What is your biggest fear? What is your greatest reality? If you are not honest enough to yourself, your reality may become your biggest fear.

Can you see the real you clearly? Or are your fears and ego obstructing your way to your true path? Your truth may be lying at the darkest and farthest corners of your soul. You may be avoiding, blaming, criticizing, or even taming people with your anger.  Do you believe you are better than everyone else? Are you different, different in a way where others do not matter anymore. Are you brave enough to see the reason behind this? Can you be brave enough to see yourself as those people you always try to avoid?

You are what you see. You are your perceptions of, and thoughts about, your outer world. But please be aware that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner realm, so be careful what you think, so you can care for what you will be. Keep your inner world tidy, your thoughts clean, and try not to be judgmental about events in life. It’s the best gift you can give to yourself. Now come closer, my dear friends, and I will tell you a secret, the untold secret of creation.

You are me, and I am you. He is you, and you are him. She is you, and you are her. We are she, and she is us. I am it, and it is me. We are all the same person, no matter what part of the world we live in, no matter our skin color, no matter our religion or lack of one. We are all the same being, the One and the Only. The people around you are just versions of you. You have so many versions that you cannot even count them, because they are not only in this world but also in other worlds and even dimensions. You are ones that even you cannot see—you can only feel them. You are the tress, the flowers, the birds, the fish, the soil under your feet, and the clouds above your head. You are everything but also nothing. You are everywhere and nowhere. You are you, while not being you.

Do I sound crazy to you? Does what I say contradict itself? How can I be everyone and no one at the same time? This is only the beginning, dear friends. Come even closer and hear me out. You live in this very moment but also in every moment of time. You are the past and the future. You are old and young but not even born yet. You’ve died millions of times and re-awakened a zillion times. You exist but do not. All forms of you happen so rapidly that you cannot see them, so your time only holds in the constant moment. It is just a dot standing alone, going nowhere, and floating in infinity.

You can hear and see through all these people’s, nature’s, animal’s, and other unseen, unknown creatures’ eyes, hear through their ears, and taste through their mouths. You travel in their bodies with their blood, and you are in their every cell. You are at the core of their souls, and you are their heartbeat and the apple of their eyes. You see them, and they see you all the time. There is no time when you are not them and they are not you. When you are in this state, there is no form and thus no time at all.

How do I know all this? What is the source of this information? I do not know anything—I only feel it. I feel this so strongly that I know it. I know it so avidly that I’ve turned to what I’ve known. Now, I am what I know and feel. The source is not a written book but rather the book of creation, the book of my being, and the book of the whole universe. That is the source, which is being written and edited at every moment. That is the source we came from, the book we wrote and the book we are characters in.

Even now, I can read the words through your eyes, and you’ve also written these with me and already witnessed my emotions. You were my fingers on the keys, and I am now the breath you take while reading. We are so much the same and so much the One.

Are you scared to hear all this? The reality bites my friends. We are blaming, criticizing, differentiating, avoiding, harming, hurting, and even killing ourselves—no one else is! When you talk to someone, you are talking with yourself, one of your various versions in life. It takes numerous forms, such as a tree, a cat, a man, a woman, a child, a fool, a genius, or a simple human being. Open your eyes and see the truth. Once you see the truth and understand what Oneness truly means, you will think, speak, and live differently. If you understand that, you cannot exist without others and others cannot exist without you. You will dissolve in this divinity and no longer exist. And that my friend, is the last point of your being and hence the secret of our lives.

Yunus Emre Berk