The shift from Being to having has been damaging our very lives and depriving us from the holistic experience of our manifestation in this realm of the universe. As we have seen, we live in a society that is the crude consequence of the choice made (or imposed) once long ago, at the time of the great shift marking the end of the golden age era, and that has given the expansion of cities, agriculture and industry. All based on ‘private property’. The lethal harassments this new culture took to erase all proof of the possibilities to live ‘otherwise’ are well documented dark chapters in our common ‘history’, where much human blood sacrifices were made in the name of ‘progress’, this insincere imperialistic lure.

The shift from Being to having has been damaging our very lives and depriving us from the holistic experience of our manifestation in this realm of the universe. Hence we are missing the keys to properly understand ‘what is wrong with us?’, as the clues and the dynamics of the restoration of this holistic existence are hidden, damaged or even destroyed, also…’in the name of progress’.

The standards of normality in our society have been set according to the need to protect this communality based on having. Everything that is not serving this ever-hungry urge for having (and keeping) is deemed a threat and is used against us, so that out of fear, we willingly embrace a ‘persona’ that satisfies the appetites of those who rule us, ‘on our behalf’. It implies that these standards may occasionally change or are being subject to be reassessed ‘when the need comes’, according to the self-serving agenda of those using them to protect our society…and us.

Recently, we have seen how too far this has gone with the latest edition of ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ (DSM. – 2013 edition). Tired and disenchanted doctors are warning that this modern bible and cowardly worshiped golden calf risen by the American Psychiatric Association, true modern Aarons, is getting out of control: it ‘medicalizes normality and results in a glut of unnecessary and harmful drug prescription or  under the new guidelines, certain responses to grief could be labeled as pathological disorders, instead of being recognized as being normal human experiences.’ We hear, out of their slumber, more and more doctors finding courage to say ‘stop! Enough!’. This is a very acute example, as it is the heart of our matter.

We are living with paradoxes all the time and they are the mirror of how much we have strained from our true being. This linear succession of periods we call ‘progress’ is a delusion we all pretend not to see, as we know that we are no better than our ancestors and sometimes, even worse … Our modern world is deep to the bone the children of Descartes, who has influenced us so much and convinced us that our ‘persona’ was real: ‘I think, though I am.’ Also, that what we see is fact; so, we did stick to the visible facts! Nicolas Tesla said against this: ‘The day, scientists will look at the non visible aspects of matter, they will make giant leaps of progress.’

And at the same time, we are deeply drawn to fiction, dreams and illusions that are not real and we want them to be imposed as the norm of reality, at the cost of our sanity! We are delusional as much as we are rational. We have seen that although we think a lot, it doesn’t bring necessarily a ‘state of being’ and we know how much can be deceitful the bright appearances of things … Is it not ironic that we live at the age of communication and that we all suffer from solitude? Is it not ironic that we speak so much about everything and we, at the same time, feel so empty? Descartes is a latecomer, emblematic for our separation with Nature but this could not been done without a long and careful and systematic undermining of everything relating us to our seminal connection with nature and the universe.

So the paradoxes continue: In order to excel in this society of having, we need to be deprived of our being and all of our connections with Nature and the universe, so that we find in ourselves a dynamic that wants to fill this void with things, instead of the fullness of being. We no longer rely on ourselves and we no longer know ourselves anymore. If we did, we would be horrified by what the ‘self appointed specialists’ who have raped mother nature are recommending us for centuries and certainly not in our own interests. We rely on the external and we are conditioned to look outside of ourselves, when we have in ourselves everything we need, but we have lost the key and the connection to our most inner self, where our ability for being is sleeping waiting to be awakened. We have become alienated from ourselves and now, we pay fortunes to listen to strangers telling us how we should be living and behaving! We wanted to know about things and we now realize they were deprived of a purpose, the things we want are shadows.

What we know about ourselves is mirroring the state of our condition: It is fragmentary and disconnected from a global purpose. People suffering from low self-esteem are unaware of their singularity and keep themselves infected with the poison of playing a persona that is different from their reality. Disconnection from ourselves is one aspect of our evils.

It is because we are disconnected that we are weak and food for strong predators that feed on us, diligently ensuring that we continue to supply them what they are unable to provide themselves, the self-reliability and vitality of life. Lazy people steal and lie, hence rooting themselves into being the cursed parasites that haunt our daily nightmares.  They tell us ‘who we are’ or better ‘how we should be’, according to their criteria and standards. We have become so ignorant of ourselves that anything that they would say until recently was believed to be scientifically and ethically sound. We have now found at the cost of our pride that they hid natural  cures and remedies of illnesses so to sell us their poison re-packaged medicine and that they even fabricated ‘out-of-the-laboratory-turn-key viruses’ to continue selling their poisoned chemistry.

The roots of our illnesses and sicknesses were not psychological or genetic at origin. These roots are the un-attended egos and their roots are the fragmented memories of the cells, as seen in the ‘about past lives’ article.  They are more like effects of deeper causes that our disconnected state ill-vibrates and produces, on a span of later generations, symptoms that are ghosts, negative holograms, that have no real existences by them selves but are mirrors of a cause we no longer understand. I repeat: Ghosts, negative holograms that have no real existences by them selves but are mirrors of a cause we no longer understand. With this beacon of light, we can make breakthrough understandings about schizophrenia, hysteria, autism, asperger and some more elusive conditions.

Every problem we have comes from that we ignore and do not know how to understand the lost language of our bodies and of nature. Everything that has grown into what we now know as psychology or psychiatry are the way to look at us, externally considering, without having a clue of the cause and arrogantly ranting about the effects confusing them as causes. Behind Freud and Jung in the wake of ‘modern’ psychology, there were men of a more holistic science who showed both men that they were reducing their scope while they should have widened it … No need to say, most of their most renowned ideas are not theirs. Both hid deep their original sources and chose instead to serve more lucrative patrons asking for the magical formula to ‘mesmerize’ society and people.

Again, this quote given earlier: ‘Medicalizing normality’ is there to testify that they did and ‘went the whole spree’ as Mister Gurdjieff would say at the frightening expense of our violated sanity. ‘You are sick and we can cure you’ has been the magical incantation that has hypnotized generations, maintaining into an artificial state of fearful dependence and ignorance.

The vocation of Medicine is to restore health and practice prevention. It is a sad fact that Hippocrates’ oath is now an empty shell, as most doctors are mainly selling drugs the pharmaceutical industries bribes them to do so. Facts are facts. Where is the care of the patient (now labeled ‘consumer’ in the editions of the above mentioned DSM!)?

It is predictable that the whole edifice will crumble, as soon as people will gather themselves and retake their power and rights. The wrong diagnosis of pathologies, the mis-diagnosis of symptoms has become an art to cover up the truth: We don’t know ourselves and the watchdogs of the powers in place are very careful that it stays like this, so that the manipulation can still endure.

Here is where Aldous Huxley is very lucid in saying: ‘There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.’

Sadly this is not still fictional and visionary, this is crude NOW and we are like civilians ghost-walking among the war-torn rubbles of our scattered dreams.

The journey towards a possible restoration of our humanity starts from within. It is where we need to look into, only then are we able to grow and develop all together, side by side, reclaiming who we once were.