The idea behind my previous article was that there is someone else’s share in whatever you earn. In this article, I’d like to clarify this idea in more detail. I’d like to talk about being a giver, which is something we generally find difficult.

This is one of the basic elements of a more abundant life, because whatever the circumstances, whatever difficulties we experience, we came to our current incarnation by receiving a breath of life. This means that we can still take the position of giver as well. Of course, to be born and breathe every day may not be an absolute indicator of the breath of life—we could use the first scream of life after birth instead, but that’s another matter. You can be sure that everyone, no matter how old, was born of a mother at some point. Who could deny their first scream of life?

A Sprinkle of Lyrics:  Let it Go; Say “Welcome” to the Coming; There Is no Other Way

During each shopping expedition, we accept that money will leave our hands. We basically give up money. These farewells build greater happiness. If we happily wave a hand while leaving our money, we are freed from the burden that the money placed on us. Meanwhile, the money is also freed from the burden we left on it as it moves on to new destinations. It may then bring much greater freedoms and happinesses. When we can say goodbye to the outgoing, we make room for the substitute, which may be bigger or smaller. The outgoing one therefore becomes free from our soul, and we also become free from the soul of the outgoing one. When money that is spent, lost, or stolen is no longer mourned, the doors to new happiness open. This is what it means to become free of the burden of the outgoing money. However, the means by which the money leaves us doesn’t seem “fair,” because we cannot know what the next person will experience. The concept of “fairness” is largely beyond our human perception. The consequences of circulating money cannot be exactly predicted.

The Universe does not like empty spaces. If you can say a sincere goodbye as your money leaves your hands, it is such an empty space that is created. Now, because empty space cannot persist in the universe, this space is filled. You can think of it in terms of space in your home. Let’s say you move the washing machine from the kitchen to the basement, and then a new refrigerator takes its place. There are food and drinks in this refrigerator, but as it empties, new goods replace them. The empty spaces are filled in some way.

A Love Story: I Love All the Beautiful Ones

Say that a woman loves all the dogs in the world. How does that person behave with her own dog at home? She treats all other dogs in the same way. She loves all of them, wherever the dogs are, whether she can see them or not, and whether they live with her or not. She loves her neighbor’s dog, the dogs she sees at the vet, the dogs shivering in the snow, and even the rabid dogs. She loves all of them without exception. In a sort of implausible way, all those dogs are also able to love that woman. This happens because she is in a state of understanding that means as soon as she sees a dog, she comprehends how to love it and how she can approach it. However, if it is inappropriate to approach it, she doesn’t.

The very basic essence of our relationship with money is like this. If we love all the various forms and states of money, whether they belong to us or not, they will start to love us too. Like in the case of the animal lover, however, it is very important to learn when we should love it, when we should love it by leaving it alone, and when we should not even approach it. This is because money can also cause harm, and if it does, the pain persist for a long time. This is a good point to consider what happened to Fafnir, as was covered in my first article about the Codes of Money.

Successful businesspeople love all kinds of money: cash in their pockets, the money they pay their employees, the cash in our pockets, the money they find on the street, and so on. They love all this money, so they therefore seek ways to get closer to it. Of course, together with this, some classical quotes come to mind. Let’s list some examples:

  • Business is the art of extracting money from another man’s pocket without resorting to violence. — Max Amsterdam
  • There are people who have money and people who are rich. — Coco Chanel
  • When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion. — Voltaire
  • If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil. — Henry Fielding

We could extend this list almost indefinitely, but quotes like the first one stick in people’s minds. For example, even I was recently surprised to see on the news how someone had stolen money from the homes of three elderly people. It surprised me because I come from a relatively wealthy family, but the amounts were staggering. Converted into US dollars, $100,000 was stolen from one home, $20,000 from another, and $10,000 from the third, with it all being in the form of gold or cash. We suppose that we’re in the midst of an economic crisis, don’t we? Learning to love money, whether it belongs to us or not, is the first rule to living in abundance. The second rule, however, is to ultimately release what we love and send it on its way before it harms us.

A Nuance: That which Belongs to Us and that which Is Entrusted to Us

In this article, it is important to reference a concept that is rarely addressed until now. In fact, it is mentioned often but usually with quite different words. I’d like to also contribute to this by providing my own words and adding another color to the painting in my own way.

So, what is that which belongs to us? If I said it’s what legally belongs to us, would that be the purest and simplest definition? I think there might actually be several answers. Some people will think about their homes and cars, which they may have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on. Some may think about their children, while others will think about their work. Some will look to their savings accounts, while others may think about the apple trees they planted in the garden. Some may consider it to be the knowledge and experience they have accumulated through life. Body builders might think about their sculptured physiques. Some women may identify with their fashion and cosmetics collections. The answers vary from person to person, but I want to say no to it all!

That which belongs to us is something we can never give to another person, whatever the circumstances. Whether we want it to or not, this and only this belongs with us. Even our bodies’ organs can be donated to someone else, our lives can be spent to benefit others.

The only thing that belongs to us is time. We convert our efforts to money, relationships, or social responsibility by using the time that belongs to us. Like tokens, we convert it into whatever we want. An interesting point arises, however: The time that belongs to us is also limited, yet it still belongs to us.

Everything that comes to us is matter we have transformed. As was said earlier, time can be converted into other things. For example, the time you spend at a hair salon results in a new hairstyle. The time we spend caring for our garden results in beautiful flowers, sturdy trees, and tasty vegetables. Each moment we devote to training transforms into new knowledge. Each moment we put into paid work transforms into money. However, we can never convert any of this back to obtain more time. In theory, time can be transformed into anything, but it’s a one-way street, so our limited time diminishes.

Everything we create from time comes to us on consignment. Once our time is finished, everything we have produced will be no longer with us, because we no longer have the time to use them. Everything will either begin flowing to others or simply decay and disappear, although even this decay can contribute to new things.

Untouchability: A Cultural Complexity

In the political culture, the untouchables are those with considerable political or economic power. If we instead look at the Indian caste system, the “untouchables” are those that have committed cardinal sins or shameful acts. They may have fallen from a high social level, such as the priesthood or nobility. They have been ravished by their sins, and they are not to be touched by any other human in case they are also afflicted. These people become beggars in our way of thinking.

When it comes to giving money to beggars, or rather sharing money with beggars, definitely do it! Beggars are accepted as the outcast and degraded members of society and social perception, and they carry such an anchor to this world. This means that on looking into the eyes of a beggar without feeling sorry and giving even just a quarter is honoring the outcast and degraded aspect of your own spiritual subconscious. You should not feel obliged to give more, because at least 20 people will also give that person a quarter. The only thing we should do is not treat people differently because of the fate they have experienced or the lifestyle they have chosen, and in doing this, we relieve the blockages in our own spiritual areas. At some points in our lives, we also “beg” for something, and if we treat such people with equality, we can also feel compassion for ourselves when we need something someday. Remember that whatever you do, it’s an investment in yourself.

Never let “humane sentiments” dominate when contributing to a beggar, charity, or other cause. Expressing pity is simply of form of saying how happy you are that it isn’t you. How can we dare to pity the sorrow of someone’s experiences? If you are strongly affected this way, and you cannot escape from the emotional burden of such incidents, I suggest you seek some professional assistance. It’s likely that the scene you have witnessed has peeled the scab off some festering sore in your own spirit.

Being in small amounts, your donations will prevent you from feeling like you’re being cheated. If you want more money to flow into an organization, inform your associates about this worthy cause. The rest will deal with itself.

If an organization does not accept money, or you believe your money is too modest to be accepted, buy something useful with it and present that instead. While you’re doing this, remember that there are never any unacceptably small amounts of money. Reinforce this from time to time to get rid of that perspective! Having “small” amounts of money is a limiting perspective as well, so improving this will assist you in many other areas of life.

Three Circles: A Continuous Development of Knowledge

Whatever you are dealing with, the work you perform to earn money is the inner circle.

To maintain the flow of money, you should develop a greater awareness of the nature of the job. This is the middle circle.

The last step, the outer circle of this flow, comprises your mind and your knowledge of money and abundance. You crown all the possibilities you create for yourself with this circle. Investing money, buying more money with money itself, is possible with this knowledge and mindset.

For this reason, acquiring new skills and knowledge becomes the most important key to opening the door to money. Monitoring your work sector, seeing what’s new and innovative in your line of work, continuously being active and open minded, and using time appropriately is what enables us to get the most from ourselves.

The Sense of Money and the Mind of Abundance is a more interesting matter. Many of us only think about dollars when money is mentioned, because our Sense of Money is limited to this. This can surely be extended, however. Firstly, anybody who reaches the wisdom of using time will also learn how to convert it into money in some way. It is also important to relate it to the other currencies of the world: the Euro, Sterling, Swiss Francs, and Pesos, as well as investments like gold, equity, and commodities. There is so much money in this world! It’s inconceivable that everyone will spiritually connect with all these forms of wealth and draw them into their lives. Taking a firm step, however, is a good start in speaking up in this globalized world.

There’s another important warning here, however. From that point, foreign banknotes might play a role in your earnings, as well as your debts, so if you decide to live this enlarged sense, it’s worth a second thought. There are risks, and it’s possible for a growing trend to suddenly hit rock bottom. Managing crises like this is a substantial task.

A New Strategy: Social Responsibility Policies

Nowadays, a significant strategy of growing companies is to develop a social responsibility policy. These companies allocate a portion of their revenue to invest in social responsibility projects, which will double as a promotion and enforce the company’s brand image. These companies even search out specialists in this area and hire them to develop social responsibility projects.

Regardless, becoming involved in social responsibility does not need you to own or work for a large company. SRPs (social responsibility projects) encompass all the efforts we make for nature and humanity once we have recreated ourselves. It helps to start doing more things by playing a greater role in this life, so we can encounter more different aspects of this life. When transforming our time into labor, we can reach the people who need this labor. With the money we earn, we can contribute to various projects and expand our horizons, no matter how gradually.

In the system, there is regrettably an imbalance in the flow of money and abundance, and we’re all parts of this unbalanced flow. This irregularity is as old as humanity itself, because we struggle to give up what we hold in our hands. At this point, it is time to make one small step for ourselves but a giant leap for mankind. If you are able to start voluntarily working in various projects and directly involve yourself with helping disabled people, immigrants, the poor, orphans, and the elderly, these people will have stories to tell you and energies that will enrich you. If you are unable to get involved with SRPs, don’t forget to at least support them with a dollar and encourage the people around you to do the same. Everyone needs a leader to follow. This way, everyone will become a leader with people behind.

A Kind Heart: The Voyage of a Consignment

Our Reiki master is Melike Akkan Mackowiak, whom you can find on Facebook as “MAM İyileştirici Güçler” (“MAM Healing Powers”). She opened up her house for each of our practices and fed us all with her incredible hospitality. With a kind heart, she shared with us everything she had. Life knows that such a giving personality with an open, pure heart should be positioned as a receiver of prizes and gifts. Once more, I would like to wish for even her abundance to grow further.

One day, while talking, I turned to her and said, “You need to give me something.” Even I was surprised with the words I used. It is never been a habit of mine to mumble things out of the blue. With her enormous heart, she told me, “My home is yours. Whatever you want, Mazlum, you may take.”

I replied, “No, you must give me something with your own hands.” Melike’s home hosts many natural gemstones, angelic trinkets, spiritual books, and many other remarkable objects. She went over to a shelf, closed her eyes, and then randomly grabbed something without looking. She then gave me the stone she had picked. At the moment of touching this stone, I was taken aback. She had given me a very green, tangerine-sized fluorite stone. I was so surprised that my eyes watered. I was also excited, because for some time, I had been researching the spiritual qualities of green fluorite out of some kind of attraction to the stone. Now, that stone had been consigned to me by Master Melike. I thanked her sincerely, because she had brought that stone on consignment from overseas to here. This consignment will certainly recirculate until it finds its rightful owner. Everything we hold in trust will begin its journey to its rightful owner if we are ready to deliver it.

I dedicate this article to the Master of Karma and Time (Saturn), who breathed down my neck from birth and watched me to ensure honesty and fairness, like the sword of Damocles. If needed, he almost makes me work to death. If needed, he puts me right through the courtesy of others and the knowledge and wisdom they bring to my life. This has become an article about time rather than money, but time is associated with everything. When the Sun rises and sets, when the Moon waxes and wanes, and all the times between, I express greetings to the Master of Karma and Time and thanks to God Almighty above all.