Before birth, we sign contracts with the spirits who will affect our lives.
After puberty, we can choose whether to renew these contracts or not.
Some people say that rather than puberty, a later time, when we are at our furthest point from Earth, is the right time to make this decision.
Esoterically, 33 is an important age when our minds come of age, even though this may be 18 in the eyes of the law.
When we are personally ready for it, we can cancel the contracts we made before we came to Earth.
We can release ourselves from these contracts. We think, “You make my life difficult this way, so I will make yours difficult as well.”
There are various ways to cancel contracts. There are some tearfully soft ones like forgiving meditations. There are mild ones like cutting the karmic bond off from events after 1987 for example, and there are more rigid methods.
If the other party is a family member, a reunion is good, but the most appropriate method is to give blessings.
If both parties make the decision not to complete the semicircle, this is an easy, 100% successful method.
If possible, say the following sentence face to face rather than over the phone or Internet. At the same time, and in a completely mutual way, and listen for it from the other person, too:
“Knowing their potential, I give all my blessings to you.”
You don’t speak at the same time, of course, but rather one and then the other, with no other words in between.
With freewill or not, if both parties say the same sentence, the contract is off, and both spirits becomes free from each other.
The right thing is the experience and better to close the circle by giving it a try.
But giving all the blessings is also very good…