Previously on this journey, I have tried to clean and purify myself, but I now realize I was never unclean…

Then I tried to change myself, to correct and repair my mistakes, but I did not have any defects to begin with…

They said there was a source inside me, so I grabbed my tools and hurriedly started to dig. So merciless was I as I relentlessly hit myself to get to the bottom of whatever was inside me, yet I was not the right target for such rough handling.

I was in reality so elegant, sensitive, gracious, and delicate. It turns out that while I had been descending down to the Earth, I had covered myself with multiple layers of drapes to protect this sensibility.

Everything I assumed to be impure, flawed, or obstructive were, in fact, all just those layers of drapery I had created, so the love burning within me could adapt to this world. I wasn’t aware of it at all, though.

If I had hit this planet with that much love, as it was, I would have been burned to ashes or driven insane, because my body simply was not ready for it.

The Creator’s system is perfect, however, and it loves me so very much. It continued protecting me from myself on seeing that my self was not ready. It also spared me, because I did not know who I was. When I was furious with the Creator or insanely afraid, the Creator also played the role of protector and absolver, soothing me, yet I never realized it.

Moreover, I had volunteered for this task long before coming to this world. I had said, “I’ll make this body you have bestowed upon me a reflection of love! With each layer of drapery uncovered, I will grow closer to the source. I will adjust with it, and I will live and reflect that love even stronger, over and over!”

As I do this, not just my own body but also those of my children, my friends, and future generations will transform as well, step by step, into nests of love. This is how this world will become nothing other than pure love, from north to south and from east to west.

This is the truth behind the expression “What you seek is inside you.” We’ve been seeking to become love and looking for love, here, there, and everywhere, yet that love was always burning inside us. We just need to gradually get used to it. And you, the owner of those beautiful eyes that gaze at these lines, are burning with the longing and desire of that love—I know this. Just like I do too.

But do not assume that it’s Hasan writing these lines, that he is the one filled with love. Hasan is merely a vehicle for you! You’re looking at the page right now and these lines remind you of yourself, because you made a promise to yourself, so this information flows to you. If you go deeper inside, you’ll see Hasan is actually a part of your mind, and you are writing these words to yourself. It is what reflects from the eternal love burning inside you to your eyes, heart, mind, and body.

You are loved, very much indeed…

…with such a love.

Do you feel how much you are loved?

Do you remember?

Do you want to remember?

Do you think it is time to feel that love and live the love you actually are?

So, turn your eyes inward now and open a little more of those drapes that hide your love

You’ll then live it and know it, the love that has always been there….

…and always will be.

In flesh and blood, as if it was whispered in your ear.

In you, in your existence, in your being, in your womb, whatever  you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel, or live—it’s just exactly there.

You are everything.

Love is within you.

Live with this truth always…

…in love.