new era is the era that started just after December 21, 2012. Some people said it would be the end of the world…

If you ask me about the Mayan prophecy, I will tell you it was all manipulated to sell fear to those who wanted to buy into it. I told all my friends several times, as well anyone who asked my opinion as a spiritual teacher and guide. I said, “The world won’t end according to the time of the Mayan prophecy. It’s just a very childish joke to market various seminars full of fear. Do not believe it!” Only the Creator knows when the world and the cosmos will end. (Allah, God, the Universe, the Creator, or whatever else you believe created you and the universe.)

So, putting the Mayan prophecy aside and returning to the point, what happened after that day? What changed and is still changing in the world? Is it energy, time, space, DNA, reality or paradigms?  It is a totally new era, and everything is shifting, because the new point of view has begun co-creating our new paradigm since the start of 2013. The diamond babies are coming to the world. It is a new era where we have to redefine time, space and energy.

What Is Healing? Who Is a Real Healer?

Healing  is an art. It is a mystical science that comprises real miracles…

A healer or spiritual teacher is an artist who treats you with grace and unconditional love with a sense of humanity, a person who can make you abandon your old attachments through compassion. These could be attachments to the past, to failures, and so on.

Why Do You Need a Healer or Teacher?  

These people are guides showing you the way to heal. They’re actually just reminding you of a way you already know, helping you to be yourself. Please, though, find a real healer by choosing one who has walked the same way that you want to walk. Choose one who practices what he or she teaches the clients. And please, make the final decision by asking your heart.

The real healer takes you to the present time and teaches you how to use and increase the energy that is given to you for this time. This helps you to redefine your life quickly, almost in a moment. The healer tunes your mind state into the present, helping you to use your energy and time to create healing in every aspect of your life. The healer increases your vibrational frequency, so you can enter the vortex and reach deep inside your real self and your heart.

After that, you need to continue by yourself. You have to reach down deep into yourself, into the universe of your heart, in order to reach your self-knowledge. But knowing yourself is not enough for this new era.  After gaining the self-knowledge about yourself, the next step is to be yourself. The new era has just the right time, space and energy to be yourself.

In order to achieve everything in the new era,  you need to build up an irrevocable connection with your INNER-NET. This way, you will always be able to reach the divine knowledge, the truth that was given to you, so you can be yourself. You can be yourself by having a limitless connection to your INNER-NET…

You cannot reach this by connecting to the Internet or playing games on your phone  in your spare time. Please reconsider when you’re about to start a game just to waste some time. This is a new transition period, and we don’t have the luxury of wasting time with games and other distractions.  Go deep inside in yourself during your spare time and look for your self-knowledge by connecting to your INNER-NET. Invest your energy and time into learning about yourself and being the real you.

You won’t find the divine truth and cosmic knowledge on any webpage. You can only find it in your heart by connecting to your INNER-NET. All the truths of the sacred teachings you look for are already in you. They are already coded into your DNA and the universe, hidden in the deepest part of your sacred heart.

A healers’ aim is to guide you, so you can find it by yourself. A healer can only remind you of who you are. A healer shows you how to recognize the energy entering or leaving your body through your daily mind connections, such as through thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Maybe you can think about a person,  remember a word or a thought, a feeling of pain, a past fear, a failed experience, a feeling of  anxiety, an envy about somebody else, an expectation of the future, a desire, and so on. A healer shows you how to keep your life force in your body by teaching you not to give away this essential power, which you need to know and be yourself, to anybody else.

Well, I guess you’re saying that you already learned all the techniques. You bought into all the healing teachings and you have the certificates to prove it. Unfortunately, this is not enough on its own,  because you also need to spend time practicing them. You don’t have your inner connection yet because you’re so busy.

Well, this is just the right time to build your inner connection and live your real life. Now is the new era when you can learn how to use all this information that we’ve learned or heard about. It is the era of building up a connection to your INNER-NET in order to know and be the One within you, to be who you really are.

Here are some exercises to help you use your energy, time and space to connect to your INNER-NET.

The First Rule: Give Up Control

In order to take the first step toward real healing in your life, you have to give up control. Stop trying to control. Stop trying to write or rewrite the scenarios of anyone’s life. Do not try, plan or actually  manipulate anyone. You are not responsible for the spiritual development of others, only for yourself. What’s more, it’s also very important not to hand control of your choices to anybody else. Remember this sentence every each morning, “Today, I am putting aside my desire to control anybody.”  [Also, please do not force anybody to go to a healer or a master. This is a form of superiority! After all, what is he or she master of? People can only be “masters” of themselves, not anybody else.] Do not forget to put aside manipulating and pushing people to do something. Time and space is relative to each person, so please leave all your controlling desires in the past. It decreases your daily energy whenever you push anybody else to do something, so you will not have enough to use for your own life. Just try to control yourself in the present time and heal with the energy in your body and soul right now.

The second step is to stop living in the past. Use your daily energy to co-create your being in the present time and space. Do not live in the past and expend your life force on past memories. Sure, you can visit your past memories anytime, but don’t stay there and live there. Say a courteous thank you for all your memories and experiences and gracefully return to the present. In order to create a new life for yourself, do not be too attached to your history. Keep your spirit firmly in the present. Invest your daily life force, your life energy, in the present rather than the past.

If you can exercise while keeping your energy in the present and successfully access your INNER-NET, you can also quickly heal any disease you have with this energy. Leave the past in the past, forgive anything that needs to be forgiven, and cut the cord. Come back to the present, and as you realize your new life choices more easily, you’ll also become healthier and feel younger in a miraculous way.  With this energy from your INNER-NET, you can slow down and turn back the ageing in your physical body.

Simple Questions

Here are some exercises to help you figure out where you spent your life energy today.

Ask yourself these 10 simple questions at the middle of the day:

  1. Did I honor myself today?
  2. Did I thank God for being alive today?
  3. Have I used my own life energy to control someone else today?
  4. Where did I invest most of my life energy today? (e.g., to a thought, an emotion, a past experience, someone else, etc.)
  5. Did I judge myself today?
  6. Have I judged anyone else today?
  7. Did I feel good about receiving positive energy from others today or did I feel guilty?
  8. Do I feel like I love myself today?
  9. Have I done anything that shows my full respect for myself today?

Finally, the most important question:

Today, am I telling the truth to myself and others?

If you answered no to at least one of these questions, just take a deep breath and say:

I am politely requesting back the daily life energy that I invested in the wrong places today.

Now, I am reinvesting my daily life energy in the present for myself.

I always live in the present moment.

I fully appreciate my life.

And now, I am honoring myself.

Thank you, God. Thank you for being with me, protecting me, and loving me in the present moment.


(To be continued…)