Heal the world.
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race.
There are people dying,
If you care enough
For the living.
Make a better place.

Who will save the world? This world that’s gone crazy. This world that’s gone wild with pitilessness, greed, and violence.

Who do you think will help?

Well, if you are waiting for a savior, a modern-day hero, or an enchanted fairy, you’ll need to wait more than one lifetime…

We are the long-awaited heroes, all of us. This planet is our only dwelling place, a magical and unique home, and we are the only ones who can change its destiny…

There’s no chance of outside help. We must accomplish the desired change ourselves, at least some of us, like those of you reading this article and following this magazine. This means those who are searching for a more mindful life, with a wish to discover the inner potentials. Those who believe wisdom should take priority over personal interests…

The only way to go is to look at ourselves and our behavioral patterns, so we can change ourselves little by little, starting with our habits and daily routines.

Do we have any power over all those people who believe in war? Can we influence those who believe that anyone different has no right to exist? What about those who regard people from a certain geographical area to be inferior to their own people? The answer is a huge “no.” A great deal of “hate” is being nourished throughout our various continents these days, maybe more than ever. To reverse this effect, our big, blue, beautiful planet needs more love to counter the hatred.

People continue to be killed for reasons that seem irrational to the human heart. Children die from hunger all over the world. Girls are slaughtered for the simple transgression of being born female, not to mention the terrorist movements that are gaining followers in all societies. So many people need to flee their homes and face an uncertain future. Our world’s familiar problems—such as war, exodus, poverty, and racism—are becoming more pronounced everywhere.

Love is the only remedy for the hatred that causes all these problems. Our world needs more love, kindness, and affection. We all need to increase the dose of love we inject into everything we accomplish. Instead of focusing on the huge mess we are in, maybe we should try to start by seeing the small acts of kindness from ordinary people, in ordinary events. Another good place to start would be to concentrate on the parts of ourselves that want to resolve difficulties, the parts that are generous, more responsible, and more persevering.

By just being aware of our seemingly insignificant defects, our small acts of hatred and discrimination, our judgmental attitudes, and our destructive habits, we can start to transform them into small acts of kindness. This way, we can achieve small victories for ourselves.

We are all tiny heroes. The only power we hold is here among ourselves, and if we use it mindfully, all of us, I’m sure we can heal the world and it a better place to live.

Just follow the wisdom contained in the songs we love…