“We provided you with clear proof, yet you are still in denial!” (From “The Holy Quran”)

If your mouth speaks of love, but your heart is filled with spite, hate, and evil, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

When your words resonate with freedom, but you secretly try to make everyone a slave to yourself, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

If you have knowledge, but if you cannot incorporate it into your heart with love and transform it into a state of being, and if you exploit that knowledge to satisfy your selfish desires and manipulate individuals, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

If you mention God in every sentence, but only pretend to love God, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

If you talk about being a good human, but continue trying to act “cool” and walk around with frozen curses in your veins, unable to melt them, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

If you suffer from poverty in the midst of abundance, constantly complaining about it, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

While you blame everyone else and avoid taking any responsibility, playing various games to hide your cowardice, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

As you witness countless miracles, instead of standing in awe, if you keep dismissing them as preposterous, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

When your very existence is the real marvel, and proof of this marvel lies all around you, if you still expect miracles to fall from the sky, there is no doubt that you are in denial!

I could document many more of your denials, but they would fill the world’s oceans!

Oh dear friend, you are the one in denial, yet all around you lies the proof!

You deny not only yourself, but also me, us, him, her, and them!

You are also blind from burying yourself more and more in suffering through your denial while chasing profit in an attempt to escape the deep gutter of denial!

You are blind, because while every place is filled with divinity, you cannot see it at any moment.

You refuse what is presented to you but spend whatever comes your way, but in reality, your blindness is your suffering.

* * *

There is no divine power or otherworldly force causing your suffering—there never was!

He would never cause you suffering. It is you, believing yourself unworthy of the divine light, who puts yourself through your self-created suffering.

You punish yourself and cause your own suffering. You deprive yourself of Him, so you may deserve the divine light once again. This was your penance.

If you consciously did it, you can purify your ruined intentions. You can find the balance for your unbalanced self. You can reconnect with Him, even if you’ve been disconnected for a while. You can isolate yourself from the outside world for a while, and completely with your own consent, you can work to update yourself in the moment…

Alas, you may have unconsciously locked yourself up in this suffering, though. This is not a suitable state for purification. It’s more of a prison or even a torture dungeon. You beat yourself up on the inside as you torture your being, just so you can reach out and reconnect with Him.

But you also secretly blame Him. “Why do you hurt me so much?” you ask. You agonize over it and get angry at Him. You say, “I’ll sacrifice myself for you,” before taking up the role of victim and saying, “See, this is what He gives us!”

This is where blindness lies, but no one asks you to suffer like this! Nobody said, “That’s it! Go inside and beat yourself up, so I can maybe accept you back one day!” Perhaps others have treated you like this throughout your life, but they were also your siblings torturing no one else other than themselves. That was the only way they knew, and they naturally led you toward it.

And you adopted that tiny room so much, that you even began to resist leaving it, even though you were ruining yourself inside. It also felt like a womb protecting you.

I know you will ask, “How do you know so much, so clearly, about all this?” Well, I’ve also been beating myself up inside for as long as I can remember. I tortured myself subconsciously, thinking I would become purer the more I suffered. I then caused myself the worst kind of suffering.

Now, the time has come!

I am out of there as of 4:23 pm on April 17, 2018.

My suffering has ended!

You can do it too, if you want.

You can escape the suffering you created subconsciously, right now, and leave behind your victim status and blindness.

We deprive ourselves of Him, all by ourselves.

My suffering has ended, though!

If you feel it too, grab a pen and paper and write down your own rescue date.

This is also a time to rejoice, both with yourself and with Him.