May 19, 1919 was a pivotal day for Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, took his first step toward the War of Independence by going to Samsun.

Every year, May 19 is fervently celebrated all over Turkey.

So, why do we celebrate May 19 so beautifully? Why was Atatürk going to Samsun so important? Is it just because it marked the beginning of the War of Independence? Or is there a greater meaning deep down?

Every one of us intensely desires self-actualization. For whatever reason we were born into this world, we want to accomplish it fully. In response to the question of how we can do this, Atatürk’s choice is an inspiration to us all. Yes, it was a choice he made, because he declined all the titles, ranks, and niceties that had already been bestowed upon him. He took action on listening to his inner truth, because his spirit knew that wasn’t his path and he had something else to do. So, he jumped into a tiny wretched boat and went into the rough seas following his inner truth. He did it under the toughest of conditions with a death sentence hanging over his head. As the story advanced, Atatürk did not merely create a “self-actualization story” for himself—he became the leader of an entire nation’s actualization story.

That’s why May 19 is so precious and special to us, because it’s an inspiration to us all in making our own stories come true. It inspires us to explore the hidden treasure that lies within all of us. It tell us that we can make something come true, and it reminds us that we can contact others, too. The history of humanity is filled with numerous heroes and their numerous inspiring self-actualization stories, each being exceptionally unique.

They are exceptionally unique because existence never repeats itself. Look at snowflakes to understand the truth of this. No one snowflake is identical to another, just like no two people are the same. We are all unique, and we each have a story of our own, although only if we decide to make it come true of course. The story begins with this choice and progresses with the steps taken after it, and every story that comes true sparkles within the bigger picture.

This is exactly what May 19 reminds us of, that beautiful person who opened his eyes to this world as Mustafa, the name of his perfection and maturity, and made his existential story come true as Atatürk, the name that was given to him. Exploring the spirit that we each have inside as a gift, make it real and make it sparkle as a gift to humanity. And many thanks to the various brave hearts reminding us of that reality, parts of the history of humanity like Atatürk. Some may be individuals in our families or around us as teachers. There are so many beautiful spirits, so many bright people.

So, where is your story within this wholeness? Are you up to exploring it?

Then think about who you admire in this world. Who impresses you, and what is it about them that impresses you the most? Every response you give is your hidden treasure and your innate potential. The next step is making it come true…