In my last article, we talked about how we need suffering to evolve, especially when we hold on to something so tightly.

The system doesn’t want us to possess anyone or anything, no matter the place. Until we learn this lesson, it makes us feel pain, and as we continue to resist, we see how it increases the dose.

Well, we wrote then about evolving through pain, but how can we evolve through joy? First of all, let’s talk about joy, but it’s not conditioned joy. By this, I mean when or how it emerges. It emerges when I realize I am in an infinite and unconditional existence. Now, we have been taught joy in a different way since childhood, but real joy is something we feel profoundly, not something that just happens after success. Suddenly, you realize that joy is already with you. At first, you can’t believe it is simply there and always has been. Over time, though, you start to become familiar with it. You’re still surprised, though, because how could you have missed it for years and defined it incorrectly? It is something so different from what people usually think of it. You feel grateful for this very special gift.

As we feel joy, suddenly and without any effort, we want it to be with us all the time, like we do when we find a new love. We are more careful with our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. What we create in life is not so important anymore, so like a precious gift, we take care of this joy. We feel deeply that what the guides have said for so many years is real and not some urban legend.

Evolving through joy requires responsibility at every step. We become so careful, like we are caring for a newborn baby or, for the men, like washing a brand-new car for the first time. This time, it’s not your parents, job, house, money, lover, or whatever that you fear losing but rather the joy that you finally reached laboriously. You appreciate love much more than before, and you are more respectful to all creatures. You forget all the past enemies, difficulties, and thoughts of vengeance. It feels like you have signed a peace accord with your Karma and started to create your Dharma. Evolving through joy is so enjoyable, so powerful, and so very precious. You feel grateful for all the past sufferings that you no longer need to evolve. It’s time to create infinite possibilities for your future. At this point, you have a new understanding, a mindfulness of oneness, of how everything is connected. By the way, it’s not just your own future you are creating—you have influence over the lives of others, and they have influence over yours. While evolving through pain, maybe you were not aware of it much, but while evolving through joy, it will be a more familiar feeling. What else can I say? I hope we evolve through joy and not through pain anymore. I wonder what it would bring about? What do you think?