I often get such questions about the Universe, the Creative Source, the System, or whatever you want to call it. It watches us constantly, and it sees everything. It observes how cruel we can be toward others and even ourselves, but it doesn’t seem interested at all. From our perspective, everything goes from bad to worse every day. So why does our Creator not intervene?

Looking at it from this point of view, I tried to find my own answer. There’s no hard evidence to back up what I’m writing, so don’t ask me to prove it. I’m merely sharing my views.

The Creator doesn’t intervene because this is an experimental area. The universal system is conducting an experiment, just as our scientists do on monkeys, rats, and other animals, as well as other humans, despite our arrogant mentality that supposes human life is the most important thing on this planet.

As far as I understand it, the people of Lemuria used to live in a high-frequency area and predominantly used spiritual energy (yin). In contrast, the people of Atlantis used to depend upon mental energy (yang) and despite bonding together, they were separated from each other because of the mentally focused lifestyle of Atlantis.

An author living in the United Kingdom claims to have realized a past life by channeling the people of Lemuria. If we believe this author’s words, the widespread yang energy of Atlantis overpowered Lemuria’s pure and accepting yin energy, causing the people of Lemuria to give up on their experiment. Lemuria (Mu) then vanished.

Shortly afterwards, the extremely intellectual people of Atlantis destroyed themselves through an experiment that caused the end of life on Earth.

The Creative Source then took these two frequencies, which complemented each other despite their contrasting differences, and created one whole energy. It then placed this new energy in a primitive species, which we refer to now as homo sapiens. But what was the purpose? Was it seek answers to questions? If these energies are in the same body together, how will they interact? Will they make peace and find a balance, or will they bring destruction upon themselves?

We are all striving together. If we find our inner wholeness, then on we go, but what if we don’t? How many times has life started over on Earth? It starts anew with another form of life, or in other words, the lab closes and a new one opens…

Remember that it’s not life that ends—it’s the lifetime given to us that expires. The spirit is already immortal and cannot suffer.

So, what do we choose?