“There is an interaction between the individuals, in line with their thoughts and actions and within the framework of spiritual laws.” Edgar Cayce

The research of modern scientists now accepts that our planet and the life forms on it are one single living organism together. If we want to advance to a higher state of existence, we should be in balance with Mother Nature just like the Native Americans. If we stand on the opposite side, we will be faced with a huge destruction as mentioned in holy books and in legends of ancient cultures. Perhaps, the reason for the polar shift may be that humans could not control their thoughts, and these thoughts caused negative actions. Must we face such results? If we are aware of our responsibilities and try to change some situations consciously during this period, we may have an effect on the energy matrix of the earth and change it from negative to positive. there is a beautiful phrase in modern astrology: “Our character is our destiny. If we can change our character, we can change our destiny.”

Some researchers claim that if through group meditations we can direct the collective consciousness towards a right focus and create a harmonic wave, this wave can communicate with the planetary energies and magnetic fields of the planets. They also believe that through this interaction the collective consciousness can be affected positively, and all these collective intentions will help the shift in our consciousness to create positive results for our planet. Can this conscious harmony really have an effect on the negative global problems such as wars, social disorders and brutality? Can it bring an end to global warming? Can it affect the intensity of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis? Can it help us to find a solution for problems like diseases, famine and poverty?

According to the researchers of HeartMath Institute, a non-profit research organization established in 1991 to discover the potentials of the human heart, the answer is YES! The researchers explain how this will be achieved by putting our hearts in it, and they say that such groups of people can change the planetary energy fields to affect the collective consciousness. The researchers from GCI Research Center also believe that we can increase our individual frequencies by meditations and using the brain of our hearts to balance and control our mental and emotional systems. We can increase our energy to the creative possibilities and benefits level which can reach us through the next solar activity cycle. (To read more detailed information about this research, visit www.hearthmath.org.)

Can these findings be true? Why not? If we can attune our hearts with love, tenderness and appreciation, consciously perhaps, we can create a good wave that helps us to overcome existing waves of planetary stress, disharmony and conflict. Thus, the shift in consciousness can be achieved more easily, and negative energy can be transformed into positive. As a result, we can make our world an ideal place to live, and we can change our destiny.

A paragraph from the book What the Bleep Do We Know!? explains it clearly:

“The consciousness is the most important thing; energy and substance are produced by our consciousness. If we can change our minds about who we are, we can perceive ourselves as beings who create our own physical realities and contribute to this experience in a creative way, then we can see our world differently and create it.”

Holographic Universe

Information received from psychics of the near past shows us that the future is present in Akashic Records, and we can make changes through our individual efforts. Any conscious effort can change the direction of events or postpone them. By controlling our thoughts and visions in a positive way, we can change events positively or we can lower negative effects to help us better shape our future.

The basic philosophy of the hologram concept is that each small piece includes the knowledge of the whole and that everything is linked to each other. Let’s explain it with an example. Think of a picture of an apple and that we use small mosaic pieces to form this picture on which the same apple image exists. To understand the big picture, it is enough for us just to look at one of these pieces. The hologram model is also seen in the proposition of the ancients: “As above, so below.” Everything in cosmos is a part of the whole and cannot be separated. Each part has the knowledge of the whole. Concepts like present, past and future are determined in the hologram which makes the whole, while the part just “One.” Their frame is set. If we delete one of the apple images on the mosaic and draw a flower instead, this does not change the whole image. However, if a certain amount of apple mosaic decides to change into flower mosaics when the critical majority is sustained, then the picture does not look like an apple, but it transforms into a flower picture. This shows us that our future is shaped by the decision of the collective consciousness.

As the human is given free will, the details of his life are not determined exactly. Azizüddin Nesefi explains this in his book The Human in Sufism:

When the cosmos and stars are the book of Allah, when everything from the past, now and future is written in the book of Allah and when your pen dries, everything in the book of Allah will be apparent in this realm. However the judgments that are written in cosmos and stars are not small decisions but big ones. The things that become apparent on earth are the results of these big decisions. That’s why, there is something called free will. If we want to achieve something or if we want to get rid of something then we must work and make an effort for that. If small decisions were written in the cosmos and stars, we would not have any choice and all our efforts would be in vain.

The future is shaped according to our choices and our way of living. The human has the right to choose a path on his journey, and by choosing a certain path, he also chooses to experience every possibility on that road. It is no doubt that if we change our path, the things we will experience and see will also change. It seems that time flows consciously, places change consciously, and our choices determine what we will live and what kind of situations we will face.

As much as we strengthen our will power, we can rule our thoughts and shape our future consciously. If we cannot rule our thoughts, we move away from our real path towards our evolution, and we walk on a different path which does not fit our main plan. Due to the conflict between our desires and plans, we lose track and begin to be afraid and worry. We lose control of our lives. Consequently, we begin to move away from our mission on earth.