All my life I have longed to own a house, so I declared my will to the universe. Yes, I must have done something right; the Universe made my wish came true! My house fulfills 80 percent of my expectations, but it possesses a couple of things not yet mentioned: I have received more than I asked for…So, how on earth did that happen? I knew about a few methods I had heard about that would work well, and I tried them. You know that we use only a limited capacity of our brains. As to the rest, we know nothing at all. It’s a big question mark.
Since the subject is not in my field of study, and all the information I have researched and found is limited to the scope of popular science, I firmly have no idea whether the method I use is scientifically explicable or not. I guess no one would raise any objection if I named this process “Subconscious Programming” since the study appeals to the subconscious. Now let me tell you the method of how I happen to own a house for no reason:
1) I made up my mind and set my claim to it. Let me make a bold prediction: People with unrealized dreams are those who have yet to make up their minds. Your dreams cannot come true if you have nothing clear in your mind. Right now, you must be thinking: “What’s the big deal? If you’re dreaming of a house, then you are certainly dreaming of a house!” I wish I could hear your opinion again, right after you have consulted a real estate agency. It is a tried and tested experience that if it’s your house we’re talking about, then buying one becomes one big issue and an energy-consuming process.
2) Before I started looking, I wrote down the qualifications of my dream house: positive sides of the house hopefully to remain or be refined and negative sides hopefully to diminish. Then I shared my description with friends and readers to involve them in the improvement process.
3) Finally, I rewrote the list with respect to their comments till no single feature of my house was left out.
4) Then, I recited aloud my wish list for the house and recorded it. An mp3 player with a microphone works fine for this effort. Not only was I attentive to use positive statements, but I also added some flavor by playing meditative background music. Since background music of singing birds, running water and such will not spoil clarity, I chose therapeutic music.
5) Each night I listened to this recording while I fell asleep with my sweet voice and therapeutic music. Just think how funny I looked when I woke up in tangled cables or earphones in my ears with dead batteries. Although I am not accustomed to sleeping like that, I did not experience any sleepless nights or discomfort. I had already known that anything you commit to memory for 21 days in a row will become a habit. So, I repeated this process for 21 days by listening to this recording at night while my conscious mind was passive and my subconscious active. Soon after, I started to fall a sleep as soon as I heard the background music, like Pavlov’s Dog.
6) During the day I engaged in home-search activities. That is, I let everyone know that I would move; I scanned property sales ads in the paper; I talked to homeowners and visited flats for sale. For each house I found, I considered whether I would like to own it or live in it? Then, I made a rational comparison with my favorites.
At night, I continued with the subconscious programming and listened to my recording. Finally…
Never Feel Despair!
During the whole process, I never fell into despair! Not even one time did I consider the possibility of failing to find my dream house or financing. When negative thoughts raided my mind, I cut them off and focused on one of the things I desired in my house and the moments I will enjoy because of it.
To close on the house of my dreams, I made a list. Surprisingly, there were only three things left. I couldn’t believe that I had a mere three steps to go to owning a house; it would be just that easy. In the beginning, especially while I was sleeping with earphones, my attempts were no different than Peter Pan wondering what if it really happens. Furthermore, since the first month of listening to the recording at night, I visualized the taste of success and it was delicious. Now, it is not a question of belief anymore.
No Negative Thoughts
Let me recap for you the critical part of this process, so you may grasp it in full. As mentioned previously, the first and most important thing to do is to make up your mind and not produce any negative feelings or attitude and misdoubt about how you may realize your dream. If I had such negative thoughts, I may still be trying to design a program as creative as this one with respect to my story. That is, while I was both considering the properties of my dream house and examining my situation and possible solutions, family members (I had not consulted) had other plans for me. Their plan was to tell me that I should live near my work place, all the while hoping that I would rather live next to them!
There’s something I didn’t mention earlier: I needed to sell the house I was living in before I could finance my dream home. To my delight, a family member (sensible and competent in money matters) offered to fund me until I sold the house. Hence, along with a good credit history, I received a loan for the rest, and consequently, I was able to afford my dream house. I was not surprised to also hear that the loan interests were even lower than prime rate because the loaning bank had an anniversary special. My faith in the creator (the One) was steadfast; the One was quite generous to me. After a series of adventures with real estate agencies, I had nothing to do but remain faithful!
In fact, the universe was quite generous in practical situations. Angels were there for me till the end—they guided me in moving and in settling down and even tried harder than me. Some of the amenities of my new house, considered absurd by the agents, give convincing proof that it was my pure will to own this house. The first morning I woke up with butterflies, but each day I discover another marvelous feature of my house. Clearly, I am grateful to the Source and the angels.
Change happens at the very moment you are ready for it. Regarding this unique experience, setting your goals in detail is half the job; the other half is doing what it takes to realize it—to include preventing anything that will put you off-track. I think the preparatory period resembles jigsaw puzzles: When you put the last piece in place, your wish comes true, one-hundred percent guarantee.

Pinar Derinbay Yükselci