We are all dying… It’s the inevitable finale…
We all know it, but how aware are we of it? That’s the question.
Do we remember it during our daily life?
With our own mortality and that of our loved ones, as living things, every one of us will one day cease to be whoever we were. We will depart from our mortal vessels (our bodies), and our essence (or soul or light or whatever you prefer) will travel into the unknown. Eventually, we’ll all be united in a sort of pot.
Many people find this prospect quite depressing, though. Thinking about death, talking about it, and mentioning it doesn’t appeal to us. It seems like we’re better off ignoring it.
Well, if you ask me, it’s actually a rather refreshing notion. Once I recall my own mortality and remember that I’ll die one day, it reminds me of the joy of living. I can let go of the little things, as well as many of the big things. Nothing matters anymore.
The first thought that comes to mind is how I want to spend quality time with the people I love. For me, my sons are the first I think of. Next, I think about making amends with everyone I have come into conflict with during my life, because those conflicts seem so trivial at that point.
If I said I only had a month to live, the attitudes of everyone around me would surely change, but above all, my own attitude would change about certain issues and certain people.
I’d start by spending more time with the people I love and making amends with those I’ve fought with. Those who hold a grudge against me, and I know there are a few, would probably feel sorry about my death and cease to feel bad about me.
Some would feel sorrow…
Some would pity me…
Some would be sad…
Some may even be happy…
In the end, everyone would stop expecting anything from me, and I would cease any kind of expectation. I would just do whatever I felt like, just the things that make me happy, peaceful, or relaxed.
I wouldn’t care about the consequences or have worries for the future.
I wouldn’t feel any bias about anything.
I’d just live and love!
Love and Live!
So, I ask myself, why can’t I do that now?
I am already dying, just like everyone else. Sure, I don’t know exactly when I’ll die, but I am dying all the same.
Just remember this and live your life accordingly, even when it seems too hard, even when you’re angry or sad. Just do it under all circumstances and through all feelings, whatever the situation.
I’m not saying it will be easy, but it never hurts to try.
Remember death now and then and think about your own mortality. Soak yourself in it and remember that death can actually make life even more meaningful. Love life, and live your life with that passion. Try to make decisions in daily life while considering life and death but above all love.
I guarantee that everything will make more sense.
This is not even a new idea that came upon me suddenly. Philosophers, masters, and other wise people have talked about this before. I’ve just joined in lately.
Put it in whatever way you like, with words of your choice, but the general gist is this:
Death makes living more meaningful,
And life is more meaningful because of death.

Guldehan Aysan