Question:  I red on your blog saying it is good for men to ejaculate once in a while if body requires so. Won’t this create problem for those who are on path of moving up the energy? On one hand, he is preparing for the energy to move up and on the other hand, the energy is moving downward in ejaculation.  Another question on the same line to this is, can an Enlightened one ejaculate without release of energy and have children? Having children means allowing the energy to flow downward. Then how Lord Krishna could have Children? Can you please shed some light on this? I have an inner thirst to raise energy upward, to see what happens when energy rises up. But continuously failing some way or other leading to throwing of energy. Is there any advice on your part for a youth like me particularly in a country like India, where boys and girls are not allowed to move with each other at this age to experiment with and explore each other?
Your question is important for any man who is interested in meditation and the expansion of consciousness.
The practice of conservation of semen helps a man to achieve full body orgasm and also helps him to be sexually active even into his old age. It also helps him to achieve better energy levels in his body as a whole. However, it is important to understand that ejaculation is an automatic reflex in the body, meaning it is a natural bodily need from time to time. The frequency ejaculation is needed by the body depends entirely on the age and health of the man. So please understand, that asking a man never to ejaculate is like asking a man never to pee, never to belch or never to fart. These are all automatic reflexes in the physical body.
The only problem with ejaculation is that many men do it too often, more often than the physical body is asking for. It is very typical for a man to use ejaculation as a form of emotional release or release of tension from his mind. This is a misuse of this vital energy. Just imagine if a person was peeing too often, or belching too often, we would know that something is wrong in their physical health. But because ejaculation is done as a secret practice, no one will say anything if it is done too often.
What is needed, is for man to begin listening to his body and finding out the body’s natural rhythm of ejaculation. This will also require him to learn and practice emotional release techniques so that his emotions are not guiding his need to ejaculate. He will also need to stop using porn to release his mental tension as porn is designed to be addictive and is as dangerous as other addictive drugs.
Once this has been achieved, then it is the moment to begin addressing the spiritual aspects of conservation of semen. Energy can flow in two ways, in and up, leading to higher consciousness, or down and out, which is designed by nature for reproduction. If a man has not learned meditation from childhood, (which will automatically create a healthy central channel for his kundalini flow), he will need to learn meditation and do Tantra practices to open the central channel as an adult. This is more challenging but is certainly possible.
As you say, there are two flows of energy: one is descending, such as the descent of grace from above, or the power of gravity and the other is the process of ascension. This is similar to sap rising in a tree. It is bringing earth energy and kundalini into an upwards flow. This upward flow is necessary simply to open up all chakras, using the power of the kundalini, which is our basic life force. Once this has been achieved, the central channel is open and ready for the descent of grace.
An Enlightened being is one who has already opened their central channel through the ascension process and by so doing has attained to universal consciousness. This means that now, grace continuously descends through him, and is earthed through his physical form. This is why we are naturally drawn to touch the feet of an enlightened being. Grace (Deeksha) is descending through him and as we put our head on his feet, we receive a waterfall of grace.
An enlightened being is in tune with the body and loves and respects the physical form. He will be in tune with his body’s need to ejaculate from time to time. He is not a mental seeker after sex, but if the body would like to ejaculate, he can easily allow it and this ejaculation will be a divine experience of godliness incarnating in form. This is how Krishna produced so many children.
In ancient times, celibacy was not thought to be anything special or necessary by many religious approaches. For example, the great Rishis of the Upanishads lived with their wives in their forest enclaves. The truth about celibacy is that it is an ego trip, used to control whole populations through the idea that those people who practice it are somehow superior to normal people. Even Hindu Gods, Greek Gods and Roman Gods have wives, so how is it that people believe celibacy is something worth striving for? If we look at the history of so-called celibacy, even in today’s world, we see a trail of tears. So-called celibates tend to commit child sexual abuse or secret homosexuality, etc. It is in fact a very stupid ideal since ejaculation is a natural biological need and an automatic reflex.
People are made to feel guilty about their natural sexual need. It is important to realise that it is a crime to hypnotise populations in this way. When we cut off from our sexuality we simultaneously cut off from our god-given joy. We then search for some priest who poses as the medium for god who says he will bring salvation from misery. This is like a gang of thugs who send one man to put tar on your windows and shortly after, another man who says he is a window cleaner specialising in tar removal from windows.
Reclaim your natural sexuality and at the same time, learn meditation. This is one of the most compassionate teachings given by Osho, how to get out of the deadly grip of the religious mafia and find your own direct connection to Godliness.
If you wish to work on opening up your sexual energy and at the same time learn Meditation and Tantra, I highly recommend you go to some Osho Meditation Camp, or Osho Center. In such a place people are freer, juicier and more alive, because they are working on becoming fluid with their energy on all levels. You can learn Osho Active Meditations which will greatly liberate you from inner tension, and in this way, you will be able to begin experimenting with what I have indicated to you in this answer. You can also attend a Tantra Festival or a Tantra group and experience the flowing, celebrative ambience there.
Osho’s active meditations easily and naturally open up the whole chakra system, leading to expanded consciousness and at the same time they liberate us from repressed emotions and mental tensions. He has created a legacy of meditation practices that are in actual fact the science of spiritual awakening; not a miserable, dried up spiritual awakening, but a juicy, alive and joyous spirituality which helps us to celebrate all the nuances of being human, from sex to spirit.
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