Lately, I constantly found myself noticing my emotions and thinking about them, the good ones, the bad ones, the ugly ones, all of them.

I have “felt” emotions all my life, as we all have. I just lacked the awareness to analyze them, and with the negative ones, I refused to acknowledge and feel them.

This will not come as a surprise to many of you, but if you do not let yourself feel emotions, all of them, and make peace with them, life tends to become rather depressing. Obstacles appear, and you don’t even know where they came from. Emotions build up inside you over the years, especially if you are prone to banishing them to the dark corners of your mind, as I used to do. Emotions give us habits, and we don’t even understand why we react to some situations and not others.

As I mentioned already, I used to love sending any negative feelings into the dark recesses of my being, closing them off and leaving them to rot. The positive ones didn’t matter much either, and I now realize I never valued them, since I was too afraid and busy to face the negative ones.

Without exception, though, these suppressed emotions haunt us. We miss the chance to understand how those feelings actually add up to form our being. We fail to see how they protect us sometimes and motivate us to escape certain situations in life.

It’s a decision we need to make, a decision to notice, analyze, and embrace them. We should name them and place them all in the right places. I must admit, though, it’s a mighty slow process.

That said, once you decide to look them in the eye, they start to come loose. You start to become aware of them, and you name and define them. Although I still feel the urge to return to my old habits or react without even realizing it, being aware of these emotions has triggered a serious shift in me and helped me to follow a path that I sincerely believe is more suitable for my life’s purpose. This doesn’t mean that everything is now hunky dory, of course, but moving forward step by step and exploring is much more fun!

My journey through emotions began after being diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. That was the extent of my denial. After four or five years of therapy with a great psychiatrist, I was finally clean. That was when I really began to actually realize the effects of emotions and how they can control a person’s life. I went through many different phases, and I’m still bandaging some wounds. But whatever I feel, I try to be aware of it. Instead of casting an emotion aside, I try to figure out its character, what it does, and where it came from. I define it, and even if it’s not quite time for me to embrace it yet, I know it’s there, and I know I am healing.

Love, of course, is the one feeling that embraces them all. As you embrace yourself with love, you embrace everything around you with love.

Sending love to you all and wishing that we can all be both love and in love through every moment of eternity.