My God,

Let my words echo with your unconditionally loving voice, no matter what.

Let my eyes see all beings through your miracles and magnificence.

Let my ears hear your silent mercifulness, even in the noisy quarrel.

Let my nose smell the comforting, diffusive smell of your rose within the rankness.

Let my hands touch as vibrantly and powerfully as your compassionate healing hands.


My God,

Only you can help me find my words again when I am lost between layers of consciousness,

Only you can reflect back the purest vision of myself when I lose my sight in the mist,

Only you can hear the slipping of my conscience and remind me of it when I roar with anger,

Only you can cleanse me in the deepest sense, so I can smell my own wonderful aroma,

Only you can touch my beautiful velvet skin, so I can share your love and healing with others


My God,

Let me be worthy of your grace and kindness in my every single word and breath.

Let me be honest and courageous enough to manifest what I see, what I feel, and what I hear.

Let me shine light on all the chaos, nonsense, and other rubbish that exists in my space.

Let me be your most loved one by keeping me praying, just like the beautiful roses devoted to you.

Let me be open hearted, as grateful for the dullest sensations as I am for the most vibrant touches.


Let my words be your words.

And fill me with your eternal love.

I love you, eternally.