Money is very important.

It’s also nice to say, “Money is love. I am the money! I’m a money magnet!” Yet there’s a common belief that spiritual people should have nothing to do with money and luxury.

Some people put this down to commitments from previous lives, religions promoting poverty in exchange for plentitude in the afterlife, or money distracting people from true spirituality.

Whatever the reason, they believe money and spirituality cannot live together.

When Steve Rother sees Louise Hay’s car, he says, “Louise, this is kind of a personal question, but isn’t that car too expensive?”

Louise Hay replies, “Yes, Steve. It’s very expensive, but I’m worth it.”

Even though I do not agree with his reincarnation ideas, Ender Sarac is spiritually wise and very deep. In his private talks, he says, “It’s time for the money to be with the good people.”

The people who deserve the luxury and comfort that money can bring are the ones who try to live universally in this world, the people who choose love, light, peace and tranquility.

Always have enough money to purchase luxury and comfort. Have fun, but spiritually manage your money, luxury and comfort.

Always leave a good tip, and pay your employees a decent salary. Strengthen your abundance by spreading it around.

Meditate in the most comforting and luxurious places, and enjoy the most beautiful, most tasty, and most fun things.

Be sure that you deserve it the most.

Since you are trying to win yourself, you are an attendant to humanity. Since you are trying to reach God, emulate him in his abundance.

Spirituality is freeing yourself from poverty, not being in poverty.

Spirituality means fun, and fun is being able to please yourself… 🙂