Dear Mother Earth,
First of all, please forgive me for not thinking of writing this letter to you before.
I’ve been living on you for 42 years, and since I believe in reincarnation, I assume that I’ve lived here many times before as well. This would mean I’ve lived on you for countless thousands of years, but at least 42 of those years are guaranteed.
During my 42 years, you’ve provided me with food to feed my body, even though I thought it was the grocery stores, butchers, and supermarkets doing this. I also owe you for the water I drink and the showers I take. I thought it was the municipality providing these things. After all, I was paying them, so they had to supply these services to me. Not once did I stop and ask what the real source of this water was. I never considered that I needed to thank anyone other than the baker for the bread that I ate, not that I ever thanked him anyway. At best, I probably said to my father when he brought it, “Wow! What a nice, warm loaf of bread!” Never once did I think about thanking the baker or my father, yet now I am thanking them both. The real source of everything, however, is you, dear Mother Earth. You embrace us all, but we all forgot about you. Please forgive us.
We keep dividing you into parts and selling them over and over again. We dominate. We believe that just because we bought some land, we really own you. In fact, we have nothing more than some ownership rights, and even that’s not real but rather something cooked up by our governments. Despite not really owning these lands, we act like we do, even though you are the owner of us. We assume that stone, water, and land are all lifeless because they don’t make any sounds. We think a stone is just a stone, but it is our hearts that have turned to stone. Our eyes are blind, our ears are deaf, and our feelings are numb, my dear Mother Earth. We aren’t even aware of what we do. We don’t even realizing we are living on you, let alone understand what we are doing here.
When people try to remind us about you, we label them environmentalists. They protest about anything, like that new freeway that will shorten the journey to our summerhouses or that new power plant on the river that will help industry progress. These idiots, these anarchists, object to everything! They even look weird. Clearly their parents didn’t raise them well. Surely they’re working for someone, some plot against our society. My dear Mother Earth, your presumptuous, arrogant children have created this scenario so well that no one listens when people try to warn them. We have no idea what we’re doing. We are killing you, but no one wants to hear about it. We say, “God! Not that environmental bullshit again! Quit it with these disaster scenarios!” and turn our backs. We do this because we have no self-consciousness, not even a little.
On the cross, Jesus Christ said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Obviously, you forgive your presumptuous children even after everything we have done. You continue to give us your water, weather, food, and land, so we can survive. Even though you grow angry with us occasionally, you still have compassion for us.
Please forgive this child of yours for never thinking to thank you before. I honestly didn’t see what was right under my nose. What’s more, I’ve accused others of being ungrateful to me. I realize now I was the ungrateful one, because unlike me, you never said a word about it. Under the same circumstances, I’d be pretty pissed.
Dear Mother Earth,
I would like to thank you for accepting my existence. I thank you for everything, from the computer I’m typing this letter on to the air I breathe. I thank you for the air conditioning that helps keep me cool on those hot days that we caused through climate change. I am thankful for everything, including the things I can’t remember at the moment.
I know I can’t just quit it all and go live in harmony with nature. I’m just not cut out for that way of life. For now, I will at least treat you with tenderness and care, and with my writings, words, and actions, I will be one of the many who tries to remind your other children about who you are. I will try to promote awareness, but first and foremost, I will know my own roots and my connection to you. Accept me as your newly awakened child. Let me join your millions of other children, whose mission it is to transfer the energy that comes from God to you.
Every day I spend with you is a treasure.
My Dear Mother Earth, thank you for everything
I bow down respectfully before you.
My sincere regards,
Hasan “Sonsuz”

Hasan Sonsuz