Taoism is one of the oldest ways of living on Earth. The ancient sages, living away from the entertainment devices that bombard modern society, dedicated all their energies to finding and improving healthy ways to fulfill the needs of human beings.
Some of these ancient sages, the Taoists, developed a detailed, fully-scientific doctrine for nutrition, exercise, therapy, sexology, and much, much more. This doctrine is called Taoism.
Despite Taoism being the oldest written creed on Earth—older than even the Mesopotamian, Ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Greek civilizations—it most deserves credit for still being beyond most modern research and knowledge.

Who Is a Taoist?

Anyone who wants to live a longer, happier, healthier, and wiser life is a Taoist. Anyone who researches methods that will achieve this desire is a Taoist, with a successful Taoist having a never-ending life.
Around 6,000 years ago, Taoists started to search for ways to extend their lifespans, but they never dwelled upon external treatments, such as drugs, to add a year or two to their lives because they knew external treatments also risked shortening them.
This search helped humanity to walk beside God, because in order to have an immortal life, we all have to walk beside God.
In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, the deaths of all Adam’s children are documented except for Seth, because he never actually died. God chose him, and he did this because Seth was the one who walked beside God. Without needing to live the life of a monk (he was married and had three kids), he immortalized his physical body because he spent his days walking beside God.
Elijah was another mortal who immortalized his physical body. Jesus was another, and his reincarnation not only applied to his spiritual body but also his physical body. When he reincarnated, he could eat and talk, and others could touch him, but his body was not limited by the boundaries of space and time. He could pass through walls and closed doors. In a nutshell, Jesus had a spiritualized physical body. He gained it when he was crucified and reincarnated.
In the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation, it is said that 24,000 people will be taken from the Earth just before or right after the apocalypse, and they will never die, but donating to a church or praying won’t get you into this group. An individual must walk beside God.
Nowadays, there are many blessed ones who are beyond time and space. In the historical archives of China, there are detailed biographies of 2,000 Taoists.

The Seven Endocrine Glands (The Immune System)

Ancient Taoists saw that humans cannot continue their lives if their organs aren’t fed with energy all the time. They also realized that if the energy inside the body is balanced, the body stays healthy and never becomes sick unless an accident occurs or the energy inside the body falls somehow.
We get most of our energy from nutrition and the air we breathe. Besides that, our body is just like an expensive automobile in that it needs to be protected and serviced constantly if we want it to operate perfectly. The Taoist masters have known for hundreds of years that the energy travelling through the body across its systems is coordinated by the Seven Endocrine Glands. These Endocrine Glands function as follows:
The Pineal Gland uses secretions to directly affect the other glands, allowing an individual to communicate at a spiritual level. Intuition and awareness are related to this gland, and this is why it’s also called the Shashrara (the House of Spirit).
The Pituitary Gland manages memory, wisdom, intelligence, and thoughts. It is also known as Ajna Chakra (the House of Intelligence).
The Thyroid Gland manages the metabolism of cells in the body and controls growth. It is also related to the respiratory tract. It is also called Vishuddhi (the House of Growth).
The Thymus Gland manages the heart and the circulatory system, and it is also known as the Anahata Chakra (the House of Heart).
The Spleen Pancreas controls the digestive system, spleen, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder, which produces and secretes the enzymes, acids, and juices necessary for  digesting and absorbing  nutrients. This gland is also known as the Manipura Chakra (the House of Transition).
The testicles and prostate in men and the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and breasts in women are responsible for the secretion of hormones, sexual energy, and breeding. They are collectively known as the Swadhistana Chakra (the House of Essence).

Living Long and Preventing Aging

The approach of medical science to treatment is similar to tactical approaches on a battlefield: Eliminate germs and viruses and then find and remove the affected organ. That’s why western medicine uses antibiotics and other medicines.
The Taoists used a different approach. Instead of examining sickness and death, they examined health and life and searched for ways to improve them. The ancient Taoists knew there were millions of viruses and germs, but they also knew it was unnecessary to find a treatment for each of them.
They understood that the right thing to do was to make the body powerful enough to prevent infection from viruses and germs. This approach saved the lives of many people who would otherwise have died waiting for a cure to be developed. This prevented Taoists from developing cures to any illnesses from anywhere on Earth.
In fact, Taoists know how to heal, because they have to, but their interest is in protecting their bodies, and those of their students, from illness.
Taoists managed to build up a perfect protection against illness because they never spent their time searching for cures to every illness. Despite this system being thousands of years old, it’s actually really new to our day.
This method stops energy loss, which is the main reason for weakness and sickness in the body.
For example, to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you have to learn to let go of all your problems and thoughts you encountered during the day. Tell yourself that you’ll deal with them all the next day and the only thing you need do is relax. Let everything go and fall asleep.

Difference in Energies

Some teachings claim that to help the flow of energy or direct it, you should use it. These teachings have completely misunderstood the nature of energy.
There are six kinds of energy: mechanical energy, thermal energy, sound energy, nuclear energy, atomic energy, and electrical energy. We spread electrical energy. There’s a huge difference between the electrical energy in a human body and the electrical energy in a house. In an average house, the electrical current alternates 60 times a second, but the electrical current in a human body alternates 49,000,000 times a second. It also moves at roughly half the speed of light, which travels at 300,000 kilometers a second. This means that when a person starts to think, breathe, or do something else, the electrical energy would already have been spent. Our thoughts, breathing, and so on are very slow to direct the electrical current.

The Tao of Sex

Sex is a living part of the philosophy of Taoism. After watching the process of reproduction, the Taoists found that our sexual glands are blessed with God’s powers, namely the creation and organization of life.
They knew God was the intelligence responsible for life, the life energy transmitted by beings, the creation of the imaginative process,  and the reorganization of beings and cells to reproduce themselves. They also knew the sexual glands could be used as a powerful source for life.
These discoveries let the Taoists develop a system, which has perfect methods and techniques, named The Tao of Sexology. The Taoists hoped to maximize their self-healing ability, fill the whole body with energy, and beat the onset of time with this system. People who followed the Tao of Sexology eventually summoned the nature of God in its full power into their body.
Because sperm carries huge amounts of vital energy, ejaculation means substantial energy loss for men. This is proven by how men get exhausted after ejaculation. Ejaculation is sometimes called “coming,” but in fact the opposite of it, “going,” should be used, because with an ejaculation, hardness, vital energy, millions of sperm, hormones, nutrition, and even a tiny part of a man’s character go. For a man, this is a spiritual, mental, and physical sacrifice.
According to statistics from the life insurance industry, during the first forty years of life, the death rates of men and women are roughly equal. This may be because they consume themselves at the same rate, women losing energy through menstruation and men through ejaculation. When looking at people in their fifties, the statistics change and the female death rate is 25% lower than that of males.
Men continue to ejaculate while women experience their menopauses in later life. The difference in death rates is starker when looking at people in their sixties, and at the age of seventy, the situation becomes even more dramatic and the male death rate is 75% higher than the women’s. This situation explains why there are so many widowed women and fewer widowed men, but this factor is usually ignored.
This is why the Taoists discovered ways to let men taste the pleasure of an orgasm without ejaculation. It’s obvious why they thought a lot about this topic! They also discovered interesting facts. Well, what do you think of its exercises?

From Shibumi…

It’s now time to take break from Taoism and check out Shibumi, the great work of the genius author Trevanian.
Readers will know the main character of the book, Nicholai Hel. He is half Russian and half German and grew up in Japan. He talks seven languages, including Basque, fluently. Let’s take look at his sex life…
Hel’s sex life started after he was released from Sugamo Jail and began living in the west. Before this there were just amateurish encounters. His relationship with Marico wasn’t even physical—it was just puppy love. Their clumsy sexual experiences were just a physical manifestation of their unstable emotional love.
When Tanaka’s siblings show up, Hel encounters the first level of love, a healthy and simple level that includes sexual curiosity. There are physical experiences where they hop on each other with the intention of continuing their race as young and powerful animals. These experiences are one dimensional, but they also have honesty and unity. Hel knows to enjoy these days. He only regrets one thing, and this is the reactions of people that are twisted by their culture.
These people could accept the existence of this first level of sex, filled with strength and sweat, but only when it’s hidden under love, compassion, or self-expression. Because they blend their feelings, they think about building relationships based on passion. Hel pities these people because they are affected by romantic literature. That’s why expectations became involved, and it got even harder for sexually active westerners.
While going through the second level of love, Hel sees this period as some kind of psychological pill, a social drug or mechanism to eliminate stress and pressure, and he slowly starts to feel the existence of the fourth level. Because he understands sex is going to be a huge part of his life, and because he hates amateurishness in all forms, he begins to prepare himself. He therefore takes professional classes in Ceylon. He also lives in selected brothels and learns from the women of all races and cultures.
The third level is that of sexual gluttony. It was usually the highest level a westerner, and some easterners, could reach. Hel easily surpasses this level with an appetite because he is young and strong with a good imagination. He is never in danger of sticking to artificial stimulation, such as the kind society uses in movies and literature.
Even while going through his third-level days, Hel experiments with superior tactics, such as delaying orgasms and mind sex. He likes comparing sexual tactics to levels in the game of Go.
When he reaches his thirties, Hel’s interest in sex and his talent for it gets him to the fourth level, the highest level. Here, the excitement and orgasms lose meaning, becoming details in a huge game. This game requires the mental energy and control needed to play Go and the strength and endurance of a climber. Hel’s favorite game is one he invented named Kikashian Sex. This game can only be played with a woman also at the fourth level and only when both parties feel extremely strong.
This game was played in a small room the size of six tatamis. Both parties wore kimonos and played while bending down at opposite walls and facing each other. Each had to get to the verge of orgasm through concentration alone and wait there. Touching each other was not allowed, and the only actions allowed were concentration and movements that required one hand only. The aim of the game was to make the opponent climax first. It was best played when raining. Just because it was a lonely and selfish experiment, it erased the aftermath of caresses and endearment of the best sex.
Hanna’s eyes were shut tight from her effort, and her lips were stretched out on her teeth. She was trying to break free from the position Hel was holding her in, but he wasn’t letting her go. Hanna begged, “We agreed that you weren’t allowed to do this to me.”
“I never agreed on that.”
“Oh, Nico.. I… I can’t bear it! God damn it!”
She arched her back, and screamed at one last chance to hold back her orgasm. The passion surrounding her quickly reached Hel. He changed his position and came right after Hanna, and right at that moment, the alarms rang. Hanna had faked it! Her vibrations weren’t the same as those she released during her real orgasm. Hal quickly tried to regain control and delay his climax, but he was too late. He was past the point of control. “You devil,” he screamed. Hanna was laughing all the while as she came right after him.
Let’s see what Taoism says about Hanna’s events here.

Orgasm in Women (Nine Stages)

An orgasm in a woman is completely different to that in a man. I don’t think God made mistakes, but if he did, creating two different orgasms for men and women could be one of them. Different orgasms, directly or indirectly, are the causes of human pain.
A man’s orgasm could be described as a sharp climax, while a woman’s is a series of slopes followed by a downward slope. The only way to take a couple to sexual sleep, sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction, and wisdom is by understanding these two different orgasms first. The first step to take in this process is to gain knowledge.
To ease the understanding of a woman’s orgasm, it has been split into nine stages. In reality, these nine stages sometimes overlap and create ranked experiences. A woman in orgasm could be thought of as a blossoming lotus flower. A woman experiencing a full orgasm, all nine stages of it, goes through nine blossoming stages until she gives herself to the man.
Many men, and even many women, confuse the vaginal spasm at the fourth stage with an orgasm, but as we said, this isn’t even half of the orgasm. Many sex manuals support this incorrect view, because these manuals are often written by men. These authors count the observable reactions during the fourth stage as an orgasm. They think of the female’s experience as being the same as the male’s. In other words, they think the woman’s orgasm climbs, climaxes, and declines afterward, although this decline is thought to be slower than in men. This is incorrect.
In these sex manuals, this fake orgasm is called “coming together.” This is also described as a magnificent happiness or the greatest harmony. Actually, this point is cherished as the most perfect moment a couple can achieve, but people applying the Tao of Sex can achieve a higher happiness.
We have to illustrate a very important point: A woman can only be satisfied by a man, so it’s a man’s task to fulfill this duty. A man’s role is to service a woman, so if a woman can’t climax, the man is responsible. During an orgasm, a woman is at the stage of opening and taking. If a man satisfies a woman completely, he will earn her unconditional love. This is the truth of life.
A little tip: If a man loosens his anus during the entrance and tightens it during the pullout, his endurance will increase. Also, if a man exhales during the entrance and inhales during the pullout, the subtle changes in the shape of the penis will pleasure the woman more .
I always say, “What fits for people is to think, to know, to learn, to search, and to read.  Understand each other and try to think like your opposite number!
Make Love, people!
Learn to love each other and MAKE LOVE!