Something is intervening in our intentions and keeping us from being ourselves: a fear of depth.

If you’re thinking, “I want to be that kind of a person! I want to do this! I want to do that!” then go ahead. Just wish, and it will happen.

But do you really want to be that kind of person or do that thing?

Depth is the biggest fear in our minds, which are accustomed to fleeting eagerness and superficial information.

Oh, how beautiful the “new” things are.

It’s always a captivating experience when we make a fresh start and become students once again. How happy it makes us, yet once we’ve learned the basics and it’s time to internalize that knowledge, the defensive and fearsome ego takes over: “That’s enough for me. I’ve got what I came for. Now, what else can I do?”

To go deeper requires a level of seriousness, courage, and sincerity. “Look at your perceptions, habits, and surroundings this year,” says your soul. If you are sincere with your intentions, you lift up your head and look around without any element of unease.

Let’s say you discovered this fear somewhere inside yourself, maybe in the darkness of your mind’s fringes, so just ask yourself: Was my intention real?

If an intention is real, the transformation happens instinctively without a single “but,” “yet,” or “only.” You start to live and experience knowledge at the very moment you receive it. You then practice this knowledge deliberately and happily without ever becoming frustrated.

On the other hand, if an intention is insincere, the tricky ego never stops yelling, “Look, there’s a new cool thing over there!” Every time you’re cheated by this, so you run over with your notebook and pen in your hand. You mix your superficial knowledge with your superficial perceptions, and so life goes on…

Maybe you say to yourself, “Everyone is different, and I’m happy this way,” but are you really happy? Is everything complete?

Really? Do you feel that everything is complete?

Whatever the intention is, if it is a sincere one, you should never feel any deficiency or discontent. When you are sure of an intention, you should approach your intimidating ego with compassion and understanding without suffering from the fear of depth.

I wonder if we are really so different from each other in reality?