If you want to meet a spiritual woman, you need to make your demand to the highest authority of life. If you think that I am kidding and ask, “Should I ask it to the President, haha!” then my answer is “No, much higher please.” In short, the institution in charge of this meeting is “the cosmos” and before coming down to this planet, you sign an agreement with the cosmos. This agreement carries some fixed and some changeable articles. If you need to arrange these changeable articles, you have an agent named “the higher self” who takes care of this work on your behalf. He arranges meetings; he arranges what you will live, and sometimes, he asks you your preference.

Amongst the fixed articles of your contract, if you make a comment such as: “This guy behaves like a woman-chaser, rabid dog on Earth every time he incarnates; thus, he shall never meet a spiritual woman or even a little bit of a spiritual mosquito in his lifetime.” Sorry mate, you will never have this magnificent, unbelievable, amazing, unforgettable chance in your life. However, if you were such an unlucky type, you would not come across this writing, would you? (Wow! That was a small lesson on destiny!)

If one of the fixed articles of your contract says, “This man has the right to meet a spiritual woman. There is no harm in it.” Then you should get in contact with your agent. If your interest in spirituality is only at a “let’s have a popular thing to talk about” level, then the best thing you can do is to pray. I advise you to add phrases like “Please mend my way; please remind me who I am” to your prayers. If in your contract, there is a fixed article saying, “This man can have a reasonable amount of conversation with everyone interested in spirituality,” then you would not be the reader but the author of this article. To summarize, meeting this type of woman is not bound to your abilities and tactics but to the permission of the cosmos.

Oh Lord, Give Me Patience!

Okay, let’s say you arranged a meeting with your agent and he told you “Don’t bother bro, I will find you someone,” what will you do next? The best thing to do is to wait and see. You may ask, “How could I meet this woman if I only wait? Will she fall from the sky?” Yes, why not? When walking on the street, a girl can fall from a building and hit your head, and if you are still living, you may fall in love with her. This is how the cosmos works! This is called the Trickster. When this bastard puts his oar in your affairs, you can even marry the nurse who gives you an injection in the butt. (Did I say I am married to a nurse?)

If you are a type of man we call a spiritual geek who always stays at home, yet in need of finding a spiritual woman and wants to help the universe in this business, let’s give you a few hints.

The places where you can easily find this type of woman are the charities or spiritual groups. You can find more than you imagined in such places as if you would find a vineyard while searching for a tiny grape. Although there are some younger ladies, most of them are too old for you. However, my experience shows me that all these spiritual old ladies have very beautiful daughters! If these old ladies think well of you, you are a lucky man. Women look to other women’s opinions on how to feel about a man, but if positive comments come from their mother, you get bonus points.

You can also find these spiritual women on the internet, but this is one of the most difficult ways because most men use these online connections to satisfy their manly desires. First of all, you need to know this online realm well. This is a complicated issue which I could even write a book about. In short, you need to find some online groups that are interested in spiritual subjects. The girls in these groups are generally serious types, and in front of their computers, they feel stressed and stuck in deep thought. You do not understand much from their messages and emails of what they mean.

On the other hand, these women do not even understand the messages themselves but want men to figure it out. You can just accept what she says, but this time the response is “This guy does not listen to me.” But believe me, it is the same if you listen to her. These women are interesting life forms. If you listen to them carefully and do everything to understand them, they will tell you “You are my best friend, you are the only person who understands me, and I never want to lose you.” Not enough? You also have to listen to her problems with her boyfriends.

Sleepless in Seattle Mode On…

The most important phase of online dialogues is to meet in real life. This is like a lucky charm, and I hope you are lucky enough. These girls always talk about the importance of the “soul” and “sharing”; although, they usually evaluate your physical appearance. Conversely, your intelligence and your ability to express yourself are the more important factors. Some friends think that if they make some silly jokes, they can charm these ladies, but they would be totally wrong. I heard it from many girls, “He was a fine man but he should not talk.”

Men! Sorry, I can’t help you more if you are moron. You have to train yourself. If not, you should leave your desire for a spiritual girlfriend behind. To me, you should take your chance with other girls; the spiritual ones won’t give you the time of day, sorry!

By the way, there are other extreme types: They try to prove how intelligent they are by talking about the Stephen Hawking theories and want to open discussion with similar girls. Or if the girl is also a psychopath, they talk for long hours, and if there are flowers on the table, they all die. These conversations really S-U-C-K!

And, if you tell the girl you’re interested in, “I want to discuss that book with you tomorrow when we meet,” you’ll get blown off just like before! When I was in high school, I was deeply in love with a girl and did not know what to talk about and suddenly said, “A war will break out if the Serbs occupy Macedonia.”

The girl was so straightforward and told me, “You are so boring, Hasan.” Yes, I experienced this! I still feel the same embarrassment when I’m reminded of this memory. What is the logic of talking about the war in Macedonia with a girlfriend? This is why I never had a girlfriend during my high school years. J

There is a third option: A spiritual woman comes and finds you! And, as this girl will come into your life as a result of a contract, she will be a highly “special” one. If you are not a blockhead, you do not miss this opportunity, and you can have a very nice experience together. With a high potential to fall in love with such girls, you do not need to read such articles. But never forget: Each contract has a termination date and it is never “forever”!

Yes, Get to the Point!

Okay, let’s get to the point: Do these girls go to bed with you or not? The answer is very simple: If you as a man know how to want it, all the women will go to bed with you! This can be a rude expression, but it is true. We, the men, want to scatter our seeds to as many females as we can due to our primitive drives. As these drives get civilized, we tend to have a monogamous life, just like a primitive society’s acceptance of monotheism as they evolve. If you are going towards a monogamous life, you do not mind if a woman goes to bed with you or not. And, in response, if you are civilized and evolved enough (on monogamy), it is not hard for you to go to bed with any woman. (I like the way the cosmos works.)

On the other hand, the woman starts with “Who is the father of this baby?” After being more civilized, they evolve to a monogamous life and begin to think how special I am. So, if you show them that they are special, you are luckier. But the way to show this is not to buy presents and utter beautiful but cliché words. No, first of all, you have to be a “special” person. If you are an average one, just try to trap a girl with an IQ of 80 or 90. Of course, she will also demand to be “special” but at least she will have lower standards.

There is another point to keep in mind: Sexuality is not only for the men; the women also have the same needs and willing as much as we are. The only difference is that they hide these needs because of their nature. Moreover, sexuality is not a bad thing. If you believe it is something to feel ashamed of, and utter sentences like “I do not have a bad intention,” the women with high IQs will underrate you. What she really thinks is “Boy, you are too weak for this girl. I need a real man who is at peace with himself; I cannot deal with feelings of guilt, you oversexed idiot!” Further, she just sends you away with some “kind” words. If she needs to be more straightforward, she also dishes out that.

But no women find straightforward expressions sexy, like “Come on babe, let’s do it.” The best thing to do is to accept the situation and be honest with yourself and don’t indulge in self-denial. The rest will come naturally.