When you receive training from a competent savant, you learn many things. Your mind is convinced and ecstatic, but when you get to the point of implementing what you have learned in your life, you may realize that the progress is limited. It is very similar to arriving at a new city that you know very well from a guide book but are baffled about how to get around. You may know the places you want to visit off by heart, but how do you get to those places?

You just stand there at the airport. Of course, you would probably look for a cab driver or ask for travel advice, but what if the airport is almost deserted? What would you do then?

When you practice with a good lover, you go ecstatic with love, perhaps even getting high on it. You kiss and hug the mountains, the rocks and the earth. It is an astonishing state. But that lover does not know any direction. For that lover, love is everywhere. That’s why he or she turns to the mountains and the rocks. With the lover, there’s movement, but it’s in no particular direction. Now, let’s go back to that airport. There’s now a whole lot of people around, but it’s like everyone’s high or something. You want to get some travel directions, but all they do is hug and kiss you. You ask a question, and their loving replies touch your heart, but you still don’t learn how to get to your destination.

Here, right at this point, the loving state of the lover needs to be directed with the knowledge of the savant. This state of love then finds its direction, and it’s the wise who can do this. The wise is the guide who greets you at the airport and draws up the best route for you, helping you to get the best experience from that city. This is why a wise person in service of truth will make a great contribution to your journey of transformation and overall experience.

Once your experience is complete in that city, you return to the airport and fly on to the next city. You get on the plane as a whole new person. You have seen and experienced what you now know, and you might have even had many beautiful experiences that you will never read about in any book, ones that you never previously thought about.

Some will claim that they do not need a guide, because they can explore on their own. That’s your choice, of course, but what God presents is infinite, and we have just a limited time in our bodies. Besides, not everything is written in books. Sure, you would still get to see and explore places, but it may perhaps take you three months, or even three years, to explore something that would normally only take three days. Moreover, there’s always the chance of losing your direction.

Of course, our distrust stems from those who falsely present themselves as guides but who are only serving their own interests. It can also come from our overly arrogant nature, our stubbornness in claiming to be able to do everything by ourselves.

Regarding the first part, I can say this much: You cannot actually find your guide on the route to the truth. When you are ready, your paths will collide. At that very moment, you will know who stands before you. It is the God within you, in flesh and blood. It is the guide for your journey from you to yourself. Such guides already knows who they are, where they came from, and to where they should lead their traveler. Once the traveler is safely delivered to his or her destination, the guide respectfully returns to the source and feels the existence of fellowship forever. Such a guide comes to you when you are ready.

On the second part, I will say this: The universe is infinite, and in that infinity, we are little more than a particle of dust. So, what’s with the arrogance, my dear friend? If you get the tiniest blood clot in your brain, you’ll soon be attending your own funeral. This is how helpless we are. A whole divine universe is waiting to move with you, though. Take one step toward it, and it will approach you ten steps closer. Why would you make things so difficult for yourself in this brief lifetime? Let yourself be helpless. Accept being helpless! That state of helplessness is a ticket for collaborating with the divine system. If you are helpless, you will surrender. If you surrender, you will expand and be open to taking things in. Behind every endeavor, there’s an element of weakness, and behind every weakness, there’s naturally an endeavor. Your journey through this infinite universe then takes on a whole different shape, and you regret having exhausted yourself with your arrogance all this time.

Well, look at my intentions when I began writing this piece and look at where we are now. I guess this is what we needed for the time being. The other topic is for another time, because there is a time for everything in this realm, even if you think this is the time and it must happen right now. Within the divine plan, though, it’s a whole different story, and the spirit of time flows completely differently.

So, let’s hope to meet again some other time…

Hasan Sonsuz