Time is moving so fast, and we are being seriously affected by the energy flow we experience in our time. Many have chosen to be affected more gradually by inwardly contemplating themselves.
On the other hand, those who try to superficially intellectualize events with old knowledge are confused these days. They are unable to do anything other than ask, “What’s going on? Why do my old techniques not work? Why have diseases, worries, and separations increased so much and become much more compelling?” People who surrender to the energy around us are more interested in whether their inner and outer worlds are coherent. Whatever the event is, they try to look inside it and understand it intimately, trying to comprehend the conformity or unconformity of their mental and emotional structures via the reflections of the outer world.

One Who Has Been, Dies!

We have taken all the lessons we should take and learned to respond differently to the circumstances. In other words, we have matured and experienced a kind of death. People know whether they have maturated in this manner based on their reflections from the outer world, their responses under similar circumstances, and feedback and reactions directed to them from the outer world. A truly spiritual person gets on with this long-term task and is not interested in the rest of it.
Recently, I received the greatest feedback when I was told, “You have eased off a lot.” For a year, I said, “100% yes to all that has been” and taught this to others. In all my work, I tried to make a formula according to this theme. My inner self also internalized what I was expressing, and the feedback contributed towards “my easing off.” How happy I was!
Life is not always rose-colored, however. Fortunately, it’s not black and white either. There are numerous colors, and these are all reflected both within and outside ourselves. There are blacks and whites, yellows and pinks, blood red, shades of greens and purples, and so on.
Despite my easing off, I am still not all the way there. There are still corners, black areas, blood reds, and cusps in my inner world. I see them all, but it seems like I cannot entirely accept them, yet I am being influenced by them. How do I do this? By looking outside. 🙂
I moved to the “100% yes to myself” expression on the night of December 28, based on the “100% yes to all that has been” statement that I used for a year. I understood that something had changed. The old statement has not been entirely forgotten, though. When it’s appropriate, I combine them and say, “100% yes to all that has been and to myself.”
On January 9, we gathered with friends to wish each other a happy New Year and express our new affirmations. That day, we set up a network. I think each person was expressing the same intention to connect to the same vibrant energy generated by the others, so we set up a network there and then. We knew that this network would have been established anyway with the situations occurring in the world and the feedback from them.
That day, I shared my statement on my wall and invited people to participate in the network. I was repeating the same statement as much as I could, starting with the establishment of the network.
The outer world is an accurate reflection of my inner world. Being a woman who has held spiritualism at the forefront of her life and been nourished by it, I have no suspicions on this matter anymore. (Note: This is my own belief, and you don’t need to agree. You are allowed to think in your own way, and if you give feedback to me, I can accept that my inner part has not completely accepted this reality yet. I can acknowledge it as a notification that the outer world is using it to raise my awareness.)
I regularly said, “100% yes to myself” each morning and evening, and as it came to my mind daily, forming the network was rather easy and innocuous. We just established the network and…
…an anger grew inside me that is hard to describe. A fear of my home being burglarized hit an all-time peak. One of my friends broke a promise and told me, “I am assuming all the responsibility for this matter and taking it from here. I suggest you just accept it and shut up.” There was no justification in her suggestion, and taking responsibility certainly did not mean this. I grew violently angry with her and even wanted to tear her to pieces, to kill and destroy her. For the first time in my life, I truly found myself so furious that I wished harm on someone. I was surprised and scared. I immediately tried to discharge this energy by organizing a meeting with her. I talked to her and told her my feelings, knowing that she might later use them as a weapon against me, yet I couldn’t settle the matter. I grew more angry, even though I  continued to say “100% yes to myself” all through my nervous breakdowns.
First of all, I noticed that I was trapped. I lived in a trap that all spiritual coaches can easily fall into. People who strive with spiritualism are most afraid of low-frequency emotions. Even if this fear excludes love, and even though they are aware of this, they refrain from experiencing low-frequency emotions. When they do experience them, they verbalize it. They conceal their anger and fuel their emotions more. They tell lies, such as “I’m not angry. I have surmounted my fears.” They tell this lie not to others but to themselves. Of course, that’s the way it is! How can people who see themselves mirrored in everyone else become angry at anyone else? How can they be offended by someone else?
The vicious circle continues, and the angrier they get, the more that people anger them. They cease their efforts to be a butterfly of love and confidently stay on the course of creating an experience that they will face great difficulties on, because many of them are overwhelmed by their egos.
While writing all this, I’m not judging spiritual people, many of whom (both domestic and foreign) are friends of mine. I am merely trying to describe the trap I also fall into from time to time. I completely accept that anyone with the same experience is also a reflection of myself.
Immediately after I shared my invitation on my Facebook page, the great majority of those who participated in the “100% yes to myself” network, including myself, started to draw attention to this exact point. Such resentment, anger, fury, fear, and even rampage were previously suppressed and ignored in all of us. They could spill over at a moment’s notice, as if our own shadows were fighting against us.
On my Facebook timeline, I posted, “Hey! There’s no limit to the emotions I can experience as long as I say 100% yes to myself.” What I mentioned were not behaviors that go from outside to inside but rather ones that remained utterly hidden inside of me. They radiated toward others from myself.
One of my friends asked, “Is that right? Should we not say it anymore?”
I replied to her, “Right now, I’m describing the effect of this practice on my ego. Brace yourself, because you will have never seen this sort of ego anywhere else.”
My inner self was saying, “You see! You’d better stop this practice; it’s not good for you.”
Meanwhile, another side of my inner self was saying, “Not just yet! Continue to purification!”
Yet another side of my inner self said, “You see, my girl! Should you die? Don’t worry! You don’t have to save the world.”
All the while, the ego of my inner self was saying, “You see, my girl! Carry on. Maybe you can heal the whole of humanity.
Myself, I just threw in the towel. The level of my ego seemed too great.
I then posted, “If you have the courage to reveal the most perverted aspects of your inner self, you should surely do so. I am.” As a result, 58 people described their cases over private messages, expressing how emotions like fear, anger, offense, fury, and so on overcome their inner worlds.
Meanwhile, one of my beloved friends had written a long essay entitled “Spiritual people do not get angry.” This essay came and flashed around me.
After all this happened, about a week later, my inner self began to calm down and my mind better understood what had happened. As long as I say, “100% yes to myself,” and as long as I accept and honor my anger and other low-frequency emotions, I will start to become free of them. It was not so easy, and I experienced some very serious attacks. I kept going by telling myself that my attackers were just parts of my inner self, and I should accept and honor them.
When you’re a spiritual person, you begin to live by spreading knowledge around in some way. Then, one day, you come up with the most honest explanations for the people who want to incorporate what they learned from you into their lives but have been overwhelmed by their inner selves, as you can see from the Facebook situation above.
You hold no fear of making your inner and outer selves become one. The conscious energy will compress at times when your inner and outer parts are not in harmony with each other. You should explicitly state your emotions, your feelings, and the thoughts that motivate them with your bravest attitude. A long time ago, you learned you can only let the vibrancy of your feelings flow, rather than suppressing them.
Others get used to you in many cases, as if they have forgotten that you are a human being and that your mind operates according to what you have learned. It’s as if you need to be devoid of feelings. In particular, if you have low-frequency energy, such as anger resulting from fear, it’s as if you can be neither spiritual nor a teacher. At the extreme, you are someone who should be immediately ostracized.
They judge you based on your anger as a being who cannot take  responsibility for its own acts. In their ignorance, they judge your divine, godlike inner self, which is just exercising its right to get angry and merely verbalizing it. In this way, they will not be responsible for what happens…
Against these real yet groundless attacks, you may grow even more angry, possibly even feeling a desire for vengeance. If you really want to lead a spiritual life, you should honor these emotions as soon as they manifest instead of suppressing them. As long as you recognize and honor them, as well as take full responsibility for them, they will decline and lose their effect on you.
Others are merely mirrors reflecting this reality of yours, which you cannot face yet. As long as you let yourself live your emotions, and as long as you permit yourself to be angry, furious, offended, vengeful, and resentful, your emotions toward other people will transform. They will give up their places to acceptance first, followed by understanding and ultimately a deep-seated love.
At the moment you say, “100% yes to myself,” you start to accept everything that you refused to see, honoring their existence in yourself. These are small fragments of yourself that manifested themselves by finding other bodies and reflecting back to you through those bodies.
As you say “Yes,” they start to leave these bodies and return to their usual spaces inside you. They can still cause difficult times by triggering a very grueling course, as you see with our latest practices. A stone creates waves when it’s taken out of the sea just as much as when it’s dropped into it…
When saying, “100% yes to myself,” you need to act bravely to find, express, and honor the lowest frequency fear and anger, just as you would like the vibrant emotions to rise inside yourself. You learn to behave like this in time, and you transform without even realizing it. This situation becomes more important than what others think or do.
How they attack you, as well as how they use your emotions and thoughts against you, is up to them, but your reaction is up to you.
If you feel angry when others attack, first accept it and let the low-frequency energy flow fully. Say, “Yes! I created this situation because I could only see the shadowy sides inside me, so it was reflected back to me. I honor and even thank it.” This will emancipate you.
When you let your anger flow, this situation will soon show up. When you bottle your anger, however, your energy adheres to the other person. It’s like when you stick a magnet on the refrigerator door. Neither of them are free, yet it’s just the magnet sticking them together. Personally I don’t want to be either a magnet or a refrigerator door. I just want to be free, and this becomes possible when I give myself permission to let my emotions flow.
One who has been, dies! I’m still alive. I’ve experienced changes in many areas, so in a way, I have died several times. I’m still physically on this world, however. Does this mean I have not “been” yet? I am allowed to get angry, to become furious, to collapse from exhaustion, to get sick, to suppress my creativity, to fear things, to honor the murderer and victim inside, and whatever else exists inside of me, because I say, “100% yes to myself.” Are you allowed as well?

Zeynep Sevil Güven