Have you heard about the pyramids of Bosnia-Herzegovina? They were accidentally discovered by archeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagich as he passed by Visoko on his way to a local museum in 2005. With his trained eyes, he thought that the five hills looked too perfect to be natural geological formations, as the locals had believed for thousands of years. Given the generous climate and ample flora of the region, the “hills” had long been covered in dense forests of differently shaped trees in shades of green. What people saw, and still see at first glance, is five hills all covered by trees but with perfect triangular surfaces on four sides, each facing one of the four cardinal directions. They have little in common with the yellow, sandy look of the Egyptian or Mayan pyramids.

It was enough to uncover one meter of forest soil to reveal huge, neatly cut blocks making up each pyramid. Children from the surrounding villages told Osmanagich that just two kilometers away, there was a small cave that resembled the entrance to a tunnel. This indeed turned out to be a tunnel, the galleries of which are believed to stretch along the modern city of Visoko toward the pyramids. Our guide, who was a teenager during the Bosnian war, recalled how the bombs dropped on Visoko and those five “hills” echoed as if the city and hills were empty vessels of air.

Carbon testing by three institutions in Japan, Italy, and the USA all found the age of these artificial pyramids and tunnel walls to be about 30,000 years. The tunnel’s filling, which is a different material from the walls, is 4,600 years old. Part of the two-kilometer tunnel has had the filling material removed, and visitors can wander through the first 200 meters. Even just that is enough to give you a unique chill that suggests an amazing energy is still at work there today. Moreover, some two hours away, there is also a forest with dozens of stone globes of various sizes. No one knows who put them there, what purpose they served, or how long they have been there.

For those interested in the technical and archeological details of the pyramid area, there is a website and Facebook page dedicated to them. There is even a volunteer program to support further exploration. What intrigued me, though, when writing this piece was the memory of the incredible, almost tangible, energy residing there on a land that has hosted some of the most happy and sad stories for humanity. It is as if the region volunteered the space to learn some of the most important lessons in soul development, such as compassion, forgiveness, modesty, and courage for change.

Among the many events of great importance, just two are sufficient to prove the area’s inherent energy and reason for hosting the five pyramids: How the Bogomils used Bosnia as a base alongside Bulgaria in medieval times and the shameful acts committed during the Bosnian war in the 1990s. With the Bogomils’ presence in the country, the light of love for God was fortified. With the traumas of the 1990s war, a terrific degree of soul maturing took place. No doubt the ancient energy of the 30,000-year-old pyramids and tunnel supported the region’s souls during those significant transformations.

Imagine an underground gallery resonating at Schumann’s 7.83 Hertz with a life force energy of 40,000 to 60,000 bovis. A human’s is usually 7,000. Imagine how uplifting the crystals were during those traumatic times and how beneficial they are today to visitors. Imagine the potential of the pyramids and the tunnels, where there is a rock engraved with ancient scripture promising to guard the wisdom as warriors of light until the era comes again to travel through light and time.

Imagine the healing force of the green landscape, of the millions of trees and grass leaves, the wild bees, the fresh air, the clear sky, and the amazingly strong, clear rivers. When this pure pastoral phenomenon alone is enough to heal the soul and body, imagine the added effect of the high-frequency area.

Can you feel the vibration in your palms, as if you are walking through an almost visible and tangible energy cloud? Can you imagine inhaling the tunnel’s brisk air? Can you feel that there is still much more to discover, that a hard-to-comprehend reality is lying beneath the surface? It may not be enough to describe it as a mystery, because it is not!