We are the exact opposites of each other.
You and I, like black and white.
You intimidate me.
And I am weak in your eyes.
I want to listen to you, yet I feel a heavy heart as you talk.
I want to run away, but instead I stay and listen.
Perhaps we both have a valid point. Perhaps both our perceptions of life have merit.
But do I tolerate you and your perspective?
Do you tolerate mine?
Or are we both so impatient that we are unable to endure each other?
Is it so difficult to stand with each other, our differences and all, without feeling a need to fight with each other? Maybe we could find a balance?
And here we are, standing face to face…
So that I can see the part in me that is you, and you can see the part in you that is me…
Somehow we are here, seeing black within white within black. We can combine these into shades of gray, so we might find a balance within and move toward a middle way…
Yet we still keep our own colors within, existing in harmony…
So we may find a deeper path to heal ourselves and heal life itself through us.

Guldehan Aysan