Knowledgeable masters talk about the two types of siddha (the perfect human).

Siddha refers to miraculous powers and perfect abilities. The notion of Saddhana Siddha is used by those who practice a number of disciplines to reach this perfection with its abilities and miracles. They constantly observe their emotions, steer their thoughts, and watch their bodies. They turn around and look at themselves in order to purify, simplify, and escape the makeup.

All religions exist for this purpose. They seek ways to remember the self and reach the knowledge of the Essence through religious disciplines and newer techniques. For thousands of years, we have possessed a thought system that follows these paths, passing through several disciplines to reach perfection and perhaps even suffering many ordeals. It seemed liked some things changed, but alas, everything repeated itself in the quest to reach the knowledge of perfection. The idea of the devil then began to trade places with the ego. Perhaps it was modernized and softened a little in the process, but just as we used to struggle to shake off the devil, we now have an ego to dispose of instead. The idea that we need to struggle to escape something in order to reach something else has never changed.

And then there’s Kripa Siddha, which means to reach your own miraculous trueness, perfection, and ability as a “blessing.” It is a blessing from the Creator. He wishes it, and it occurs. But what sort of a plan must such a God have, when He discriminates between those He created, endowing blessings on some but leaving the others to struggle? Are you still running toward God, subconsciously guided by the ambition of success. Are you still influenced by the consciousness of an ambitious student who studies like crazy to be top of his or her class? Could you be subconsciously maintaining this same system in adult life?

Is the natural flow of health, love, harmony, peace, and money a blessing endowed on your life? Or do you need to struggle to achieve this? Is it the struggle that you deem yourself worthy of, because the perfection that you are entitled to, and in fact always possessed, has turned into something you need to reach? Will it be more valuable if you obtain it after a struggle? Do you fear you will not appreciate it any other way? Could you have hidden it from yourself for this very reason? What if this is just a misconception? What if you’re mistaken in believing that you do not deserve this blessing, and it’s possible to renounce this belief? What if you’re mistaken in thinking that you need to be chosen to be, with this being merely an old habit you’ve carried from your school days?

Are you prepared to face the fact that you do not need to struggle to achieve your miracles?

A blessing is a kindness or gift bestowed by someone who is respected and valued. His blessing is upon you always. He never distinguishes between the ones He created, and nothing is withheld from any of them. It’s just a deeply rooted misconception that we should suffer and struggle to obtain this blessing.

The one that gives the blessing is always among us, including this moment. It never wears off, and it never gives up. It’s not testing you or encouraging you through rewards and threatened punishments.

The only thing He’s interested in is your Love, but not because He needs it but rather to keep your easily distracted mind focused and avoid wasting your life energy.

You are the perfect human being. It’s up to you what type of siddha you want to be, but you should know that very few know about the blessing and understand that they deserve it. Maybe it’s easier for you to work, struggle, and strive toward it, who knows?

Still, if you plant the seed of already being a recipient of the Creator’s infinite blessings, then maybe a flower will bloom suddenly one day and spread its fragrance to other gardens…