Do you smile every day? Do you enjoy heartfelt laughs? Do you really mean it? Do you fill your heart with laughter? That’s the kind of smile I mean.
I suspect we forget to smile and laugh throughout the day, but it is actually the easiest way for us to connect to each other and the quickest way to feel the love in your heart, to touch the love inside you…
Making someone laugh and laughing with them, can you remember such a moment? Can you go back to that moment and feel it, feel how your body felt? Do you recall the muscles on your face, the calm, refreshed feeling in your heart, and your mind emptying in the moment and thinking about nothing else other than that smile, the laugh, and whatever it was you were laughing about?
There are few things that align the mind, body, and heart like a laugh does, such as falling in love and feeling the love through other means, like with your children, your lover, your pets, and the things you like to create. It can be dancing to music, a warm embrace, love making, or anything else you lose yourself in.
This is definitely true of a good, heartfelt laugh!
Nowadays, it sometimes becomes really difficult to find something to laugh about in the hustle and bustle of daily life. I know this, but we must not give up trying to find a reason to smile every single day and get in touch with the love inside and feel it.
Just smile at the people who pass you by on the street if you can’t find any other reason. Just greet them with a smile, and it’ll soon grow and go viral.
Laughter and love to you all….Peace out!