You know, when you like someone, your heart skips a beat when you see that person.

You secretly take a peek at her (or him as the case may be), and if she looks back at you, you go head over heels. Your heart beats faster and faster, and you think about her and wonder if she notices you as well. This goes on for a while. And then you get closer and closer, and suddenly you find yourself next to her. Your cheeks blush even more, and at that moment, a question arises in your mind: So, does she like me, too? You may think, “Come on! no way!” but gradually you realize that she feels something for you, too. Your heart is all over the place. It beats so fast that you even feel like hugging any random guy on the street. With that love filling your heart, you even go and make peace with the people you were angry with.

And then suddenly you find yourself standing next to her. Even though nothing has been spoken yet, you feel like your hearts beat as one. A silly smile lights up your face. You fly around like a butterfly, even on the dullest city street. Now you know, but it’s still difficult to believe that she likes you back. Yet the minute you think of her, that silly smile lights up your face again.

And then there’s the first date. Do you choose a café or the cinema? The cinema is better, because it’s dark after all. Your fingers gently touch each other shyly and nervously. Should you hold her hand or not?  Would she pull away? What if she does? And then those fingers gently touch each other, and she doesn’t pull her hand away. Come on! Just one more finger, and then another… As your hands meet, the movie keeps playing on the big screen. What’s happening in the movie? Who cares! The real movie is playing right here, right now. You’re sitting there, hand in hand…

And with that silly smile on your face, you gaze at the screen and the screen gazes back at you. And then you look at each other and see the screen reflecting in each other’s eyes. But that light is much more meaningful now. It is the light of your beloved’s eyes that gives meaning, and in the darkness, your eyes meet.

How beautiful would that moment be?

And perhaps later in that same moment, perhaps another time, possibly in a cinema again or somewhere else entirely, since the eyes already have met, your bodies will get closer and your lips will gently touch hers, getting closer and closer.

Can you ever get enough of that very first kiss? Will you ever get it out of your mind?