The Turks are human! The Kurds are human! The Laz are human! The Circassians are human! The Americans are human! The Arabs are human! The Ukrainians are human! The Gypsies are human! The Africans are human! Europeans and Asians, Sunnis and Shiites, Christians and Jews, atheists and agnostics, and secularists and fundamentalists: They’re all human! Enlightened or puritan, citizen or police, voter or politician, murderer or thief, doctor or healer, ignorant or scientists, wise or foolish, man or woman, child or adult, young or old, meat eater or vegetarian, and rich or poor: We are human! Whatever you prefer to put before the verb, there is only one word that bands us all together: Human!
They say the species we call the human race, which is anthropologically referred to as the Homo sapiens, came across the Neanderthals after migrating from Africa to Europe. They perceived the presence of another human species as a threat to their own survival, so they fought to annihilate them! Even though scientific views differ on this matter, the descendants of these early humans show behavior that suggests this may very well be true. Has the human race not been divided into many pieces throughout history, according to what we prefer to regard as being human? Do we not see other races as completely different species? Do we not try to exclude, shun, and sometimes annihilate other races?
We are all here on this planet to experience humanity, and humanity has reached its current point by evolving. The latest version is the species known as the Homo sapiens, us basically. Our ancestors may have had a consciousness that drove them to “annihilate to survive,” but the world has moved on to a whole new level since then. Tens of thousands of years and numerous experiences have passed since then. We’re about to take a new step in evolution, and the next level will come with exploration rather than annihilation. We won’t achieve this by killing, excluding, and dominating others but rather by doing something really simple, yet deep enough to make a difference: Changing our attitudes!
And how can we do this? We can achieve it by directing our attentions to the word we choose to put before “are human,” feeling, living, and sensing the magical word after the verb. We should come together and become one under the umbrella of this single word rather than the countless other nouns we could invent, recognizing, accepting, embracing, and living the “human”…
Right now, at once!
The only answer we seek is right there after the verb: Human!