In 2003, I had come to İzmir for the book signing of my first book and fell head over hills in love with the city. As I was walking along the streets of the city, I also had fallen in love with my friend’s suggestion, “Let’s go and visit Gül. We will both have a great day conversing with her, and if she is in the mood, she will tell our fortunes.”
Upon hearing fortunetelling, I jumped at the idea and we set forth. After some conversation with the fortuneteller and finishing our Turkish coffee, we questioned her regarding her mood. She then told us to turn our cups upside down [with the coffee grounds inside]. On that day, I had no idea I was to meet a great friend and a seer who would fill me with great knowledge.
Gül’s Fortunetelling
That day, dear Gül (Yerlikaya) told me many things—much about spiritual development and very valuable to me. Since she was an Anatolian spiritual healer, she was rich in such knowledge and could deliver it easily. But what shocked me the most was what she told me about the girl I would marry. In fact, two years after I met that blonde, curly-haired great lady [Gül], I was to visit her with my wife. My wife had sent me an email after she read my book, and she was also a university graduate of International Relations. What’s more, her name was Talia!
I recall telling her [Gül]: “I understand you could foresee her reading my book, but how could you know her name? I did not even know such a name existed until I met her! Is it possible to foresee the future? Can the future be seen by so many fortunetelling methods? If so how do these people do it?”
Is It Possible to Foresee the Future?
I will respond to the question you are dying to find out! Yes and no… Before I clarify this response, let me tell you how the “seers” obtain data about the future.
I had a friend called Pırıl at the university, and she was very good at telling fortunes from a coffee cup. There was nothing she didn’t know, especially the past and the present. If truth be told, whenever she read my fortune, I would be flat on my face. I couldn’t even raise my head because I would be so tired.
Later, when I started dealing with spiritual matters, I began to understand how Pırıl would do this. She had a telepathic ability and could obtain knowledge about you through your aura. And while doing this, the flow of energy would tire both of us. The seers (better than a fortuneteller in what they do), who are good at seeing the past and present, knowingly or not, use this ability—telepathy. A person’s aura not only contains information regarding the past and present but also information pertaining to the future. (I could explain all of this in detail, but for brevity’s sake, I’d rather not.)
Seers are like decoders who read codes and solve them. Telepathic power, however, can only decipher information regarding the past and the present. When the subject is about the future, a new concept is added—precognition.
Which Future?
When speaking of precognition and telepathy, it would be wrong to limit the context to fortunetelling. Pırıl was a telepathist. She was unaware of her power because her ability appeared once she began reading the coffee cup [coffee grounds] due to her concentration. But her perception regarding precognition was limited; hence, her failure to see the future better.
As for Gül, she had both the telepathy and precognition. She was also in part a medium and the reason her visions were much better. But since both friends did it only for fun, they both had no intention of taking it further. In fact, we meet a lot of such people and their abilities surface once they try to tell our fortune. At this point a question comes to mind. What if these people were to take up their abilities, would they be able to see the future clearly?
And, the question I asked earlier: Is it possible to foresee the future?
Yes, because it is possible to see scenes of the future. No, because these are not absolute; they are only the visions of a possible future. In short, the seer can obtain information regarding the most possible scenario depending on your psychological state and your choices at that moment, and tell you by decoding them. Conversely, there are many parameters that will affect your life, and any change among these parameters can change your future. Further, you can change your own future after hearing about the visions, consciously or subconsciously.
Is Fortunetelling Dangerous and Frightening?
The answer to this question relies on the “seer,” their abilities, and their psychological state. In the experiences I have had with both Gül and Pırıl, I am aware that they were not telling fortunes but rather having a psychic experience while merely holding a coffee cup. All along, I have encountered many an old lady as a fortune teller, many a soothsayer. Among those, the worst are the ones with low levels of consciousness. They look at the cup with certainty and give exact dates and happenings: “In a short while you will buy a car.” “I see the evil eye! Watch out!”
They look at the shapes of the residue in your coffee cup, relate them to shapes, and tell your fortune adding values of their societal culture. A camel means abundance because it brings to mind the richness of the camel caravan. A snake is an enemy because they relate it to the evil snake in the Adam and Eve story. To see a man shows attaining ones goal. This is, of course, related to the place given to men in the patriarchal society.
In fact, what these people do is interpret the subconscious of the community. In fortunetelling of this type, many a bad happenings and unlucky events are told. This, in fact, is dangerous because it tends to direct the person. In other words, by believing the teller, you can create the future she told you.
In the societal subconscious, we are all unaware of the fact that we create our future with every word spoken and every thought we believe. When a fortuneteller tells you someone evil in your household is trying to harm you, you automatically start thinking about which person and end up in paranoia.
However, a spiritually-developed seer would not use these words. Even if they see this type of energy, they would first balance it within their self and then relate it to you, such as “Someone close to you will offer you a great present. You might at first perceive it negatively, but don’t disturb yourself. Try to see the present.”
The seer will do so in a sensitive way because in the spiritual dimension there is no “evil.” There are only “experiences” and “gifts” that spirits present to each other, despite the fact that they may be viewed as problems to you in the natural flow of life.
At this point I would advise you not to consult with such fortunetellers. I would also advise you to stay away especially from those that foretell negative situations. The fortunes people tell usually reflect their state of mind. I always ask my jolly friends to tell my fortune; I stay away from gloomy people.
Where May We Find True Seers?
I am sure the following question is on your mind: Okay, dear Hasan! You told us to stay away from these [negative] fortunetellers, so how do we find true seers? I really wonder about my future?
You can reach these people by word-of-mouth only. Of course, this does not mean every person spoken of highly is a seer. “Hey my neighbors went to someone the other day. Oh, how she knows everything! So, a highly spoken of fortuneteller is not the one you are looking for. An example is what we experienced. Someone advised my wife to see that fortuneteller. My wife was pregnant and we went. After the fortune was told, my wife was almost in a coma. She told her, “You are going to be so sick you won’t be able to even leave the bed!”
I hadn’t liked the fortuneteller’s energy! Later, we learned that she had problems with her husband and told a fortune with that state of mind and reflected all her negative thoughts to us. So, I told my wife not to worry and not to pay any heed. And in fact, not only did my wife not go to bed, but she went shopping and had fun the day before she delivered. If we are to go back to the question of how to find them, life will present them to you. You don’t need to look for them.
To summarize, we can say stay away from fortunetellers. Don’t let people near you only to fill you with negative energy! If however, you think you found a true seer, first ask your soul about what you have been told. Perfect, if she is telling you things that will guide you in your life.
In the meantime, of course, your life journey does not necessarily need that someone. What will be lived will be lived. I think the presence of such a seer in your life might help you be more aware and more careful. Besides, something that Şanal Gülseli said has affected me much: “If you want to know your future, then write on a piece of paper what you want to happen in your life and read it every day. You will see them realized.”
Whether you try to foresee your future or let everything flow or try to create your own future, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, I hope you choose that which will be the best for you.

Hasan Sonsuz