Do not seek me, for you shall not find me.

You assume you will get a hold of me, but you won’t.

You assume you will experience me, but you won’t.

Aren’t you tired of fooling yourself like this?

There’s nothing to seek, nor is there anything to find.

You are right where you were supposed to be. You always have been and will be forever more.

I’m not to be found.

Above all, I’m nowhere I can be touched.

I exist in nature, in a musical note, in your ear, on your tongue, in the sound of a bullfrog, in the brightness of the sun, ithe sound of the sea, in the leaf of a tree, in a drop of water, and in the eyes you look into.

If you can see, you will see I’m everywhere and in everything.

I’m not something you can catch or touch, something you can hold onto.

If you can see, you’ll see I’m in your every cell.

There’s no path to reach me, nor is there a place to go…

Just poise yourself.