I recently encountered many people who cannot recognize how the actions of their ancestors are making their way back to their descendants by depriving them of money, prestige, status, and health.

They go through such hard times that sometimes even suicide seems like a viable option. I honor their karma and wish them all a quick recovery.

Of course, there are things I should accept as they are. I know I cannot claim these things to be “their business” when I notice them and feel responsible for helping the healing process. I say a 100% yes to all my past and future lives, with all the elements of light and darkness within them. I say a 100% yes to all of my ancestors, as well as their past and future lives, with all the elements of light and darkness within them. Once more, I honor the fact that their actions back then were just parts of their life scenarios.

You should do the same. Remember, all these experiences are still part of us and in our DNA, and every little thing that infuriates you is slowly integrated into your being.

Reading this article is one thing, but having enough understanding, comprehension, and acceptance to put it into practice is another. If you’re reading and recognizing what I’m saying, you’ve been given a chance for transformation. The rest is completely up to you. So, how are you going to make use of this opportunity?

Some of us still believe we can contribute to, and thus gain from, those that see no fault in harming people for profit. Their claim is, “All these things are a reflection of me, so I say a 100% yes to them.”

Remember, you were born into your family so your ancestors’ experiences can trigger your own past-life experiences. Know that attaining oneness in the future depends on you trusting your ability to heal these past-life experiences with the help of your ancestors. We cannot just say, “They did what they did, and it’s nothing to do with me.” We should completely accept our darkness, apologize for whatever happened, and work in the now to be purified and free from them.

When someone says, “My father does what he does for our family’s sake. He steals, entrusts me with what he steals, and makes me steal as well. He provides a solid future for us and our own future children,” do you think this person will understand and realize what I’m saying in this article?

I think today’s generation is just a reflection of our darker sides. I wish to thank all of them for showing me my darkest side. May God help the future generations. Perhaps if God helps us, these dark sides might stop exploiting the world out of self-interest.

Otherwise, oneness cannot be attained, and those who stand by their selfish decisions will hold onto their sense of slavery and leave this planet. How do I know this, you ask? It’s because some of us can still manage to stay on the bright side, and the light seems to rule the world now.

Praise be!