Do you ever doubt the name you were given?

What’s your state of mind when someone asks you “What’s your name?” Are you lucid, certain and clear? Are you confident and assured?

So, what could make you doubt who you are? Is it your suspicious mind making you ask yourself, “Who am I?” throughout your journey of self-discovery? Would someone knowledgeable ask this question? When asking this question, wouldn’t such people go even further away from themselves? When your mind has scores of possible answers to this question, how can you achieve a clear comprehension where you do not doubt who you are?

How much more are you going to divide your mind, which is already divided in two: the one who knows the Truth and the one who doesn’t?

I’m saying this as someone who has asked this question many times throughout my search for meaning. Every time, just as I thought I was getting close to an answer, I found myself even further away from it. One who knows oneself would never ask this question, while one who asks this question will never know oneself.

You are the one that never changed and will never change. You are the one who knows, so you are certain and assured.

You take in.

You are the one who does not feel distant, separated, or detached.

You are the one who does not judge what love is or is not, because you are the one who loves.

You are the one who does not try to balance between give and take. You are the one who never doubts they are the same.

You are the one who does not need to defend, so you do not pose a threat.

You are the one who is not affected, shattered, or destroyed, no matter the situation.

Do not ask questions of the Truth! Tune into the self that knows reality and ask it to remind you of who you are. This is clear and never changes. All you need to do is to accept it.