It is my life-fulfilling purpose to touch the souls of spaces and soften them, making touches that they appreciate and watching my life adopt the same softness. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len says, “Before I step into a space, I ask its permission. I inquire about its name and how it is. It replies and says that no one generally has shown it respect before and honored it. I send it purifying love, and I think we should send love to every space we enter, because every space has a soul.”

The energetic scheme of your living environment is like a mathematical formula that reveals everything that’s been going on in your life. Using this formula, we can create a more balanced, healthy life. So, how do we do this? Here are seven ways to touch the soul of your space.

1. Give your space a name

Giving your space a name helps you to connect with your space on a deeper level. The space is honored with each greeting you give. In the same way, it will also hear all the loving or hateful words you say to it. The best way to increase its vibrational energy is to spend positive vibrational words. Even the walls absorb the vibration of these words.

2. Perform an energetic space-clearing ritual

The negativity resulting from events like sickness, death, fighting, divorce, and bankruptcy remain in a space by sticking to the walls and floors. If the previous occupants had such problems, any newcomers will feel it. Energetic house clearing helps to clean away these stains. You can read my guide for energetic house clearing in previous issues of The Wise.

3. Music

Music is good food for the human soul, and for your space, it is a great healer. Nothing else can raise the vibration of a space as quickly as music. Piano music is the metal element, while mantras are water. Which element is needed more can be clarified by feng shui analysis. If you don’t want such an analysis, simply play the music you love most.

4. Feng shui

The purpose of feng shui is to define the soul type of your space, understand what it desires, and decorate it accordingly. What sort of energy does it have? Is it active or slow? How does energy circulate in it? Can the main money star come easily, and how does it feel? The purpose of an analysis is to obtain detailed answers to these questions and come up with a décor that helps the positive energy circulate optimally.

5. Perform a geopathic survey of your house

An underestimated but important issue is geopathic stress, which might be a major reason for any health issues you have. A geopathic stress survey is carried out with a couple of copper wires, so the issues can be cured. As part of the survey, negative and positive vortexes, ley lines, Hartmann and Curry lines, geopathic stress lines, and interference lines are searched for. Once cured, the energy of the space increases dramatically, and the copper wires will also reflect the level of positivity.

6. Colors

Colors dramatically enhance the mood of your space. Energy overflows when it sees the color of the needed element, and it reflects you at your best. Warm tones are close to the fire element, cold and dark colors represent the water element, greens signify wood, creams denote earth, and whites reflect metal, while the colors in between may have two elements. Feng shui analysis is needed to ascertain the correct color.

7. Environment

The energy of a space is also influenced by its exterior, because energy comes from the outside to the inside. Are the building’s surroundings regular? Are there any shabby buildings, loose garbage, hospitals, schools, or cemeteries nearby? All these can affect the soul of your space.

You can arrange or change all these factors and show respect for the soul of your space and increase its positivity…