As we have put ourselves in a transitory, finite, and parochial state, life moves on in a difficult, busy, cheerless, and loveless manner for us.

Many people search for an egress point from the impasses of their minds. Regardless of the kind of methods we use, if the mind is engaged, none of them will help. But what is the mind? Why do we continuously show signs of mental fatigue? How many of us live life under this pressure, unable to change it? What happened to us?

When we go out into the street, we hear many voices. When we enter a noisy location, we feel incredibly disturbed. People shouting at each other also has an impact on us. We want to retreat to our cozy homes and enjoy our own silence, but why? It’s because we do not feel like we’re in a safe place. The mind is noisy, loud, and prone to sounding off. The only place it feels secure is in your belief that you consist only of the mind. It’s like I’m talking about a person, right? Get ready then, because it’s disguised in human form now. It controls your behavior, the books you read, the movies you watch, the decisions you make, and your emotions and thoughts. It continually judges and manipulates you, finding an irresistible pleasure in it. When you suffer anguish, the mind takes pleasure from it. Can you understand the polarity? As long as you are dominated by it, it has its secure area. If your essence is not engaged, its desires become reality, and your habits are formed in accordance with it. To whom do you suppose your body belongs? Do all those sicknesses just appear by chance? Is it really the mind virus?

I Am not My Mind

Whenever we feel fine with a successful job, a happy relationship, and a content life, the disruptive energies of the mind are there also. We develop a subconscious that is afraid of losing what we have. This subconscious was masterminded by the mind, and it does not allow us to scale up our consciousness. We can study our subconscious for centuries, and we can gain knowledge about it. This studious endeavor never raises our conscious, however, and it relates only to this area of our lives, enabling us to breathe again.

Our minds want to control us by dominating us through the energy of inadequacy. It never wants us to be conscious of moderation and just enjoy the moment, conscious that whatever we experience is for our benefit. It does this because its domination is at stake. We are not our minds, nor does it belong to us. The mind is merely a facsimile of us. What would it be like if we stopped for a moment and looked through to the essence of the matter?

Being Controlled by Control

The mind purposely spreads control energy. When we are controlled by the mind, seeing as we do not feel safe, we identify with it and view it from the perspective of the opposite pole. If we can see it for the control it is, we can keep our lives, and those of others, under control.

“You know those who are pious (who have reached taqwa). When an apprehension of Satan touches them, they immediately remember and see the truth.” (Araf – Purgatory – 201)

We are controlled by control. Control is never truly safe, so it wants to build a secure area with the being it has enslaved. This secure area is built on ignoring the energy of “I am myself.” The mind never wants this to be discovered, because it will make its domination extinct. In other words, control was created by the dark energy. This tragic situation closes up our divine consciousness and distances us from our essence. We are also distanced from divinity. The universe does not like this emptiness, so the mind fills this void. Worship is only given to the ego, and the only way back is to the ego. Does this sound familiar?

  1. Hâ, Mim. (Garden of Eden—The emphasis on God behind the Veil of Truth)

2, 3) The revelation of (this) Book (the Quran) is from Allah, the Mighty, the All-Knowing, The Forgiver of Sin, and the Acceptor of Repentance, Severe in Punishment and the Possessor of Bounty. There is no God but Him, who is the final return. (Mu’min.1-3)

If this does not sound familiar, you can find other examples from many verses, so we can see how we turned ourselves inside out. While reading the verse (ensign-trace), if you replace the words Ha, Mim (Garden of Eden) with Dark (Zifir), you have the book of the ego instead of the Quran. Pseudo-masters hide your divinity and keep you from the mighty, domineering old-energy knowledge. Our addictions that cannot be abandoned replace the deity, and the mind takes the place of return. To whom are we compelled to return to? To the divine or to the mind?

1- Zi’fir (dark-tar color): The darkness of hell (the dark energy behind the veil of the mind), the revelation of the book of ego, the factitious, omniscient one who covers your divinity and takes you for itself, dominating you with its knowledge of old energy and forgiving the sins. It accepts your repentance, and its anguish is very severe. The owner of these blessings is the illusionary god covering your essence. There is no other dependency other than the feelings of deprivation and finiteness we continuously perceive, as well as the dependency on the material world. The only way back is to the mind. (Once the ego book has been revealed, there is no need to reveal another.)

It can be very clearly seen that the ego book reveals only illusion, not verse, and we spend our lives unable to discern them. We have the power to transform the darkness. If the mind accepts the repentance, keep it in your minds. This is the situation it strives for, and its anguish is very severe. It is not enough to try for purity, even for centuries, as it is protected from its anguish. What is easier than a sinful existence? You see yourself separated from God, being controlled with sin. This sense of insignificance is so strong that it cannot be removed through repentance, and we have forgot that we have another choice. We were never allowed to recall the energy of “I am myself.” We were told that we were less than God, and this caused us to be left alone with our survival instincts.

The illusionary god is very complaisant, because it gives us only the bare minimum. It wants us to experience few of life’s potentials and live in a state of search. Don’t let this repression infuse you with a fear of death. In fact, we are already dead, being held in a hypnotic state and believing we are separated from our essence. Thus, when we try to revive our awakening, it plays new tricks on us from its arsenal of powerful energy. The system has worked like this for 50,000 years. So, what can we do to remedy this situation?

Leaving the System and DNA Awareness

To choose life is something many of us do not do. Everybody believes they have already chosen life, but it is not that simple. Choosing life means to choose the “self.” It means relying on the self-essence without doubt and fully accepting self-existence. If I try to form my existence by watching other people, it makes me an energy thief. We came here to experience our uniqueness. Can you feel this? You need to know yourself, not try to understand yourself. That is the business of the mind, because it needs to understand and analyze everything. If you lose control here, your DNA will lose its additional functionality. This is the instrument that connects you to your entity, and your uniqueness exists in it. The reality of whom you are is registered in your DNA. There are 12 very strong knights in it, and their sole purpose is to serve you. Your divine mark is hidden in your DNA. As many of us cannot leave the system of the mind, we develop dependencies around our families, our jobs, our private lives, our property, and our feelings and thoughts. These surely present themselves with unbalanced masculine-feminine energies, offence, insignificance, inadequacy, a victim mentality, and anger. All of these damage our DNA. We are still unaware of our power, but our souls are aware of it. They know all the potentials we can reach. What should we choose? What really matters is to simply consider this: Do you choose to continue being what you have chosen to be, or do you end the life of recurring cycles of choices? If you want the latter, and if you want to leave the system, it is very important to work with your DNA.

Working with DNA

We don’t need to know where the DNA is, but we do need to talk to it. For this, it is enough to know that it takes action with a pulse of intention. Above all, we have a DNA that listens and acts according to our instructions. The scientific world has already proven that DNA is telepathic and can change the environment around it. Now, what will your instruction be? You can ask for everything that is good for you, as well as wholeness, but there is a condition: You need to intend!

When we instruct through intention, we instantly receive the exit permit. This situation is not for people who want to see tangible results, because such things are needed only by the mind. Giving in to impatience is also a hazard.

Now, do we really want to get over what happened to us and be healed? Can we honestly allow ourselves to become free from the suppression and fear that comes from balancing our unhealthy relationships with ourselves, our survival fears, and our expectations for the future and the traumas of the past? Can we get past our loneliness and past refusals and ridicule, being unable to express the truth and, most importantly, not being able to say, “I am the Deity. I am Myself”?

Do we ever appreciate how even the greatest trauma really serves us by providing the knowledge for our own wisdom and supplying the new energy of “I am Myself.” It shows us how we can transcend the virtual god that the mind has become and how we can re-establish the connections with our souls and return balance to our lives. This is why we intend to talk to our DNA. I repeat: Intention is the most important factor determining the reality of a being.

DNA Healing for 21 Days

Scientifically, after 21 days, brain cells begin to subdivide and form brand-new cells. In the light of this information, we can change the negative code in the program of our subconscious, so we can escape the mind and forget the dependency, sickness, and unbalanced relationships. In other words, it’s like becoming free of all adversities. You may ask why we need to reprogram it? The answer is simple: We are captivated by the mind. It says, “I am your master, and you are my slave,” and this has been engraved in our deepest inner parts. It has trapped us in a heavy, awkward energy, having elegantly accomplished this in its 21 days of coding.

Consequently, whenever we crave change, potential approaches us and touches us. With this very special, magical touch, we leave the mind, and the potentials come together to create something. We create our lives and thoughts, our state of health, our jobs, and all manner of situations that we want to change. Our intentions here act as a catalyst that, when we get to the point, causes us to create according to our higher awareness rather than the mind’s desires. Also, creating a change, just like how cells divide, creates a completely new cell. Other potentials that we realized before attract similar ones. When we express to our DNA that we want to create, we attract a higher conscience that will support us. This shows that these practices come from a multi-dimensional field. Due to its one-dimensional thinking, the mind will never comprehend this. Now, let’s finish with a 21-day healing practice.

21-Day Healing Practice

This is a 30-minute exercise. For 10 minutes, just breathe. For the next 20 minutes, choose a living cell full of life essence and imagine it. You need not know what it looks like or where it is. It’s not so important to know what a cell looks like.

Imagine a newly created cell in your body, and then breathe only for that. This is the standard (or model) cell, and it communicates with other cells. When the communication between some cells is broken off, illnesses can occur, or not occur, because these cells cannot function to capacity. Some cells carry the potential for a sickness we do not yet know about, and while the communication is open, the others will imitate it, spreading that cell’s characteristics to other cells. You should only imagine a cell with the brilliant energy of a new-born baby and then breathe. This gives a fantastic cleansing for your body, helping you to wash off everything that doesn’t belong with you. This could be a harmful relationship, an unsuitable lifestyle choice, a bad habit, and so on. The most important aim, however, is to move beyond the mind, so you can experience the embrace of the essence waiting for you with open arms.

While you perform this breathing exercise, you can give instructions to your DNA through your intention.

Giving Instructions to the DNA
“I abandon everything in my life that is unsuitable for me. I welcome the coming of the new and bid goodbye to the old. The new is always magnificent. I am healing itself. I welcome this experience and healing. I am free from this point on. I honor myself, and this is how it is.”