Istanbul, as a cradle of civilization, has witnessed thousands of years of history, and it has been home to a rich variety of nations. Istanbul, the soul of Turkey, is a source of inspiration for novels, stories, and scientific investigations. Located on the Bosporus Strait, it has held the title of capital city for great civilizations and empires. It has hosted the beliefs and traditions of various people for ages. Historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul hosts the personal belongings of Mohammed, the wand of Moses, and, according to rumors, the Holy Cross of Jesus. Nostradamus made some important predictions about Istanbul, and there are many famous myths about the city. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If there was only one country in the world, its capital would be Istanbul.” Over the ages, the rulers of nations, religious leaders, and prophets all believed Istanbul to be more prominent and important than other cities, and many of them had a strong desire to conquer this “Queen of Cities.”
In the year 330, the Roman Emperor Constantine consulted the muneccims (astrologers) about where to build his new city. There are countless stories concerning predictions about Istanbul. According to archaeologist and author Nihan Azizlerli, who wrote a novel about Istanbul predictions, Byzantine society developed a particular curiosity for the oracle and prophesies. One of the prophecies is written on the Pillar of Arcadius in Cerrahpasa. The other Prophetic Pillar is in Beyazit, but it has almost entirely collapsed. Byzantine society believed that prophetic visions would occur when you concentrated on the symbols on the pillars. The city, with its pillars and monuments, became a center of attraction during the Byzantine period. These sculptures were said to predict the future fortunes of the city. Evliya Celebi also emphasized the importance of these enchanted pillars. In the book of Azizlerli, an important prophecy attributed to the prophet Valentius (a servant to Emperor Constantine) came true about Istanbul: “This city and throne belongs to you and your generation, until the ships overland!” Sultan Mehmed II later conquered Constantinople and brought an end to the Byzantium Empire. During the siege of the city, it was surrounded on both sea and land, because Mehmed had transported his warships overland to bypass the defenses on the strait. Another Byzantine prophet had predicted that the conqueror of Istanbul would be the seventh emperor of his generation. Emperor Constantine was the last and seventh emperor when the Byzantine Empire collapsed, and Sultan Mehmed II was the seventh Sultan when he conquered Istanbul!
In addition to these prophets, there was another famous one called Mustak Baba who made some important predictions about Istanbul. Mustak Baba caught the attention of the world when he revealed a mystery in the Suleymaniye Library. He obscured his quatrains and poems with symbols, metaphors, and purposely misspelled words. It’s fairly obvious that he wrote these poetic oracles to warn the world and Turkish society about upcoming dangerous events. Mustak Baba predicted that after many wars and convulsions, Ankara would be the capital city of Turkey, even though the word “Ankara” was not in use then. Experts on symbols say Mustak Baba used very precise expressions and dates for his prophecies. In a new study, the symbol expert Serhat Ahmet Tan analyzed the predictions of Mustak Baba and gave some important information about the change of capital city from Ankara to Istanbul in 2012. According to the prophecy, Istanbul will be the capital city again and Ankara will become a border city. In the analysis by Tan, it seems it was meant that Istanbul would be a capital city, as it was during the Ottoman Empire, and Ankara would become a border city of Turkey. According to Tan, Turkey would shift the capital city from east to west when a danger came from the east. In addition, political tension would increase between Turkey and Israel after this change of capital, and Turkey would attack northern Iraq at the end of 2011.
All these prophecies and ongoing political and social events involving Turkey led me to write an article with a short astrological analysis for a magazine called “Yeni Aktuel.” This new article has given me the opportunity to analyze the astrological chart of Istanbul in greater detail. Istanbul has been selected as the “2010 European Culture Capital,” and the city will receive much more attention than before…
Astrological Chart of Istanbul
In astrology, one of the most crucial aspects is an accurate birth time, so when I started to study the astrological chart of Istanbul, I chose the date of May 11, 330 as the official “birth” date, because this as when Emperor Constantine made the city the new capital of the Roman Empire. The official opening hour of the city is given as 16:00 on, which serves as a great archive of countries, institutions, and people. At this given hour, the Sign of Libra is rising. The official establishment of Istanbul resonates with the Sign of Libra, which symbolizes beauty, elegance, refinement, charm, fashion, art, luxury, cooperation, socialization, companionship, and peace. Such qualities are naturally appropriate to the aura of Istanbul!
In the chart of Istanbul, Libra is rising and the South Node is located at a very close degree to the ASC, and the Sun’s dispositor Venus is in conjunction with the great benefic planet Jupiter in Cancer, where Jupiter is exalted and Venus is a trigon lord. Venus and Jupiter are in the feminine and fertile sign of Cancer and located very close to MC, which clearly explains why so many leaders were keen to conquer Istanbul. Venus and Jupiter are defined as benefics in classical astrology, and their conjunction in Cancer indicates luck, abundance, and wealth. Their conjunction in Cancer in the 9th house, which is strongly related to beliefs and different cultures, explains why people from different cultures and beliefs have lived in harmony and friendship in Istanbul. The conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmed II in 1453 gave the old city an entirely new cosmopolitan social structure. Since then, many religions, cultures, and ethnic identities have lived together peacefully. Istanbul is a city of synergy that realizes an atmosphere of tolerance when uniting the East and West on the subjects of culture, art, and religion. A Libra Ascendant and a Venus–Jupiter conjunction in Cancer in the 9th house is a perfect match to reflect this.
In the chart of Istanbul, the Moon is in Leo, which is located in the 10th house, reminding us of the nickname of Istanbul: The Queen of Cities. This location reflects the dominant feminine energy field of Istanbul, and this marks this city as quite unique compared to the other contemporary cities. This symbol also indicates strong, dominant female figures and leaders. In the near future, especially during 2012–2013, the Moon’s degree will be supported by a harmonious Uranus transit, so Istanbul may become a politically and strategically important city with rising popularity on the world stage. Additionally, strong female figures, organizations, parties, and associations may stand at the forefront.
Muneccims (astrologers) and prophets who made important predictions about Istanbul all believed that Istanbul would become increasingly important and famous in future. Based on the horoscope of Istanbul, looking closely at the astrological indicators shows this prediction will come true very soon, with the key period starting in 2013!
Jupiter is retrograde from August 31, 2011 to December 26, 2011. When Jupiter turns to its normal state, it will start to move towards the Sun degree in the horoscope of Istanbul. Jupiter is associated with luck, opportunity, growth, expansion, and wealth. In the spring of 2012, Jupiter will move to the Sun degree in the 8th house, which represents financial relations with foreign sources/countries. That would indicate a possible increase in trade and tourism for Istanbul. One of the disadvantages of this transit could be a theme of exaggerated expenditures, because this transit can create exaggerated expectations and excess. Thus, the Jupiter transit may cause unpredictable fluctuations in the financial markets, because Jupiter likes taking risks. More importantly, when Jupiter passes through the Sun degree, it will activate the T-square of Sun–Saturn–Neptune, which may eventually cause up and downs in the financial markets. I will give more information about the timing of economic turbulences in the following parts of my article.
Cultural Activities, Tourism, and Increase in Foreign Trade
In the second half of the year, transiting Jupiter will be passing through the 9th house, which is related to international trade, foreign affairs, education, and cultural activities. The Mercury–Mars conjunction in Gemini in the 9th house indicates intense cultural and commercial activity, active communications, a high level of energy, and an urge to get fast results. After the entrance of Jupiter into Gemini, there will be increasing profits in exports, educational and cultural activities, and media. In fact, these effects are already underway. Transiting Saturn in Libra makes a harmonious angle to the Mercury–Mars conjunction in the chart of Istanbul. In these terms, we can expect positive developments in these areas. Important export agreements may be signed, and Turkey will be on the agenda of the international media.
Later, when Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini, Istanbul may become more popular and gain significance in the arena of international politics. In the chart, Mercury in Gemini is strong in its own right, and because of the strong influence of Mercury, there may be considerable adaptive and mental activities, as well as an increase in the number of foreign affairs, communications, intellectual activities, international festivals, conferences, seminars, and symposiums being held in Istanbul. Istanbul is among the exceptional cultural centers of the world, so with the strong influence of Mercury, Istanbul can host world famous speakers, public figures, and artists from all over the world. These are also the best times for the tourism industry in terms of advertising and public relations. Between 2012 and 2013, the efficiency of transportation and communication networks may be improved.
Era of Restructuring
As Saturn moves through Libra, Saturn also passes over Libra Ascendant in the chart of Istanbul. A Saturn transit on ASC marks the start of a new cycle, new responsibilities, new activities, and a restructuring of life. Our outlook on life becomes more serious and responsible. In these periods, new decisions should be taken that will empower ourselves by letting go of old self-limiting attitudes and beliefs. Istanbul is undergoing a serious period that will eventually cause us to make important decisions. At the same time, transiting Pluto in Capricorn is crossing the fourth house cusp (IC), making a slow and ongoing opposition aspect to natal Venus/Jupiter. Ultimately, it is likely to be a time of change for the better. The role of transiting Pluto here seems to be to remind us to alter the very structure of society. Nowadays, this phenomenon is called “Urban Transformation.” After Saturn moves into Libra in 2009, many weak slum houses and other derelict buildings in Istanbul are to be demolished and replaced with new modern buildings by urban projects.
Moreover, Pluto transiting IC is connected with digging deep, debris, and excavation. During this period, important information on the roots or origins of this ancient city would be reached as a result of some specific excavations. Marmaray Project is being developed to offer new spaces to meet and to increase the life-quality based on easier accessibility to a multiplicity of urban services. Istanbul now faces a transportation problem that began many years ago and continues today, and Marmaray (subway and rail link) projects were created to solve. The cultural treasures brought to light in the excavations during the Marmaray project, have made a significant contribution to Istanbul’s cultural history. It would not be wrong to think that new archeological discoveries are on the way. Metaphorically, we are in the period of transforming who we are deep inside and finding an internal source of power.
At the Peak of its Prestige
According to the Solar Return chart of Istanbul, between May 2012 and May 2013, a Sun–Jupiter conjunction located very close to MC indicates that Istanbul will gain popularity and importance and play a larger role in the world agenda.
This period of accomplishment, prestige, and popularity will last some time. In the second half of 2013, transiting Jupiter will be passing through the Venus–Jupiter conjunction in Cancer, which is the luckiest location in the horoscope of Istanbul. This is called Jupiter Return in astrology. From this point, Istanbul will begin a rising period that will peak at the end of the summer in 2013. In mundane astrology, Istanbul is ruled by the sign of Cancer. Eclipses that took place in Cancer in 2009, 2010, and 2011 have affected the popularity and importance of Istanbul in a positive way and accelerated the process. In the second half of 2013, transiting Jupiter will be moving into Cancer, giving momentum to this process. Because of this transit, Istanbul will be on the agenda of both Turkey and the world. I think in the near future, Istanbul will become a very important center for global interactions concerning political, strategic, economic, social, cultural, and especially spiritual matters.
According to astrological indicators, Istanbul seems to experience a restructuring period that will be supported by Saturn in Scorpio, so Istanbul could become a special intersection point for the current government. Saturn is connected with rules, regulations, and laws. Saturn will be transiting on the Sun degree of the chart of Turkey, and during this period, Istanbul, with its geographical position and regional influence, may become a unique source for some kind of special implementations. At this point, an interesting detail grabbed my attention: In the chart of the conquest of Istanbul (May 29, 1453, at 12:00), the Sun, 16 degrees in Gemini, partially conjuncts with the South Node. Astrologically, this indicator seems very meaningful. It explains the inevitable fate of Istanbul, because the Sun symbolizes commanders, sultans, and kings, and the South Node reflects past life experiences. The Sun and South Node conjunction falls on the Mars degree in the chart of the establishment of Istanbul (May 11, 330). Mars is connected with conquests in astrology. As an irony of fate, Sultan Mehmed was to be the one to conquer Istanbul!
This astrological combination reminds us of an important reference made to the prospective conquest of Constantinople by an authentic hadith attributed to a saying of the Prophet Mohammed: “Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will he be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!” This is such a touchy hadith! At present, the South Node is moving through Gemini by creating a kind of déjà vu, like the flow of time from past to future. The South Node is approaching the same position as at the time of the conquest of Istanbul, which seems predestined. This sensitive point indicates that Istanbul will get a specific importance in world history again. On October 10, 2011, the transiting South Node will reach the exact degree it was during the conquest of Istanbul. Doubtless to say, destiny is beginning to unfold!
More interestingly, Saturn was also passing through Libra when Istanbul was conquered. What’s more, Saturn was passing over Libra at 24 degrees on the chart of Turkey, which is an important connection. Transiting Saturn will reach this degree on November 19, 2011. In these terms, November may be an important month for both Istanbul and Turkey. Around this time, Turkey may be in a position to take critical and vital decisions and may take important steps that could affect bordering countries in the region. Afterwards, Saturn will move backwards from 24 degrees in Libra. When Saturn returns to direct motion at this degree, Mars will be with Saturn. This will happen on August 15, 2012. Between November 2011 and August 2012, we think Istanbul may become a part of some important national and international events. Even more, military-related issues may increase, especially since the Martian degree in the chart of Turkey gains effective transits during this period. The days around New Moon on 27th of September 27, 2011 affects this Natal Mars and indicates very active military times.
According to statements from the AK Party, Istanbul is vitally important for the current government. The AK Party (which translates as the Justice and Development Party in English) holds a majority of the seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Interestingly and fatefully, its chairman, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, previously served as the Mayor of Istanbul from 1994 to 1998. I need to compare their charts in order to make a deep astrological assessment.
Deep Connections between the AK Party and the Chart of Istanbul
When I saw in the chart of Istanbul that Libra was rising and Venus and Jupiter were in conjunction in Cancer, I decided to look at the chart of the AK Party for any synergy. I already knew there were strong connections between these two charts, but I needed to check out the degrees of the planets. As I thought, the degrees of Jupiter in both charts are in conjunction.
What a surprise! There were many fated connections between them. The degree of the North Node, which is strongly associated with future goals and missions, of the AK Party falls on the same degree as Venus in the chart of Istanbul. There are other connections as well. The Moon degree of the AK Party is exactly the same as the Mars degree of Istanbul, and the Saturn degree of the AK Party is equal to the Mercury degree of Istanbul. The Sun degree of the AK Party falls on the Saturn degree of Istanbul. I experienced once more that nothing is coincidental and everything is predestined. In summary, Istanbul is a very important city for the AK Party, who will remain concentrated in the Istanbul region. They regard Istanbul as a significant strategic center for their administration, and it may become increasingly important to the AK Party in time. Although Ankara is the current capital city of Turkey, the AK Party may think about moving it to Istanbul. In the near future, astrological indicators show this issue may come to the surface.
Years of Economic Difficulties
Based on the astrological data, I predict the USA and many European countries will undergo serious economic turbulences in 2014. I think that Turkey, especially Istanbul, will also experience economic turmoil but to a lesser extent. During 2014–2015, transiting Saturn will force the T-square of Sun–Neptune–Saturn, which are located in the cusps that represents finance in the chart of Istanbul. The T-square is a difficult combination of aspects because it indicates the need to overcome many obstacles. I also anticipate that the USA will undergo overlapping serious economic crises during April, 2014. These economic crises could spread across Europe to Turkey. In the same period, Turkey will be getting difficult Saturn transits that will eventually cause economic turbulences. Istanbul in particular may fall on hard times…
The T-square of Sun-Neptune-Saturn is located in the cusps that represent financial issues in the chart of Istanbul, and this will obviously make the city harder to live in. The Sun in Taurus urges us to gain material wealth, security, and stability, but its hard angle with Saturn makes conditions difficult to survive and money hard to earn. The stressed angle between the Sun and Neptune may disappoint many people who have unrealistic expectations about this glamorous city. Many people are attracted by the powerful magnetic atmosphere of Istanbul. Some people migrate there from other cities, dreaming of becoming rich. Many are not able to make enough money to survive, so they become disappointed when they need to return to their homelands
In the chart of Istanbul, transiting Uranus and Pluto make stressed aspects to a Venus–Jupiter conjunction during 2012–2013, just before 2014. It indicates possible economic turmoil. In 2014, economic crises may ruin the current economic systems in order to transform them for the better. During 2014–2015, economic systems may collapse, and in 2016, the economic balances may be altered, and this will eventually mark a great shift. By the end of 2017, Istanbul may become a major economic and political power in the region, and Turkey—within the rapidly changing political, economic, and social atmosphere—will obviously cultivate a powerful charismatic image of the region.
Planetary contacts and influences warn us that the current worldwide economic systems are in the slow process of transformation. The world’s foremost economies are all in recession. This is not a short process. Neptune is in Aquarius until January 4, 2012, when it will again move forward through Aquarius, and on February 3, 2012, it will again re-enter Pisces. This symbolizes the dissolution of the materialistic and exploitative economic systems. When Neptune entered Pisces in 1848, the feudal systems collapsed. When Neptune moved into Pisces on April 4, 2011, Jupiter and Saturn, which used to be known to signify social trends, were in opposition. That means the capitalist systems are in a phase of collapse. We witnessed how the great Saturn–Jupiter conjunction in Taurus gave rise to materialism. At present, they are in opposition, which means excessive materialistic tendencies are being tested. Pluto’s movement into Capricorn in 2008 and the movements of the other planets highlight the reality that the old system of capitalism is slowly disintegrating!
Materialism has exercised enormous influence on the world. Human civilization, which has formed degenerative fields with its institutions and structures, is now on the threshold of a great transformation. As Neptune’s energy filters through Pisces, there will be a great transition and dissolution of materialistic, corrupted, degenerative, and rigid values; egos; beliefs; powers; forms; systems; and economies of the world. Neptune is a great indicator of spiritual and moral values. Transiting Neptune will be moving through a very important cusp (the 10th house) in the chart of Turkey, signifying that the contribution of high levels of spiritual knowledge and energy by Turkey to humanity will come to the surface by the end of February, 2012. In the near future, the image of Turkey may take on a mystical and spiritual form. Istanbul seems to have a spiritual mission for unifying humanity and is getting ready to become a focus of spiritual development that may lead us to a new collective spiritual reality.
Capital of Civilization: Istanbul
Neptune will be transiting in the first degrees of Pisces, which also supports the Venus–Jupiter conjunction with a harmonious angle. This angle shows Istanbul will gain significance not only politically and financially, but also in spiritual issues. Neptune moves through an important cusp of the chart, starting in 2011 and having visible effects by the end of February 2012. This indicates that spiritual energy will be intensified within the aura of Turkey, which may come to be regarded as a mystical country. In 2012, Saturn moves into Scorpio and Neptune moves into Pisces, indicating that during this transition period, Turkey may play a major role on the world scene. The Solar Eclipse that will take place on November 14, 2012 will have a great impact on the future of Turkey. During the eclipse, transiting Saturn will be on the Sun degree and the eclipse degree will fall on the midpoint of Venus–Jupiter in the chart of Turkey. This all shows that Turkey will take on big responsibilities during the transition period.
All these ongoing developments will not finish at the same time. This period will last from 2012 to 2025, but it will be especially active during 2012-2013. I think Istanbul will rise as a cultural and spiritual center and may become a popular home for spiritual leaders, teachers, and educators. All these developments will happen as many people realize their inner spiritual potential. For me, Istanbul will become an important center of civilization that will trigger new spiritual development and evolution of consciousness. This is only a reflection of the last preparations for the Supreme Leap and Transformation.
A Solar Eclipse took place on January 4, 2011 that was visible from Turkey. In the eclipse chart of Istanbul, the Ascendant was in the last degrees of Pisces. At the same time, Jupiter and Uranus were also on the east horizon. The Sabian symbol of Jupiter–Uranus in Pisces at 28 degrees says, “a fertile garden under a full moon.” The projection of this conjunction falls on Istanbul. It indicates that Istanbul, as the soul of Turkey, will become a fertile center for new energies. This allocation shows us that Istanbul will have a vision of guidance. This significant solar eclipse reveals opportunities to realize the inner essence of Istanbul and its people. The Jupiter–Uranus conjunction in Pisces on ASC during the eclipse may symbolize spiritual development, high levels of spiritual energy, wisdom, an urge to get rid of old structures, a desire for freedom, regeneration, reform, and a rise in creativity.
Istanbul may stage remarkable events in the near future, and we may find out what is hidden inside. The real heritage of Istanbul is not material wealth, but rather spiritual. Turkey is a mystical country where great evliyas, saints, sages, and mystics lived. The transition of Neptune in Pisces may trigger this mystical quality again. According to my research, during 2012, Turkey, and especially Istanbul, will have a special significance and meaning for the entire world. This ancient city is one of the spiritual centers of the new civilization that is being born.
When I was comparing the charts of Turkey and Istanbul, a connection caught my eye. In the chart of Istanbul, Uranus is in Pisces at 9 degrees and falls on the South Node degree of Turkey. As I have mentioned before, the South Node is associated with past life experiences, history, roots, genetic inheritances, impacts that our ancestors have on us, predestined connections, and events. The South Node indicates what we are comfortable with, the lessons previously learned and brought into this life to help overcome the challenges we face in this life. Beside this, Uranus is the Great Awakener. Uranus is often felt to work disruptively, breaking down attitudes that have become set in stone. It creates self-awareness by creating unexpected events. There’s a saying for Uranus: “Expect the unexpected.” This astrological combination shows that Istanbul will be a powerful catalyst for the spiritual awakening of Turkey. The impact of Uranus in Pisces will serve the spiritual evolution of humanity and transform the consciousness of all souls. Prof. Bekir Karlıga, the Head of the Turkish Coordination Committee for the Alliance of Civilizations, said in an interview, “A new human civilization is being born, and Turkey will be one of the pioneering countries of the world. Thus, Istanbul will be a capital city of this civilization.” Astrological combinations support this statement.

Öner Döşer