The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrene created many law of attraction fans all around the world.

This law says if you act under a certain protocol, where you make creative visualizations and remain in certainty, you will receive anything you want. It was a wonderful fairy tale that guaranteed a financial future and good health. As time passed, however, some people got what they wanted, but others became highly frustrated because the law was not working equally for everyone. A number of books then came out criticizing the idea.

When people face many problems and deep sorrow, others tell them this is their reality and they are responsible for it. When people are told this, they feel humiliated and irritated. It doesn’t seem appropriate to be told that all you need to do is change your thoughts, and then your reality will change. In fact, this isn’t always so straightforward. If you are born in a country in the midst of war or famine, you may have to make a great effort to change your destiny. Sometimes the effort (human) you make may not be enough to alter the circumstances determined before you were born (destiny), and the environment (earth) might also be working against you. This is why some elements of luck in your life are linked to the human (thoughts, behaviors, words), some to destiny (where and when you were born), and some to the earth (house and office feng shui).

Some people believe destiny is always dominant, so what was written cannot be changed, while others believe they can define their own futures. Some others, meanwhile, believe in some sort of combination. In reality, everything varies with the time, place, and people, but the above three factors are certainly strongly linked with each other. If you improve your house, for example, you start to think, feel, and act differently. In turn, when you change your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, your destiny changes. When you improve yourself, your destiny and environment may affect you less, giving you greater opportunity to make your dreams come true.

These three factors together define whether or not we will succeed in life. For many people, success is defined as a successful career, a happy family, or simply a life of peaceful happiness. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a favorable or desired outcome, particularly with regards to the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. When we look at human, destiny, and earth luck, the earth luck is the easiest one to change, especially our homes. It takes years to set up a new system of behavioral attitudes, but improving your environment through feng shui takes just minutes and will greatly empower your earth element.

When the advocates of the law of attraction talk about positive visualization, they mention what they filter from their own lives and experiences. Every individual is different, however. Each person has a different way of thinking during the different periods of life, so it is hard for them to channel their thoughts to the positive. We analyze these ten-year luck periods using the date of birth, place of birth, year, day, and time. Before being able to just imagine something and have it be yours, the feng shui of your sleeping room must be good. You must also be in a lucky period of your life, because your thoughts are strongly linked with your feng shui and your four pillars. If these are not working in your favor, it is very hard to think positively. That’s why the law of attraction is not working for many people.

Sinem Oktay