What is really ruining our world is the concept of humanity’s desperate struggle against natural forces.

Humans, feeling powerless against Nature, have struggled to gain the upper hand for thousands of years. They cry out, “I will master you, Nature!”

Yet this is not really a power struggle. What are we fighting here? What is this thing we call Nature? It is us, my friend, our very beings. We are Nature embodied. We are children of the Earth.

Ancient peoples used to proclaim, “Our mother is the Earth and our father is the sky.” Now we have supersonic jets and mobile phones, so we call them “primitive”  and consider ourselves “modern.” The primitive is supreme, however, because it means receiving the primary knowledge. And this primary knowledge is nature itself. The notion of modernity is by nature contemporary. It may suit this day and age we live in, but it can also be twisted and changed as we see fit. Think about the entire PR and advertising industry and how it defines what is modern.

We will find the solution not primarily through conflict. Nature is not something to fight against but rather something to be in harmony with. What we seemingly fail to realize is that as we struggle to beat Nature down, we are only hurting our own existence.

We must start to change this by changing the words we use and how our minds think. Nature is not something to be afraid of. As long as we are in harmony with it, it will support us. Yes, it may rock us with earthquakes, but it also nurtures our crops with rain and provides the air we breathe. If you screw around with this system and ruin it, well, you will soon see what happens.

As long as this harmony exists, we will not be desperate. On the contrary, we are stronger with Nature. We are not the owners of existence and Nature, but we are a part of it, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner the change will begin. It’s really that simple!

The change starts with words, followed by the expression in our minds, and then it is reflected in reality…

With love to all my brothers and sisters who bought some piece of land in the hope that it would increase in value over time and are now waiting for a construction permit…