The Way to Enlightenment

Sometimes, somewhere…

You have to stop walking,

You have to stop talking,

You have to stop breathing,

And listen to the beat of the heart,

And silence of the soul.

Enlightenment is to a man as natural as water is to a fish.


The Final Obligation

Decisions in life are only two: to become enlightened being or not. Everything else is an extension of these two, everything else is a success or failure of the mortal world; the lasting emancipation reaches there not. The lasting emancipation is like a shadow to this world: it has no value in the eyes of mortals, yet the shadow is always there – a reminder that is the light that makes it alive, just as it makes alive our mortal selves.

You can’t escape the shadow; you can’t escape your final obligation of becoming the light in this world of mortals.