I recently read a message that was channeled by a psychic, and it looks like the era of the diamond consciousness has started.

By this, I mean that the symbol of this new energy’s frequency level is a diamond. Around 2002, crystal started, and there was indigo before that. At the base of these changes, there is an attunement to the new energies we begin to experience. An article written by my beloved friend Figen also gave the following information: With the diamond, the gem symbols will end, and the next level of consciousness will be the winged horse Pegasus.

So, what are you telling?

This could be interpreted as meaning that everything, all the things we see and experience, consist of energy. Each of us has our own vibration, and there is also the vibration of the planet Earth at any given moment. To draw an analogy, most of us have TVs in our homes, and they pick up signals broadcast for our individual regions. If nothing was being broadcast, our TVs would have black screens or display static. Some time ago, there were only black-and-white TVs, and the broadcasts were only in black and white. Color broadcasts then came along, and those who upgraded to color TVs could watch some programs in color. Satellite and cable TV then came along, adding more choice to the existing channels, followed by digital broadcasts. Next, high-definition broadcasts started, but they could only be fully enjoyed by those with HD TVs. Now, 4K Ultra HD broadcasts are beginning. If your home TV isn’t designed for this, you can’t watch the broadcasts, at least not in the way they’re intended. This is similar in a way to our level of consciousness.

Our bodies resemble TVs in this regard. The higher their level of consciousness, the better quality broadcast they can receive. In other words, if our bodies are upgraded to receive 4K broadcasts, we can watch a bright, brilliant, detailed image of life. If your TV is still black and white, though, you won’t able to watch programs in HD. People with different levels of consciousness populate the Earth. Some still get by with their trusty old black-and-white TVs, some have older TVs, many have modern flat-screen HD TVs, and a few people have the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs. The people with the black-and-white TVs are probably not even aware of the HD broadcasts.

You’re probably wondering who decides on this broadcast? We decide on it. Just like how engineers develop the latest technology for TV, there are pioneers that raise the spiritual vibration on Earth. These pioneers raise the general consciousness by finding the frequencies in our spiritual being. Then, after a certain threshold is crossed, it’s like the start of HD TV broadcasts, and the energy of that frequency starts to spread to the masses.

Of course, it is not as easy to attune our bodily frequencies as it is to go and buy a new TV. There is a cost, but it’s not a financial one. Confrontations, acknowledgements, and embraces are required, and we call this process spiritual development. Spiritual development is not the development of the soul—it’s how much we take from the soul and reflect to the world, because the soul is already divine and beautiful. As long as the spiritual consciousness is raised, the body will also improve. Our DNA is changing, and its frequencies are increasing.

Depending on where you live, there are actually still TV broadcasts that can be watched on an old black-and-white TV. As time goes on, however, the last of these broadcasts will terminate and this frequency will vanish from the world. At this point, the people who cannot attune themselves to a newer frequency will be lost, because it’s impossible to survive in this world like that. It said in the article I mentioned earlier that even now, people are having difficulty picking up the new signals, and this is why tension has increased so much in the world. I think it’s important to realize this course rather than despair. Rather than being offended, growing angry, flaming up, and fearing, it’s better to see and accept all these experiences as things that help us to develop spiritually. They allow us to confront them, and this helps us to receive increasingly detailed frequencies, making our lives easier…

To all of the souls on this world, I wish a life full of convenience, cheer, magnificence, serenity, attunement, abundance, and oneness

With my endless love to all of us…

We all welcome to the era of the diamond consciousness…