Being thin or fat may be a relative concept but I do not think that the spirit could be happy in a deformed body. Of course some people may contradict but let me say “I was not happy”. Like the majority of the women, I had a strong desire to have a well shaped body and make shopping without hiding myself. On the other hand, I sometimes could not cope with my feelings and overeat. For nearly forty years, there were two women in me who continuously fought with each other. One of these women would want to eat eggs with sausages in the middle of the night and the other would hope to wear mini skirts and high-heeled shoes. Sometimes one of them would win the fight and say goodbye to sausages, pasta, rice, chocolate and cakes and then walk on high-heeled shoes with pride. However, the other would always wait at the corner insidiously and when the time comes, conquer the other. The high-heeled one was the winner in summers, and the obese one was in change in winters.  Throughout many years, these two enemy souls had a fight with in the same body. Sometimes one of them, sometimes the other was the winner however my spirit had suffered always. One of them had the joy of being adored, flattered and complimented for her feminity while the other looked for the happiness in the serotonin within the chocolates. A miserable body accompanied my bewildered soul and when I was 40 the bells began to ring. My body was deformed, my metabolism was about to stop and the cost of this was so high: Hypothyroid.

Alarm Rings

Now the flirtiest woman of the summers who wear high-heeled shoes was gone and I could not lose even one pound. I went to doctor and returned with a diagnosis: Because of hypothyroid, that means because of the collapse of my endocrine system my metabolism was so slow.  I already had a tendency to put on weight easily and now by this disease the two women in my body made peace and integrated. I had to make peace with my obesity; this was my only option. I did so… on the other hand, I began to think why I had this disease. In fact, it was not hard to find the reasons:  malnutrition, a stagnant life, heavy stress, being sleepless till late hours, eating in the middle of the night and smoking cigarettes…Not enough? Add heavy depressions I had. Under such heavy conditions, it would be a miracle not to be ill!

With panic, I wanted to take some actions but all were in vain. Both my body and my soul were tired of losing and gaining weight continuously with all these years. I even did not want to stir a peg!

The Change Begins…

One of the milestones of my life was after a conversation I had with my cousin Esra. Esra is a teacher and she has to be energetic whole day, and she is. I asked her what her secret was. She told me about a book named “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”.  She was exercising “Five Rites” that were mentioned in the book which were some Tibetan energy rejuvenation exercises. If she felt her tired at school, she was going to the gymnasium and performing these rites. Of course she was going back to her class with an increased energy!

On the contrary, I was not energetic, I was depressed, fat and a smoker. In addition to all these, I was about to lose my job. Being unemployed meant more emotional trauma, being home and sitting all the time, eating more and putting on more weight. So, I took Esra’s advice and decided to read this book immediately.

The book was magnificent which was telling the lives of priests who were living on the high hills of Tibet and promising a limitless youth only by performing five rites. For a woman who is at the edge of being forty, this was the magic word: Youth!

Each movement had to be repeated for twenty one times but I was so stiff that I could repeat each of them for five times only. I was sweating but surprisingly, I felt energetic and well. In the coming days, I wanted to perform these exercises each morning. As much as I exercised these rites, my hips became tight, my belly began to get smaller, my energy began to increase and I cigarettes were no longer tasty for me. There was a change in my soul. After some time, I quitted smoking and then lost some weight. Now I was performing Tibetan Yoga each day.

Meeting with Yoga

As mush as I practiced, I realized that old me was disappearing each day so I decided to advance in yoga. I was not slim yet but I was fit and energetic. People began to compliment me but still I had some extra pounds. One day, I came across a Yoga Center and I began going there twice a week. With a regular and disciplined work out, my body began to get more flexible and young and my soul felt better. I felt as if I entered from a sunny door and began walking towards a new realm.

Meeting with Franz

After attending to that Yoga Center for two years, I was fit enough but I was not a slim person however my soul was now ready for that. By the way, I was fascinated by the “gratitude”.  After giving your thanks for the things in your life each day, you also give your thanks to the things that you want to have as if you already have them. So, I began saying: “Thanks for being healthy and having the ideal weight”.  Yes, that was what I said; I never used the words “losing weight” because the word “lose” had some negative meaning.

Now, I was feeling beautiful and I was pronouncing my thanks everyday. Then I met a man and my life fully changed. This was a miracle for me. His name was Franz Andrini and he was from Slovenia. He was practicing yoga since he was eighteen and he lived in India for ten years. He also knew Ayurveda and he was an expert on Slimming Yoga. He was also very cute with a sympathetic nature.  He had the discipline of his German ancestors, an Italian appeal and the persuasiveness of Indian.

When I first met him, I had a look at his face and I believed him. I also persuaded a friend of mine who was also a hypothyroid patient and we began practicing with Franz.

A Life without Milk

First of all, Franz identified our Ayurvedic types: I was a kapha type. As kapha people have excess earth element in their bodies, they have a slow metabolism and they are slow-paced. Their metabolism does not run in the early mornings and after 6pm. Milk and dairy products, cold meals and meat are toxicant for them. When Franz told me not to consume cheese and milk, I asked him: “What about calcium?” His answer was: “These nutrients cannot be digested because of your extra pounds and calcium cannot be absorbed by your bones”. And I trusted him.

The key feature of Franz’s program was breathing techniques because with the help of these techniques we were lighting a fire in our bodies and this fire helped our digestive system to work better. The nutrients were also easily burnt by the help of these techniques. These breaths helped our metabolism to be regular in addition to changing hunger and fullness patterns. Then you stop craving for eggs with sausages and prefer healthy foods. This was a real miracle because I really stopped craving for unhealthy foods and my energy began to increase. Of course, the whole program was not based on breathing techniques but it was the key. By practicing four basic breathing techniques, we were lighting a fire within the body and activating the Prana – the energy – there.

Franz told me that I could stay slim during my lifetime by doing some certain exercises and of course I had to take care of my eating habits. Moreover, while doing yoga exercises you do not crave for pizza and pastry.  I also began to arrange my eating times according to the needs of Kapha type; thanks God I said goodbye to eating at nights. For a Kapha, the best time to eat is the noon when the Sun is at the top of the sky because Kapha’s fire element is scarce and that’s why they cannot burn the calories. When the Sun is at the top, by the help of this fire element their capacity to burn calories increase. A Kapha should never eat early in the mornings when their metabolisms run idle. Eating before 10:30am is not good for them.


Do you wonder how much weight I lost by the help of this process?

Just 44 pounds!

And now I had peace with my body.

Slimming Yoga with Franz Andrini

What is the basis of your yoga teaching?

Slimming is composed of four parts. These are breathing techniques, physical exercises, diet and lifestyle. You begin to see the best results after 60 days. Together with slimming yoga I am also interested in yoga therapy. Many diseases including ulcer, diabetes, back pains, cardiac problems, infertility and neural diseases may be healed by the help of this therapy. I have a traditional approach towards yoga and ayurveda. I also use some herbal medicines which I bring from India or prepared by myself. I also get some support from the mantras. In addition to all these, I use some practical exercises. In the advanced levels, we use advanced breathing techniques, tantric meditations and also advanced yoga asanas, yoga poses I mean.

Could you tell us what is the importance of nutrition during yoga classes?

Nutrition is one of the most critical factors. I give customized diet program for each student. Some recipes are really customized. This system is based on cleaning the digestion system and ignition of the fire inside. At the beginning of the program, meat, fish and dry fruits are prohibited. Then these may only be consumed rarely avoiding the distortion of digestion.

What do you think is the reason for being unhealthy?

There are three reasons for that: toxins, mental stress and inappropriate lifestyle.

Why are some people obese?  Is it congenital or is it due to eating habits?

Some people have strong nature. We classify them as kapha (heavy). Other body types are Vata (air) and Pitta (fire). However, obesity is not linked with this strong body characteristic. It is of course linked with inappropriate eating habits and consuming some wrong food at wrong periods of time. Sugar, even white or brown, is very harmful and is one of the main things to blame. Other harmful foods are fats and processed foods. When we consume wrong foods, we lose our endurance for illnesses. When the intelligence of the body is confused and when the body is bombarded by harmful foods, the immune system of the body collapses, secretion system and liver functions are distorted. Our yoga program targets to regularize Prana -the life energy of the body- and to balance the three elements; Kapha, Vata and Pitta.

How much weight can be lost through this 60 days program?

If the program is exercised for 2-3-4 times in a week, it is possible to lose 33 – 39 pounds. There are some people who lost more weight. The person should obey my directions fully. Some people may need more time because their capacity to inhale may be harmed or they may have some disabilities in their bodies. I also help them.

Could you tell us about your online course?

Toga Andrini Slimming Course in 60 days may be watched from .

What do you promise the students who attend your courses?

I promise them a hard work. I also promise them I will be guiding them in their yoga practices as much as they do not lose interest.

Ayurveda Body Types

Which fits you?

It is no doubt that a person only belongs to one specific body type. According to Ayurveda, everyone carries these three qualifications but to different extents. A person is classified in one of these types according to the weight of each. So some people are Kapha, some are Vata and some are Pitta. Each body type rules the different parts of the body. Each type is prone to certain diseases and each has separate nutrition systems. The imbalance of these result with several diseases.  The aim of Ayurveda and yoga is to balance these three elements with in one body with the help of appropriate energy.

The Characteristics of Vata types:

• Thin

• Restlessness

• Irregular appetite and digestion

• Disturbed sleep, insomnia

• Jovial, lively and imaginative

• Tendency to get excited, unstable moods

• Quick mind and learning skills but forgetful

• Tendency for anxiety

• Tendency to constipation

• Easily exhausted

• Mental and physical energy bursts

The Characteristics of Pitta types:

• Medium built

• Medium strenght and stamina

• Entreprenous and likes challanges

• Shrewd mind

• Strong digestion, strong appetite

• When under stress, easly become irritated and angry

• Skin fair or reddish, often with freckles

• Uncomfortable in sun or hot weather

• Sharp, sarcastic, cutting speech

• Cannot skip or wait for a meal

• Blond, light brown or red hair

The Characteristics of Kapha types

• Physically strong and with a sturdy, heavier build

• Easygoing, relaxed, slow-paced

• Slow to anger; strive to maintain harmony and peace in their surroundings

• Soft and oily skin

• Slower to learn, but outstanding long-term memory

• Heavy and long sleep

• Tendency to gain weight

• Slow digestion, mild hunger

• Forgiving, compassionate and faithful

• Tend to be possessive and hold on to things


  • Ask yourself what you really want. How do you want your body to look? (Write down your intentions and read every morning.)
  • Then imagine that you have the body that you would like to have and the lifestyle you imagined. Write down these and read every morning.
  • Can you breath correctly? Learn it.
  • Do you know your body type? Ascertain your body type according to Ayurveda. Consult an expert if you need.
  • Be ready to leave your sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle does not only cause obesity but also is the reason for all the diseases and lowers the energy of your spirit.
  • Accept that having a healthy weight is not a temporary thing but a lifestyle that should last throughout your whole life. (You will be limited for a period and you will not eat everything you want; you will only be able to make small escapade rarely, really rarely.)
  • Begin yoga; yoga helps you to maintain the mind-body-spirit balance.
  • When you do all these things, you will find a suitable method for yourself but I absolutely advice you Andrini yoga.