Prediction is a very important aspect of astrology, the heart of it even. To make accurate predictions, a skilled and detailed study is needed, just like for any artistic work. This is why the ancient astrologers always claimed that astrology was a “divine” art. Making accurate predictions is only possible when combining both the techniques and art.
Human nature intuitively needs to predict the future, and this is one of the main reasons why humanity has always been drawn to astrology. We always need to know how things will develop and where we will ultimately be. We need to be able to take the necessary precautions and make decisions as appropriately as possible.
Whether we are aware of it or not, predictions abound in all areas of life. For example, when people want to make an investment, they try to predict how the stock markets may change and what the trend may be. When we plan a holiday, we like to know what the weather will be like at that time. When we are planning to apply to universities, we need to predict which university will benefit us the most in the long run.
We sometimes hear about how people in society are respected for their foresight. These people have an innate ability to think ahead and foresee the future, and they are always successful in all areas of life. Astrology is a guiding light showing us our paths, such as what we may experience, whether we will be successful or not, and when the best time will be for any new endeavors.
Identifying such indicators beforehand undoubtedly gives an important advantage. We might sidestep some negative event, or we can at least prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for the consequences. This shows us that we have control on some of these events, even if other events are beyond our control.
Guido Bonatti, the Italian astrologer who compiled the texts of Hellenistic astrology, stated that astrology is a unique science that helps us to know and predict things. According to Bonatti, wise men believed they could prevent negative events by predicting them, or at least spiritually prepare for them, by reading the astrological signals. Ptolemy also stated that those familiar with the nature of the stars have the power to prevent some of their effects and prepared themselves beforehand. With the aid of prediction, people can prepare for coming events and handle them calmly and strongly.
Astrological prediction is a talent that raises people to the level of wisdom. Ptolemy said that minds that can predict the future add value to the celestial activities, just like a farmer who adds value to the soil by cultivating it.