Maybe your awakening has just begun, or maybe you have been studying spirituality for many years already.
Your guides were, or will be, sometimes people who you never knew or met before. Sometimes you asked a question, and suddenly a number of doors opened for you. Do you remember joining various courses, training sessions, seminars, and workshops? It felt so good to learn. You gained courage and started recollecting the power you’d dispersed before. There were some days when you were on fire and other days when water spilled into your heart. So you relaxed and just said, “Now I see.”
While reaching this moment, you felt on one hand that you were lucky, unique, and even privileged. It seemed like an invisible hand was helping you, clearing the way for you, and pushing you forward. You almost felt this was just for you and nobody else. You were the center of the universe.
All you received was to give, however. Whatever you have lived through so far was just a preparation. While you thought that you had devoted yourself to learning, the greater plan began to manifest. It was just waiting for you to see it.
Finally you asked the key question: “How can I serve?” As soon as you asked this question, an entirely different process was revealed in front of you. You asked every spirit, “How can I serve you?” Then you touched and pleased the hearts of humans, animals, and even flowers. You turned it into a conquest. The more you served, the more you overflowed. The peace you had sought for a long time was in you. The responsibility was not as heavy as it had been before—it was almost a pleasure.
Another question arises: Could this be a preparation for a future life? Would this be a life where the main materials are love and compassion and the predominant way is just to serve. Unity is all around us. Both being one and united within while creating and cherishing miracles are possible right now.