We always talk about the balance between giving and receiving in almost every context. To receive a material or spiritual return from your actions or any other thing you give helps circulate energy and maintain the flow. Whenever it comes to making wishes, we have the potential to count many of them simultaneously. Our wishes from life never end, so do you believe we can maintain a balance between receiving and giving in this context?
We always want something from life, and we expect many things to happen. But have you ever thought about what we give to life? If you like, instead of life you can refer to God, the universe, or whatever else fits in with your beliefs. It depends on from where you make your wishes. For example, we all want to be healthy, but what do we do for our bodies to enable this. How do we treat our bodies, and what do we demand in return? After eating lots of junk food, smoking, and exposing our bodies to numerous toxins, is it fair to ask our bodies to be healthy. Now think about our other expectations from life. The usual suspects are money, a good career, and love, but what are you doing for these? Are you helping anyone else who is in need? Do you place a bowl of water in front of your house for street animals? It does not need to be something material. Do you ever tell anyone how good they look that day? Do you smile without reason during your day? What do you give to life that means you keep wanting something from it?
If all of us are parts of life (or the universe, God, etc.), isn’t everything we do for others done for the whole as well, including ourselves? If so, why are we so stingy? There are so many videos on the internet about how every action done through love comes back to you amplified. We watch them, we like them, and we even share them, but when we see someone in need of a few minutes’ love or attention, we forget about all these videos?
Like having unconditional love, life also gives unconditionally. If we want to circulate the energy faster, though, and emphasize our intentions about our wishes, why aren’t we more generous with our love? If we love ourselves, the world, and life itself more, we will live in a happier and more peaceful world.
If you don’t believe me, just try it. What do you have to lose?
With love…