Among men and women, at the core of the problem there is the presumption there are actually notions of a man and a woman.

I mean, I say, “I’m a man” and define myself accordingly, but I’m not just a “man.” I am a spirit experiencing life from a male body. My spirit is both masculine and feminine, but on planet Earth, I can only choose between a man’s body and a woman’s body. It is a great spiritual gift to have this choice, to be able to identify yourself with that body. We then get to forget this and afterwards remember that we are spirits living a human experience.

So then, what is masculine and what is feminine? The feminine is the receiver, while the masculine is the giver. The feminine is emotion, while the masculine is logic. The feminine is wealth, while the masculine is abundance. They are yin and yang and the left and rights sides of our bodies and minds. The feminine is nothingness, while the masculine is everything. Femininity is absence, while masculinity is existence. Femininity is the minus, while masculinity is the plus. One is passive, while the other is active. There are so many characteristics to each side of our spirits…

But being feminine or masculine is entirely different to being a man or a woman. Femininity and masculinity belong to the spirit, whereas gender is a notion belonging solely to the physical world. As I already mentioned earlier, I am a spirit with both feminine and masculine qualities in a male body. When I arrived on Earth inside a male body, I was naturally taught all there was to learn about the male body, all the knowledge of “being a man” that’s been accumulated over the millennia. So, I defined myself as a “man,” but this was merely taking a notional concept and translating it to my personality. However, there’s an entirely different “I” inside me. It’s my essence or spirit. As a spirit, I accommodate universal feminine and masculine characteristics in my being. Before I met my Tantra tutor Meryem Suna, I knew very little about my femininity and masculinity. Now, I more clearly see what is what.

I would like to share this with you, because when we see the world organize itself around male and female bodies, only conflict arises. It’s a fight over notions, a gender way. Men who don’t know masculinity actually is fight against women who know little of femininity. But once you come to know your masculinity, femininity comes with it and vice versa. Of course, being in a male or female body affects our energies, so it’s easier for women to learn about femininity. For men, it’s easier to access that masculine energy. Then, when your feminine and masculine sides begin to flow, your frozen energy rivers begin to thaw, uniting the inner masculinity and femininity. That is when the sacred marriage of the spirit takes place and we find the enlightenment we desire.

We pursued that light, but it’s been hanging above our heads all this time like a lamp that was never turned on. For the lamp to light up, we need electricity, and for electricity, we need electrons to flow between the polarities. It’s always been this way. Unfortunately, our secular and intellectual notions never provided this activity and caused us to waste our energy.

It’s no longer the time to waste our energy discussing these arbitrary notions, but it is time to turn on that light over our heads. Our spirits are waiting, ready to reunite their feminine and masculine sides.

Well, are we ready to reach for the button and turn on the light? That’s actually what really matters…