In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To a river so deep
I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost…
Some years ago while I was studying psychology, I asked one of my professors about my dreams. I wondered at that time how it happened that many of my night dreams became a reality in my world later. The answer I received from that professor was not to consider myself a special person. He felt they were most likely coincidences!
My point, though, was never to be or try to prove I was special, but instead my concern was to understand the whys or why nots. Deep inside, I always believed that dreams were the doors of/to the other worlds. It was not important at that level of wondering that they were either happening in my mind or a result of an outside visitor to my mind. But I couldn’t skip these questions or calm myself down simply by attributing it to a coincidence. And even if a coincidence was the answer, I still needed to find out how often a coincidence could turn into a reality and what made a coincidence a reality in my world.
…But the river is wide
And it’s too hard to cross
And even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and I stand on the shore
And try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find out what I’ve been looking for…
People with spiritual experiences usually have had them since childhood; somehow something is whispered to them. People with spiritual experiences seem to know which Path to follow through their senses or even beyond their senses. The first true spiritual experiences I had were my dreams. I remember the very night my Russian grandmother visited me in a dream and told me her real name was Anfizo and she was leaving me. She passed away that night. Later, my mother confided in me that my grandmother’s name wasn’t Ayşe as I knew it, but Anfizo.
All my life, dreams guided me by initiation to another level of consciousness or informing me about my life on earth or in general about happenings in daily life. Initiation to another level always related to the number seven. Somewhere, all my dreams with this intense reality had the number seven written on it—either on a door, a house or a stariway. Even more wierd, some of my dreams continued from how they ended during the previous one. It was like I had a double life. This was how my deep interest and search on esoteric teachings developed.
For sure, people have different ways to actualize themselves: Some start with science, or rather, from theories and combine the output with experience; others, like me, experience or practice first and then try to find theories to stabilize their minds. This reasoning can be easily understood because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings needing a reference point, such as zero to put our minds into a regular thinking form. But, Be’ing can never be understood if we only think in plus or minus, black or white, yin or yang. Maybe up to now seeing only black or white worked out for mankind, but it won’t be useful if we want to dive into the many worlds’ world.
Of course, we can ask if there really are many worlds. When Earth is only one of several planets in our solar system and our Milky Way galaxy only one of many galaxies, the same may apply to our universe itself: That is, our universe may be one of a huge number of universes. Those with a scientific background may call it parallel universes; some with a religious backgroud call it many universes or many heavens; yet, persons of a psychological background may call it many minds. Whatever we call it, “beside many words,” as Max Tegmark once said, we can be sure that “there exists many worlds.”
I guess we may question here what to consider as “inspiring” information: The touchable material, aka scientific knowledge of the worlds, or information which can be experienced individually and beyond the five senses, described in all the mystic teachings including religions? I believe either way is possible and should be equally considered as truth.
From this point, here’s the next question to consider: How, where and when can someone dive into many worlds’ world?  
Hugh Everett’s many-worlds interpretation agrees that each of the possible observations correspond to a different universe. That’s fine and acceptable, but unfortunately, I can do only one observation at a time. So, diving into many worlds’ world can only be possible without the perception of time; thus, when my being or my mind is not engaged, like the times when I am dreaming or meditating, I can be anywhere at any time. Is it so? In layman’s terms, per “Many-Worlds Interpretation” on Wikipedia, “there is a very large—perhaps infinite—number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but didn’t, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes.”
Coming back to my dreams and referencing the previous explanation: I dream a dream during the time I am connected to another universe as an observer in which a reality already took its course or taking its course due to my observation, while I am still physically in my bed and world. When I wake up into this world, that dream may become a truth, at some later time.
How about a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream? What if, a dream is a reflected reality from another world? Like Be’ing [existing] between mirrors; reflections from and towards an endless being…
…I know I’m searching for something
Something so undefined
That it can only be seen
By the eyes of the blind…
My husband is a mystic with a scientific background. When we first met, we didn’t talk about our own spiritual experiences but the energy itself in both thought and emotion—some people call it higher consciousness—which spoke out silently and informed both of us that we were the same. Some time later, we encountered very interesting experiences. Once, sitting on the sofa, I asked him if he would agree to an endless life with me; at all the levels of Be’ing and in each world. He answered yes, and I agreed to this as well. This statement somehow changed our entire Be’ing, not meaning the psychological state of our minds, but we, indeed, created a huge door-like energy form which we call the Mirror. We call that moment being equally true in many worlds’ world. It is a kind of state that we dream, think and feel the same. When we open the Mirror, it sorrounds us endlessly and feels like we are in an endless black ocean in which we can be anything, but prefer to be nothing.
How did we get to this point?
We can only guess. From previous experiences lasting sixteen years of intense recorded practices, Ozan discovered eleven levels of reality, each of which needed specific preparations to get through. Furthermore, I had my own spiral/tunnel experiences for the last nine years. We believe that we needed both powerful thoughts and male and female energies, combined with love (not sex alone), the highest emotional energy. By the time we talked over and searched repeatedly about different experiences, we were surprised to find great examples in Anatolia, such as Rumi and Şems [Şemseddin Muhammed Tebrizî], who already through love, thought and practices traveled through many universes. Of course, science by nature concerns itself about measurements. Though we believe anyone interested in parallel universes can open a door at any place, most preferable are energy-intense areas.
For anyone interested in diving into many worlds’ world and according to our own experiences, we find seven levels to the preparation phase, and definitely needs lengthy practice. Below are some simple guidelines for a beginner:
Level 0 is where thought about the alphabet and the rules of entrance begin. We may call it magic or energy which alone has neither good nor bad power. This level allows us to go further when we understand that above and below is the same, that is, each parallel universe is alike; one change at any level affects the other.
At this level God and Devil is the same; that means there is no separation as such. Depending on personal choice, the brain may choose different visual tools to climb up, like stairs, but be aware there is none as such. Each level is another door to higher conciousness.
At Level 0, mankind is an animal. A level such as this doesn’t exist but reminds us not to be the prisoner of our own will and dreams.
Level I discloses a labyrinth in which man needs to learn to teach. At this level personality is reflected to the self as if reflected by mirrors. Either God or Devil, both will be equally pulled into the labyrinth. There is a need to be upside down.
Level II reveals the first awareness of light. At this point any question will be answered, but half of them will be true, half false. Mankind needs both: science and senses to prove reality; otherwise, the information received might change the person into a false guru. If so, the man becomes a prisoner of their own fault. To go to the next level, man must kill his ego here which means to cut negative emotions and thoughts such as fear, anxiety, will for power, suspicion, etc.
Level III teaches whatever may happen can be stopped by your brain. This level teaches colors: pink for love and imagination, blue for health, yellow for energy, orange for intelligence, red for sexuality, green for unification and peace, and brown for letting go. Here, man can learn the magic, that is, use their energy for any desire.
Level IV shows the bright and the dark side of the sun, though as such doesn’t exist. Here, man needs to learn not to use the magic even for good purposes; what is good for one human can be bad for another human, such good and bad doesn’t exist. At this level there are many windows showing man the results of each action. So what is the lesson? Think twice before abusing any energy.
Level V bares full darkness. Darkness abounds at this level. Here, humans can enforce, change or stop energy for more or less power. The lesson to be learned at this level—mankind must actualize himself. Those who refuse this development will be eliminated by the self-actualized humans.
Level VI divulges how mankind learns to call additional energy. For that, a human needs much practice. Here, humans can meet many believable and unbelieveable things, events and living forms—both exoteric and esoteric—every prophecy through tarot, I ching, astrology, fortunetelling or religion.
Mankind learns their own dependency and Path here, and the physical body adapts to new energies. The more a human practices, the more powerful they get. Everyone acquires their own secret name or symbol that empowers them. Mankind needs to balance between the spiritual and the science at this level.
Level VII forces the human to pass an examination. Any misuse of energy allows the user to be imprisoned by themselves and ends in killing himself. Anyone who can use energy in an appropriate way, such as to develop themselves, can travel among the universes and obviously beyond time.
I would like to end this article with the message that each of us has our own Path; use science or experiment first, and for sure the ones interested in self-development will receive the appropriate tools for self-actualization. Obviously, we aren’t the only ones in our universe, not to mention that our universe itself must have its duplicate or parallel universe, many worlds, many heavens, many minds. The Be’ing of these universes, if we may say, are like reflections of two mirrors looking at each other—endless. Each universe differs itself by the observer’s choice of that moment; although, one change in one universe, changes the others, too. The truth, if ever exists, can only “be” by being the same reflection for each universe; this, then the Reality—meaning, our true nature or God or Allah, or the Creative, Oneness.
…In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Though the desert of truth
To the river so deep
We all end in the ocean
We all start in the streams
We’re all carried along
By the river of dreams..

The river of dreams, Billy Joel
Deniz Kite