Meditation on Purity

The purpose of life is to be pure, not rich, famous or powerful.

Purity is the force, the mirror of our immortal self. In fact, it is the very purpose of living and creation. Nothing beats it. It is eternal and it has no lower end to serve. Its purpose is only in itself, for it stands on it own support that reflects existence and at the same time gives support to everything.

Therefore, we can say that it forms a true foundation of our lives.


Enemies… and Friends

Enemies always abound: the real ones, made ones and fictional.

When the sacred vessel in our heart is filled with poison of hatred and greed, the world turns to be our enemy.
Nothing can destroy our soul more than illusion of grandeur, the importance of our thought and our perception of righteousness.

It is good to be ambitious, especially when young, but to know the limitations is called wisdom.
Therefore to know the limitations in this world full of limitations and impermanence is to lose enemies and gain friends.


Practice Yoga Everyday

The regular practice of yoga is important, because it is so purifying; It cleanses you and it cleanses the mind of heaviness.

Heaviness of the mind is the result of too much participation in the affairs of the world – of constant bombardment of what is supposed to be right and what is supposed to be wrong. All is right and all is wrong at the same time. This creation is in perpetual flux, because it is agitated by desires of innumerable living beings trying to find the ultimate happiness and satisfaction in the place that has no rest.

Thats’s why practice yoga/meditation everyday, because it creates the resting place within you and that is the only place where you’ll be able to find lasting peace and serenity.The practice doesn’t need to be long, exhausting or complicated; it should primarily focus on calming pranas, the life airs: Where the prana goes, so go the mind.