Our choices determine our destinies, and everything we experience happens as a result of our own actions. The law of cause and effect always works in the same way for everyone. We could call it “Divine Law” or “Divine Justice.” We have to take responsibility for our actions and not leave things to fate. Instead, we should control our destinies. As Edgar Cayce often emphasized in his readings; “the mind is the creator.”

I agree that we shape our future with our choices. Our fate is determined by us within a life plan that was prepared by ourselves before birth. It means our free will is not only valid on Earth, but also before we enter our own life plan. Consequently, the events we experience and the flow of our lives are directly related to our individual spiritual needs.

By our decisions, we are choosing one of the paths that lay in front of us. Imagine there are lots of doors around us, and what we experience on our journey is decided by the door we open.

As humans are unaware of what their higher consciousnesses determine for their personal development, they sometimes drift far away from their own plans. However, this situation is not the same for conscious minds. For a conscious mind, every experience on the journey of life is a blessing. These people are patient and strong when they meet with challenging and traumatic events. They are the ones who can be flexible against events that seem negative at first. In fact, all these negative events are merely tests that can only be perceived if we are keen enough. In this cosmos, which is surrounded by love, everything is positive. These people are aware of that.

Humans must experience how they have the free will to make their choice within their given conditions. Humans are free to choose their reactions, as well as their intentions. A man should make his choices in the light of his own values, ideals, and intuitions rather than being bound to a fixed idea of fate. As much as we learn from our experiences, we need different ones. This places a huge responsibility on our shoulders. We should trust ourselves and the universe around us, and we should use our talent to hear our inner voice and our intuitions.

Our ability to forecast the future, which helps us to avoid disasters, is one of our important characteristics.  We do not use it in the same capacity, but some people can avoid possible traumatic situations with the help of this ability. Our inner knowledge is the key to opening the right doors on our path. We should focus on feeling the subtle energies around us. We should cut our bonds with time and permit ourselves to be guided by our natural instincts. We should focus on our inner transformation to balance the outer changes. We should trust in this process, which will help us realize our potentials and strengthen our bonds with the divine plan. This plan is a smart and targeted one that we should always be in harmony with.

Time to Make Choices

The opportunity to make our own choices is a precious gift and our biggest responsibility. It is now time to make a conscious choice by realizing our inner truth. It is also time to go beyond the limits by listening to our inner knowledge and our hearts.  If we can only increase our awareness, we can survive the challenges we are currently experiencing, which will become more severe in the coming days. Carl Jung explains this opinion: “A conflict cannot be solved in the level it occurs; there is need for higher perception and a higher level of understanding.” It is impossible to solve the conflicts and traumas with our existing views and level of consciousness. Our choices will set the direction for our future. Now, we are reaching a crossroad, and we need to choose our path.

We are currently in a phase where the awakening is gaining speed, where we are facing hard tests, and where we will have some experiences that seem negative, but which will positively help our development. What’s more, these negative events need to be experienced because we cannot gain enough insight from positive events alone. On the path of evolution, all negative things also have a positive effect. If we do not experience such things, we cannot evolve spiritually and reach the higher levels of consciousness. As we progress towards higher consciousness, we will suffer less and the negativity will disappear. What matters is how we react to this suffering and challenge. Instead of focusing on the sorrow, we should instead mature through the lessons of these experiences.  For a conscious mind, everything—including all the tragedies, disasters, and destructions—is a blessing. The events we are faced with will give us feedback. They trigger our development by pointing out what we need to transform.

No Stagnancy

Strangely, the events that help us to mature the most are the ones that challenge us, not the ones that make us happy.  These events are planned for us, so we can consciously make a synthesis of worldly life and increase our awareness of our relationship with the material. Their aim is to keep us alert. When we are drowsy or happy, we cannot receive the important messages. When we do not make an effort to achieve something, or if we do not engage with our ego, we cannot develop. The things that challenge our needs and desires make us more dynamic.

Stagnancy is not favored by evolution, and our efforts to preserve the status quo only slows it down. We need to be dynamic to maintain progress. Consequently, we can act against our habitual attitudes, we can change our perceptions, and we can begin using our latent potential. This is also true for the collective evolution. The disasters—natural events, wars, accidents, epidemics, and economic crises—break our ego structures, stimulate our emotions, and help us to discover our potential. During this process, individual and social events require us to strengthen our willpower by staying calm and patient. This is needed to increase our consciousness. In astrology, we explain this using the Sun, which represents consciousness and willpower.

We are currently in a period when solar activity will increase, and a new awareness will be triggered by solar storms. I personally call it “the Sun awareness.” Some scientists claim the electromagnetic radiation of the Sun will speed up this process. The solar storms, which carry particles from the Sun, stimulate our central nervous system, our mental activity, and our hormones. As a result, crucial changes occur in our consciousness.

The recent increase in the collective consciousness is a result of development triggered by the increasing solar activity. The Sun’s rays prepare individuals and societies for a shift in consciousness. On the other hand, there is a chaotic atmosphere created by aggressive minds. Large-scale rebellions, revolutions, and wars increase during periods of intense solar activity. Just as there are two aspects to everything, there are also two different manifestations of solar activity. We determine which path to choose by our conscious or unconscious decisions.

Big Disasters

The losses that are experienced as a result of big disasters show us that everything can change in a blink of the eye. We understand how all things can change: all the structural and material values we appreciate and trust, and all our efforts and sacrifices. This understanding is a conscious perception. If we can devote more attention to our perceptions, we can also increase our understanding.

Such losses teach us that the most important thing is the bonds between us. It is only during traumatic events we see how we have focused on our possessions and neglected our bonds with other people. We see how we spend so much time increasing and protecting our material and financial possessions, which are given to us only temporarily. We are faced with these experiences so we can understand this. These are things that were previously determined in our evolution plan and come to existence when they are needed. Events causing us financial losses remind us of our moral values. This is the lesson we should learn. We experience an empathy with others who suffer the same conditions. We should mind each other, and we should become closer. Humanity is on the brink of a large transformation, so people should be conscious of the hidden and open messages of challenging events, control their emotions, gain flexibility, and be ready for the shifts in time and place. Our transformation plan has a unique timeline when we will experience consecutive distressing events. Humanity will have to face these problems until it reaches a higher level of consciousness and awareness. During this period, we could lose the items we possess and the people we love, but we have to be flexible. We should stretch like the trees, and if the winds blow harder, we should be able to bend with them. Instead of swimming against the current, we should learn to go with the flow.