Who are you? Who do you think you are? Who? Who? Who?

Are you the things you possess? Are you your houses, your car, your money, your spouse, your career, or your children? Are you the sum of your knowledge, your title, your body, your fame, or your followers on social media? Do you consist of these things?

Alternatively, are you someone who assumes that you consist of these things and brag about them? Are you someone who believes you can exist only through ownership, so you seek to own things? Do you think you own these things and get lost in the middle of them all, fearing to lose them all one day?

Who are you? Who are you, really? What do you think you own? Who do you think you are?

Are you trying to fit into a character that’s been created? If your aim is to squeeze something into yourself, what is it that you’re trying to squeeze in? What have you filled your body and your aura with, so much so that there is no room left for you to move around? On top of all that, you are also filled with anxiety, worrying about loosing what you have and having your supply cut off. What is it that you’re trying to obtain anyway? Is it something that never actually existed? Why are you trying to get something that does not exist anyway, or something that slips through your fingers. But what if it does not slip away? Won’t it become unworthy anyway in time?

And if you think that what you own is all of a sudden gone, what is left behind? Everything! Yes, everything! It all happens in a moment! Everything that comes to your mind as components that make you into you. When everything else is gone, altogether, all at once, what is left behind of you?

Who are you? Who?

If you are neither of those things, then what are they? How and from where did they come to you? If you do not own any of those things, which you really don’t, you would realize it during your funeral at the very least. So, who is the owner of it all? And why did that owner give all of this to you? Was it so that you could lose your head and forget who you are, because you worry constantly about losing those things?

You make a sandcastle for a boy to play with, and then all of a sudden, you realize the boy’s not playing with it but is instead mesmerized with its beauty and trying to stake a claim over it. He gets nervous, becomes tense, and even fights with other kids to stop them from approaching the sandcastle. And he does this on an infinite beach with plenty of sand. Isn’t that odd?

Are you any different to this child? If not, then why don’t you play with it? Wouldn’t those who made the castle make you another one if needed? Wouldn’t they fill the entire beach with enormous sand castles if they had to? Wouldn’t they invent brand new games, so they could hear your laughter and see you jump up and down with joy?

The beach belongs to Him/Her, but what is your part? Is it to try and obtain the deeds to the beach? Is it to start a sand castle cooperative? If you have realized that none of this is possible, then what else can you do other than play?

And the one who set up this game for you has prepared many other beautiful things for you, and you’ll go crazy with joy when you see them…

And who are you? Who can you be, other than His/Her breath?